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Valley People 9/9/2009

PERHAPS THE BIGGEST CROWD in Navarro's crowded history gathered Monday afternoon to hear the majorly talented Winter Brothers and Dale Gieringer sing the blues. From all accounts everyone went away happy, happy and amazed that the famous musicians had performed at, of all places, tiny Navarro. Dave Evans of the Navarro Store, event promoter, was ecstatic Tuesday morning. “We had at least a thousand people here, and everything came off perfectly, so perfect I'm at a loss for words to tell you how grateful I am to the Deepend for everything everyone did to make Monday the huge success it was. I can't name everyone, but Pablo on the grill and Dee Dee, Zellina, Erica, Kim — they were all just perfect.”

GRACE AND JIM MINTON are retiring but not, fortunately for us, leaving The Valley. The gracious couple is best known for their Anderson Creek Inn, a bed and breakfast they established ten years ago and have successfully managed ever since, perhaps managing themselves into a state of near exhaustion as they went. Jim has served as a volunteer firefighter for years and both Grace and Jim have become, in their steadfast community-mindedness, Anderson Valley anchors in these unmoored times. Lots of visitors are going to miss their stays at Anderson Creek Inn, a comfortable, quiet, close-to-town but secluded hostelry of the most pleasant type.

MEADE WILLIAMS reminds the few of you who might read this today, Wednesday, that the Teen Center Board meets this afternoon at five at the Boonville Methodist Church, round back. Meade can be reached at 391-6958

POP WARNER FOOTBALL is off to a fine start with a big win over Point Arena and a date to play the Boonville Fair, 5pm on Friday the 18th of September. Lisa Kuny also reports that at the Fair's Apple Bowl game a 50-50 raffle worth some thousand cash dollars will be hald at half time of the game. Tony Pardini and Ryan Jones are coaching the little guys, and doing a heckuva job, too.

THAT COMPTCHE PERV, Matt Evans, we've since learned, has at least one serious prior offense of the molestation type, and is supposed to be registered as a life-time offender. How he eluded official notice prior to his recent arrest last week is not known. What is known is that he took a computer in for repair and the repairman couldn't help but see unwholesome images of children engaged in even more unwholesome activities. Evans is so unpopular in the Comptche-Mendocino area his booking photo has been jubilantly posted on the front window of the Albion store.

TOTAL ENROLLMENT in the local schools, kindergarten through 12th grade, amounts to 527 souls, about 70% of them Hispanic.

A COUNTY road crew guy was startled by a motorist who asked, “Do you know who I am?” The road crew guy confessed he did not. “I'm supervisor Colfax, your boss.” Well, shiver me timbers and what do I do now, bow or genuflect?

JIM YOUNG AND SON resume their popular sports show on the KZYX Community News. Listen for it Mondays between 6 and 6:15pm. They led off with Fort Bragg's long-time football coach, Jack Moyer, at the helm for the Timberwolves for 38 years now during which he's won more than he's lost.

THAT MYSTERIOUS couple who swooped in out of the night at the Boonville Lodge to win last Thursday's Trivial Pursuit game, turned out to be an oncologist and a trauma surgeon visiting from Eugene, Oregon, a husband and wife who all by themselves defeated the massed intelligence of the Anderson Valley.

JUANITA ROGERS writes to remind us “I am bringing Pastora Gutierrez and her collective's beautiful rugs to the Mosswood Market and Bakery on Saturday, September 19th, 9-4.”

OLD TIMERS will be happy to hear that the Gualala Hotel has been bought by Bob Sundstrom of Gualala's Sundstrom Center. The rambling old structure was erected in 1903, survived the big earthquake of '06, has endured several bankruptcies, and has been closed since the last one. Sundstrom has the resources to bring it all the way back and will begin doing that as soon as escrow closes.

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