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Letters To The Editor



"Hales Grove" Road Number one. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its abandonment, 1962.

Several years ago I read a book entitled "What's the Matter with Kansas?" by Thomas Frank. It is a pretty discouraging look at Kansas, a "conservative" stronghold.

Right-wing religious racketeers have teamed up with the many cryptofascists in the state to successfully brainwash a majority of its residents resulting in a skeptical, selfish, narrow minded population.

Do not be too smug. It reminds one of Orange County, Redwood Valley, and a couple of congressional districts east of Sacramento which elected Dan Lungren and Tom McClintock to public office. Totally undesirable right-wing wackos.

Around the first few days of each month I have what might be called a "significant" dream. It seems to come just after eating one of those small frozen pizzas that cost around a dollar and are very popular now. (Warning — Safeway charges $1.59.)

Pause right now for a trivial interlude. What is Dorothy Parker's most famous quotation? Answer: "I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."

The February dream features the time I persuaded the New York Times to present the 50 most influential persons in each Kansas county with a free subscription to the Times. You have already guessed what happened. Kansas was transformed from a dark red (almost black) state into a bright blue paradise.

This is typical of the useless and rejected proposals I come up with all of the time.

For many years I have been handing out leaflets calling attention to social, economic and political injustice. There are suggestions and proposals piled on top of the proposals — none of which are ever adopted nor receive a sympathetic audience.

Recent examples: the State of California needs revenue. I propose that each time the price of gasoline falls 5¢, 1¢ is added to the gas tax until it has been increased 10¢ a gallon. Sure it's regressive. All sales taxes are. But it would raise a lot of money.

Another interruption for the trivialades. What do composers Benjamin Britton, Samuel Barber, Peter Tchaikovsky and Aaron Copeland have in common? Answer: They were all closet dwellers.

Next we come to my proposal to shake up the state legislature. It's called the "2012 Lobbyist Reporting Law." Each member of the Assembly and Senate would be required to keep a log of all encounters with lobbyists and other enemies. This log must be sent to at least one newspaper in each district the legislator represents twice a year.

Let's see how it would work with our intrepid assemblyman. Is it Cheeseboro or Chessborough? It's Chesbro. Okay Mr. Chesbro, what is your background? Hippie. Have you ever held a productive job? Never. Mr. Chesbro, I want you to get a yellow pencil and a lined school tablet and answer these questions:

1. Name of lobbyist. 2. Sex (this means sex of, not sex with. We'll get to that later.) 3. Who does the lobbyist represent? 4. What do they want? 5. What gifts were you offered? a. Cash b. Whiskey. c. Tickets to World Cup, Super Bowl, etc. d. Pussy. e. A private meeting with Obama in Hawaii.

Needless to say I have come up with the answer to the Willits bypass problem. To hell with the bypass — construct a limited access through street that will move traffic quickly. It should be built on the present railroad right-of-way which will never be used for choo-choo trains. We will see how much support that idea gets. Probably not.

Inasmuch as I'm getting nowhere fast, I have decided to put all proposals on hold until all of the opponents are dead. Howsomeever, I have not given up. I plan to play a game called, "If I owned the Times."

One more annoying trivia question. A lot of high-class journalists use the initials QED. What does QED mean? Answer: That is to be or was demonstrated. What about Savoie fair? Tact. Tempus fugit? Time flies. Sin verguenza? Without shame — all of the Republican presidential candidates qualify.)

Now that we have established that it is the New York Times and not the big Cadillac car that is the number one icon in the country, it would be foolish not to join the winning side. Not only the best newspaper (whatever is second is not even close), it is the most influential, the most progressive, the most liberal, the most honest. It is the most feared — it gets its phone calls answered. It does not edit its columnists. It is not scared of its advertisers. Only the federal government and possibly Wall Street have as much influence over the day to day activities of the country. (The undesirables are influenced by Fox News.)

I don't know how many people in Mendocino County read the Times online. The bookstore across from the courthouse sells three copies a day. Starbucks sells the times but not in Willits. We have the PeeDee which is not all that bad when compared to the dominant paper in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada and Arizona.

Even though I mostly agree with the Times editorial position (even a left wing wacko shouldn't find too much fault with it — and I may be one myself) there is plenty of room for improvement.

If I owned the Times (and I have several shovel ready projects lined up) I would change the masthead slogan to "All the news that other newspapers are too chickenshit to print." I would be much less polite to idiots, stupid and ignorant people.

The first project would be what I would call "The Gray Lady's Mandatory Questionnaire." (Mandatory as in automatic liability insurance.) In time for the 2012 election, all candidates for the House and Senate (including the 66% who are not up for election) will receive a questionnaire which must be answered yes or no or refuse-to-answer. This will amount to around 1000 questionnaires assuming there are two candidates for each position. The results of this survey will be made available to media outlets in each candidate's district and state, broken down by party and each candidate and his or her opponent. In case a candidate doesn't want to cooperate, this will be reported to the media in his home district as well. We are looking for 100% compliance. Only the New York Times has the power to bring this off.

There will be the usual questions, of course, such as "Do you favor the elimination of the Electoral College?" And, "Should the filibuster rule be scrapped?" And, "Should the president be elected for a single six-year term?" Other questions might include: Are you in favor of a switch to the decimal system in the next 10 years? Is it time to start discussing a change to the parliamentary system? Are you in favor of closing military bases in foreign countries? Should the millions of undocumented aliens in the country be brought into a program that would lead to eventual citizenship? Do you hope the Supreme Court will outlaw abortion? Same-sex marriage? Do you place a high priority on funding high-speed rail? The government subsidizes the arts, public radio and TV, public transportation, the homeless — should they also make a modest contribution to all public libraries? Do you favor public funding of elections? Do you support a single-payer health plan? Shall we nationalize Exxon-Mobil?

Half of these bastards will be elected. It's about time we learn where they stand. They will never voluntarily tell you.

R. Jouncewell




Dear Wallis Williams,

Are you the same “Wally Williams” whose family moved to Farmington, Connecticut when you were in high school? And had a party where you played Beach Boys records? And was involved with me in a fire alarm incident at the high school? If so, I owe you an apology. That prick Bennett (the principal) tortured a confession out of me, that I did not pull the fire alarm, leaving you the only other suspect. Please contact me through this paper.

Jeff Costello, FHS class of '64



To Jeff Costello in Portland from Wallis Williams

Yes, I am Wallie, the girl you knew during our Farmington High days. A native Californian and surfer, it was natural to play the Beach Boys at my parties. Oddly I actually met the Beach Boys in Connecticut in my senior year, at the local radio station in Hartford.

Meanwhile back to the fire alarm, yep I did it to avoid the history final I was not eager to take. Bennett [principal] suspended me for 5 days though I stuck to my guns in denial, giving me time to bone up and pass the thing with a good grade. Bennett did not dare expel me, I was already accepted at a fine college and was prom queen, even being the school anti-hero. So don't feel badly. I remember laughing out loud during the entire graduation ceremony. I was not cut out for high school, but once in college my grades shot up and I became interested in learning rather than absorbing things hit or miss. .

Speaking of which, your letter concerning the upcoming election is right on and well written. You are not alone in pondering how to handle the presidential choices and I too have decided for the first time since becoming of age, I will forgo even trying. Such a shame, I hate being a quitter. To me it seems the Democrats hand picked the Republican candidates in order to make sure Obama got back in by default if nothing else. If a dark horse appears on the ballot at the last minute, I'll take'em.

All the educated and brilliant people in this country and We The People are given egomaniacal paper dolls for choices. So many of us are terrified for our future and can do nothing, not even pull the fire alarm.

Wallis Williams





There are other elements to all of this that have been hidden from view. Last May my business offered to support first one, then two, of the parks in Marin County. The park staff buried our offer as deeply as they could while continuing to tell the public through the media that no supporters were available. The Park staff wants only supporters who will fund the existing park operations with a blank check as the State had done in the past. Absent that blank check the staff will drive the parks into closure. The staff does not want any supporters to come to light because they feel that they can bully the state into refunding the operations status quo. We are being lied to by the State Park staff. There are likely supporters like us all over the state but our offers will never be considered and your parks will be closed. Shame.

Tony Magee





Leonard J. Cirino: poet, reader, editor, publisher, teacher, friend. Leonard died at 11:30am on Friday, March 9, at home in Springfield, Oregon. He's out of his pains. Here's my last message from his good Lady Ava, on March 7.

“Bud, [GB] — Thank you for your help. Also, I will pass along your message, too. Leonard is a little more alert since starting a medication that helps reduce his confusion (caused by the buildup of fluid from the failing liver.) I've been reading cards and letters to him but realized today that he can handle only so much emotion at one time. So I will make every effort to share this with him when he is receptive and relaxed. He's not reading his email or writing at all. He is turning more inward and is less interested in what goes on around him. He's clearly preoccupied with the most basic needs. Yet there are the times when he bestows one of his dazzling smiles on us and we know he's still our beloved Leonard. Thank you, once again. — Ava

* * *

I decided to read some of his poems at the open reading last Sunday in Willits. He's written nearly 30 books. I easily found a selection of about 5 minutes, and some of it will be aired on KZYX.

In the process of handling that material, I found myself understanding that all these lines are now real, not provisional or tentative, as they seemed when he might have made changes. This is the record, in full strength as such, without my own distracting questions or critique. And I hear it in his gentle voice.

Gordon Black




Dear Editor,

Recent events have changed my mind and I want everyone to know about my Conversion, especially the folks at KZYX. Once I was a radical and a believer in Direct Democracy. Not any more: I have transformed myself into a Moderate Liberal. Why? Because it is very dangerous to speak Truth to Power. Dreadful things happen when one eats from "the forbidden Tree of Transparency." It's so much easier and smarter to tell power what it wants to hear. Besides, the folks in the Mother Ship in Philo know what is best for all of us. Here's my Open Letter to my liberal colleagues wherever they are:

* * *

And so it came to pass that I, King Collins, ate from the forbidden Tree of Transparency and it emboldened me. I loved Transparency and promoted it as a cure for Bureaucracy and related diseases like Arthritis.

But I was Unlearned and Wrong and I was cast from the mash Garden of KZYX. And yet I continued to try to convince everyone that “Transparency Makes Good Radio.” (This and other misbegotten documents are unfortunately available at .)

Oh how reality has smitten me. Too late, I see how dangerous Transparency can be in the hands of Common people. Look what happened to Mubarak and Quaddafi.

And so I stand before you, a misguided Shadow of a man, to confess my Sins of Anti- authoritarianism. In Shame I must follow the long road to Rehabilitation. I am told that, with sincere and concerted effort, there may come a time when I will no longer Yearn for “Member Control” and “Direct Democracy” and that crazy stuff.

There is so much that Nobody needs to know. Like What the Agenda is, or What happened to the Money those Suckers collected for the Ukiah studio? These things and many others should be kept behind Closed Doors, bounced about on the board listserv perhaps, but Not in Public. No need.

Besides those Questions bring up History. And we don’t need History. Better to operate in a perpetual present.

I know I have been wrong, a miserable ex-believer and User of the T word. The stubborn few who continue to use the T word in relation to our station are Misguided, possessed of the Devil Weed. Like Heretics of old they should be Burned at the stake. But I exaggerate. A little. They should be shunned. Their names forgotten.

Humbly submitted,

King Collins,

Reformed Moderate Centrist



Hello Anderson Valley friends;

Signature gathering for a county ballot initiative for the November election has started in Mendocino County. We need 5000 county registered voters to sign in the next several weeks.

This is part of a national movement, Move to Amend, calling for a constitutional amendment to disallow corporate personhood; it's being done city by city, county by county, state by state. Check out the website at

Signature gathers are needed in Anderson Valley. There will be an orientation session if you want some training. Written materials are ready. South Coast were first out of the starting gate and they are racking up the numbers... several hundred in a week or so. Ukiah is getting started and having good success as well.

If you want to help in this effort please call or respond via email and we'll connect with what you need.


Lynda McClure




Dear friend,

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is preparing to approve genetically engineered salmon, which would be the first genetically engineered animal on supermarket shelves in the United States. The salmon is engineered to produce hormones year-round that cause the fish to grow at twice its natural rate. But without labels, we'll never know.

We need to speak out now, because there's just 10 more days until the FDA must respond publicly to a petition calling for labeling of genetically engineered foods — and we need to make sure the FDA knows how ordinary Americans feel about this issue before that deadline.

That's why I submitted a comment to the FDA demanding that genetically engineered foods be labeled. And in about 30 seconds and with just a few clicks, you can join me. Will you tell the FDA that you support mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods too? (

Please, log in and click on that link and contact the FDA today. They need to hear from more people like you and me.


Dennis Jones

Cottage Grove, Minnesota



Dear Editor;

I joined the Occupy Mendocino movement to work with publicity and the Fighting Foreclosure Committee. We joined with Occupy Petaluma and participated in weekly telephonic conferences from which I learned alot about foreclosures and the need to raise community awareness through Foreclosure Prevention Zones. See to learn more.

To bring light on the corrupt practices of the major banks the Occupy Movement planned a statewide direct action at county recorders offices. On March 12th, Occupiers in Sonoma county singled out the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) ,which was created by the mortgage industry to track changes in ownership of loans as they are packaged and sold on the secondary market.

Tim Nonn of Occupy Petaluma and other critics say the electronic registry does not have the legal standing to claim ownership of the mortgages in its data base, making it illegal for MERS to foreclose on mortgages. He said "This is a call for action by homeowners to fight back and not be picked off by the banks!"

Four homeowners protesting with "Occupy-the -Crime-Scene Day of Action" went into the Mendocino County Recorder's Office

to get copies of their deeds of trust to see if they were part of the electronic registration system, which now covers 60% of mortgages.

The registrar helped one of them to find MERS stamped on his deed of trust and other anomalies. He wanted to re-fi, but they could not find who owned his mortgage.

I believe because of the way lenders repackaged loans into mortgage backed securities- a process which requires multiple, seperate transfers or assignments of loans from the original lenders to several intermediate Special Purpose Vehicles, that then pooled loans into securitization trusts created specifically for the buying, selling and trading of residential and commercial loan pools- it makes it impossible to find who holds the loan/mortgage and makes it impossible for home owners to refinance loans in spite of TARP funding specifically for that refinancing.

On the other hand , Phil Ting, the S.F. Assessor said "Foreclosure fraud at county recorders offices throws into question the right of corporations to foreclose without legal documentation of title.This also means there is no clear chain of title in foreclosure processes "

MERS was set up by the banks to increase their profits and avoid paying assesors fees. Petaluma lost $200,000 in fees and $800,000 in declining property taxes.

MERSCORP CEO,RK Arnold admitted that MERS saved its members over $2 billion dollars in county recording fees.

There have been 61 foreclosures in Mendocino County from January to Feb. 8th. Another 500,000 are in the pipeline statewide for 2012. Also there were one and a half million foreclosures in CA since 2008.

By the end of 2012, foreclosures will cost California homeowners and local governments an estimated $650 billion.

Homeowners have been left to fend for themselves.

What can can the City Council do to let the homeowners know they are not alone? By declaring Fort Bragg as a Foreclosure Prevention Zone we can let the banks know that we stand behind homeowners who face fraudulent practices of foreclosure. The City Council can declare that as soon as a homeowner receives a notice of default of payment of mortgage they must contact Susan Nutter 964-3711, a retired Real Estate Broker or Petaluma Broker, CJ Holmes, at for help.

Citizens should know that banks like BofA, Chase and Wells-Fargo, have been practicing predatory lending, refusing to refinance mortgages, use delaying tactics, fake affidavits. CJ Holmes said — - "Foreclosures are often fraudulent because the servicer,( the bank) or foreclosure trustee or it's agent does not own the mortgage note. This makes them strangers to the loan contract and was a result of failing to legally perfect transfers of the notes in the securitization process."

United as a community under the banner of Foreclosure Prevention Zones the Fort Bragg City Council or any Community Services District can educate citizens and urge them to call government officials for an indefinite statewide Moratorium on Foreclosures. It will take a grass roots effort to educate and mobilize citizens to contact their government to stop foreclosures now.

The CA State Attorney General, Kamala Harris and the Governor Jerry Brown have the power to call an indefinite Moratorium on Foreclosures until the AG's investigation is done. During the 1930s, 28 states imposed Moratoriums on Foreclosures. We can do it again.

Thank you for your attention.

Agnes Woolsey




To the public:

My name is Nick Randolph. I am currently incarcerated at Mendocino County Jail for alleged possession of drug paraphernalia. The reason I am writing this letter is the injustice in the jail's new classification system. Only one who has been to prison is automatically put in max lock-down 22.5 hours a day with a restricted commissary of $35 a week, while right down the hallway the protective custodies — where they house child molesters and snitches, most of which have also been to prison — these people who have committed these heinous crimes receive the best Mendo has to offer. They get full day room privileges from 9am to 11pm and $75 a week commissary plus a TV that is twice the size of ours. The reason I know this is when I am out for my hour and a half, I see them about 150 feet down the hallway enjoying their snacks and dayroom with the extra-large television set.

So is the Mendocino County Sheriff trying to say that child molesters and snitches are better than general population which we should be not in maximum?


Nick Randolph





I just read about Vern Piver. This awesome man reminded me of another elder who by the way is still alive and kicking though struggling with health issues. The man I am referring to is the one and only, the godfather of us jailbirds, Glen Glass. This man religiously donated, volunteered and prayed for not only stand up organizations but even made his way into the county jail to give words of encouragement and support to us shit-ass addicts and criminals whether circumstantial or outright perps. Mind you, behind every good man is an awesome woman and I believe she shouldered more than her share of his persistence to say the least — an old-school role.

I am writing to express my feelings because I was touched by the Piver article and just wanted to share my gratitude to Glenn while he is still able to fully appreciate my/our appreciation of his heartfelt service to the Lord, family, friends and that pretty much includes most everyone in Mendo County.

From what I hear through grapevine is that good old Glenn is making the best of his late years inside a mental institution hospital in the Bay Area. I have known him personally since I was a child and as I struggled to help my ailing grandfather after diabetes took his toe, then his foot, then his leg below the knee, and a stroke left him half the man he used to be. So I am aware of the troubles of our elders. I am told that Mr. Glass is still handy and helping run the maintenance at the nut house and as I send my final hug, I can only pray that you, my father, my brother, my friend are all happy, healthy, horny, hungry, humble and hopeful. I/we appreciate and remember you, Glenn. Strength is embedded within the foundation of God's government. I know by the life laws of natives order and if they don't follow those loving life-giving laws then they don't belong here in heaven — as Eric Clapton said.

Blessed to know you, just one of the shit-asses,

Charlie James Schwarm V


PS. Addicts. If drug addicts were classified as disabled or having disabilities one idea would be to give them many small work programs to utilize the disabled in skill fashions. I believe 50% of drug addicts who have access to stable living can be productive and useful outside of prison or are assigned to programs that only allow no relapse. For example, day labor programs or clean grunt work to earn money for living commodities such as housing, food, etc. — and more for those who are more consistent and productive. If these individuals could generate through clean labor enough funding to keep them stable then the prisons and the taxpayers would be less burdened. It costs approximately $40,000 per year per inmate to be housed inside prison. Most come back due to our addiction or addiction related crimes. This liability can be turned into a disability and although we are disabled we are not useless. I'm just brainstorming to help create ideas that open up new avenues because the old paths are leading us — where again? Striving for success because setting up for failure brings us all down.




Below is a speech on campaign contributions when I ran three times for US Congress in the 90s. The only thing that’s changed is it’s now $35,000 minimum and you don’t get dinner only a worn out speech. It seems very timely. (PS. I am now only running from Father Time.)

* * *

(July, 1998) We have reached a point where the amounts of money all candidates take in contributions that they now owe so many obligations and favors it is impossible to legislate for the good of the country. It has become fraud, bribery, blackmail or payoffs. You name it. It is like the mafia. A politician can lie to his constituents, but not to his contributors or the ultimate tragedy happens: no money. My solution to this is to limit the amount of money that any person, corporation, union, association, etc. can give to a candidate: $50.

I know they will say elections cannot be conducted on such small amounts of money. Well, let’s take an example. In a national election, say there are about 30 million Democrats and Republicans. Two million give $50 each. That’s $100 million. In a congressional district of approximately half a million, if 10,000 voters give $50 that is a total of $.5 million. Even that is too much, but it will buy a lot of beans. The wonderful part of my proposal is that it’s simple and reasonably easy to control. Will it be abused? Oh, of course. But way less than the fiasco in place now.

I have taken no money from anyone and I owe no one. What you hear is what I fight for. A while back it was $1,000 a plate fundraisers, now it is $25,000 a plate! When a bill is being drafted in Congress, there are hundreds of riders that each politician has to pay back in the form of favors for contributions. It’s the old story of the devil, in this case taking the politician’s soul for a wish. The wish is to be elected and the devil is the money.

I would limit the time of campaigning to six weeks at most. People get bored and lose interest. People have been disillusioned as can be seen by the turn out in elections. The last election in 1996, my opponents Riggs and Alioto each spent over $1 million. The winner, Riggs, after his two year salary, still owed a million dollars and the loser owed it all. Just think, in order to get out of hock what the payoff has to be even down to state, county and city positions. Corruption galore! It’s time politicians really get honest and admit it’s nuts and listen to Emil — me that is.

Emil Rossi, Libertarian Candidate,

1st Congressional District





I'm Greg Krouse, Over-Seer (something like the vice President) of the Anderson Valley Solar Grange #669.

Most folks think the Grange is just that big building in Philo.

No, we are much bigger than that! Much of what America is and how our government formed happened because of Granges like this. Officially we are the Patrons of Husbandry, but our locals are called Granges. There are 240 Granges in California and many across this great nation. Granges are the core of agricultural areas and the very heart of the community.

Why? We are the community and the farmers.

In 1867 our founders saw how the new immigrant farmers, were lonely and struggling; living rugged lives. America was in disarray after a fierce, destructive Civil war. The founders knew how ritualized organizations like Masons, Elks and others helped city folks. They formed the Grange in 1867 to help devastated farmers get back on their feet. Helping folks is a core Granger value. Grangers recognized women as equal contributors and one of the key founders was a woman. A huge national experiment worked, farmers socialized, organized and shared. Grange halls became crucial social centers, and the meeting house on the Prairie.

Yet it was the greedy railroad barons, overcharging farmers in shipping, supplies and tools that grew the Granges; sprouting like new corn on a May morning. In two years 800,000 folks formed the new Granges.

Grangers used their secret passwords, and handshakes to insure new laws would protect farmers and provide a fair shake. Known as the Grange Populist movement, it engaged a nation and reined in the railroads. This role in directing government is still core to Grangers, who meet annually at State and National conventions to craft resolutions and empower their lobbyists to get changes to protect Americans and farmers. The Grange had direct impact on labor rights, sales tax, fair tariffs and women’s rights. Last year they tackled local raw milk production and pesticide impacts on bees among many important issues. Conventions are also similar to county fairs; displaying farm successes, talent and more. Grangers set the seed and cultivated the Federal government for the US Department of Agriculture. They created Coops to buy and share supplies at lower costs and shared commonly owned tools. U. S. Presidents have been germinated in Grangers. And Presidents have spoken in front of Granger conventions. Grangers have clout!

Michigan Granger, Dora H. Stockman, created a special agriculture club for children called the Four Leaf Clover Clubs, we know today as the 4 H. Granges were early to support Woman voting rights. Grangers insured the uninsured with Grange fire and crop insurance.

Just a building huh? No Granges are the very heart of the land and the mental force to keep America fair and strong.

The Anderson Valley Grange is unique. We are the first Solar Grange, and also known as the theater Grange, because of our variety show which has sent many novel acts to the State convention talent shows and wowed them. Many other Granges are following in our footsteps.

In difficult times Granges swell again to raise our common voices to rein in corporations and support good regulation. Mendocino county Granges are expanding and Ft Bragg Grange has seen the most growth in the entire nation. Willits Little Lake Grange will be the site of the 2012 State Grange Convention in October: bringing access to this unique organization to your door in October.

Our Grange is growing; associated with local foods movement and, looking to help Anderson valley folks learn canning skills, garden, share tools, theater skills provide special events, engage those committed to social/political change into the Grange means and possibly create a solar cooperative.

Yet there is one key ingredient needed for Granges to do this: You! It is through your interests and passions that we can make our valley even stronger.


Why then git yourself down to our potluck meeting on the third Tuesday, April 17th at 7 PM, or get one of our membership flyers in the Grange dining hall or entry hall, or talk to a Granger and join us. April is the month we invite new members to join at no cost. We know we can help you find a way to contribute to your community. We are already friends, yet we can be much more. Strengthen our community by growing the Anderson Valley Solar Grange!

Greg Krouse, Over-Seer AV Grange #669





Help get $ out of elections; gather Amend signatures locally.

If you want to DO SOMETHING to help take control of our country back from the giant corporations, help us get 5,000 signatures countywide so we can put a proposition on the November county ballot that allows all county voters to say whether or not they think corporations should have personhood rights, super PACs are a form of free speech, and citizens have a right to regulate elecion spending. Similar campaigns are happening around the country (see ), and you're needed to help us do our part here in Mendocino County.

Carrie Durkee is the signature gathering captain on the northern half of the Mendocino coast, so please contact her if you'd like to help-- by just circulating a petition among friends, or by tabling at Corners, Harvest or where ever. Carrie wrote:

"These are the times that I will be tabling this week. Please feel free to call or e-mail me and set up any time that works for you. Come by and ask questions, help us get more signatures, or to exchange full petitions for new ones. Come out and get trained at one of these times. You do not have to stay the whole time. Carrie."

Monday, Fort Bragg Harvest, 12:00-3:00

Wednesday, Mendocino Harvest, 10:00-11:00

Wednesday, Fort Bragg Harvest, 1:00-3:00

See you out there

Carrie Durke, 937-2554,


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