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Mendocino County Today: May 9, 2012

A HUGE GOVERNMENT raid on the Robinson Rancheria began early Tuesday morning aimed at removing certain Indians from both the reservation rolls and rez housing. The caller alerting us to the purge declared, “It's a helluva note when you get Indians throwing other Indians out on to the street. There are a lot of little kids who are being evicted, too. You know what I think? I think the insiders on the Tribal Council just want to get more casino money for themselves.” The math certainly adds up. The more people who can be un-Indian-ed, the more money for the Indians remaining. It's happening all over the Northcoast.

MANCHESTER Elementary School's website says it serves 56 students grades K-8. Based on its state test results, it has received a “GreatSchools Rating of 3 out of 10,” but “the school community has reviewed this school and given it an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars.” Translation: Not a very good school but its staff and parents think it's boffo. Manchester Elementary also has its own school board. The school is looking for a 3 in 1 combined superintendent, principal and teacher. There's also a vacancy on its school board. Superintendent of County Schools, Paul Tichinin, is trying to get one of his preferred citizens, fogbelt old girl Cindy Biaggi, into the superintendent's job. She may be supremely qualified, but a recommendation from Tichinin should come with a bilingual neon Peligro! and Buyer Beware warnings. A vacant school board slot just might be filled by the persistent critic of the Point Arena schools, Susan Rush, but Tichinin and Co. will of course move both rezes to make sure she isn't seated. Of course independent, smart people like Mrs. Rush is just what's needed everywhere in Mendocino County, and especially in Point Arena's historically troubled schools.

DAVE GURNEY will be in Superior Court, Ukiah, this Friday at 9:30am. “In support,” Gurney explains, “for our lawsuit against the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative (MLPAI) and their private facilitators, for civil rights and Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Law violations back in April, 2010. That's when I was arrested for legally recording a public meeting of the MLPAI, and for asking a question. It's for ‘Summary Adjudication.’ I'm not a lawyer, but this means they are trying to get the case thrown out early to avoid the embarrassment of going to trial. The lawyers will be arguing over the phone, and a ruling by the judge is not expected until later.”

AT LAST. Work has begun on the 75,000-square-foot Adventist Hospital in Willits, a $64 million project approved by State hospital regulators just last week. The enterprise will be spread over  33 acres donated by the Handley family beneath their old ranch southeast of town.


GOLDIE WATCH: Goldilocks and all variations thereof have been retired as per the request of their designee, Ms. Jacqueline Audet of Fort Bragg. From three reported sightings of Ms. Audet last week in the Harvest Market shopping area, she is doing well, although one reporter did encounter her in the hard booze section of Harvest and was compelled to comment, “She wasn't loaded yet.” Another eyewitness said he thought Ms. Audet "was beginning to show the signs of hard wear and tear from her very unfortunate lifestyle choices.” We remain hopeful that Ms. Audet, now one of the Mendocino Coast's most remarked upon citizens, will soon consent to an interview.

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