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Letters To The Editor


President Obama: Kent State Letter from Allison's Family

Kent State Peace May 1, 2012

President Barack H. Obama, The White House Washington DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

Last week my mother Doris Krause urged me to write a personal letter to help you understand the May 4th Kent State Massacre from a mother's perspective, one parent to another. Voicing my reluctance to write again, I said, “I’ve written to President Obama more times than I can count.”

But Mom insisted, “Laurie, I want you to write about our family and how we’re similar to President Obama’s family. Let him know what happened when Allison went to college at Kent State, how she was shot dead protesting the Vietnam War by the National Guard on her campus. How afterwards your dad fought for the rest of his days, for Allison’s death to ‘not be in vain’ and how, even today, we have lost every Kent State battle for truth about Allison’s death.”

My 86 year-old mother, Doris Krause, was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio, growing up during the depression. When she was 20 years old, she married my dad Arthur just as he returned from service in WWII. Art and Doris Krause had two daughters, Allison and me.

In September of 1969, my big sister Allison went away to college. Allison was a smart, beautiful, loving, funny freshman enrolled in the Kent State University Honors College. She was deeply in love with her boyfriend Barry and was popular on campus. Allison had a special quality nearly impossible to describe, a compassionate, gorgeous, full-of-life young woman who seemed to have it all.

On April 23, 1970, our family celebrated Allison’s 19th birthday together in Kent, Ohio, going out for dinner. It was the last time any of us saw Allison alive.

Ten days later, our family life and world were torn apart forever. We heard about trouble at Kent State, then that Allison had been hurt. Frantically we searched for information on Allison but all the Kent phone lines were cut. Hours later we heard that Allison was dead on arrival at the hospital, killed by National Guard bullets.

Mr. President, there were no officials from Allison’s school, the state of Ohio or the National Guard to help us at the hospital when we identified Allison’s body on May 4th. Instead, at the hospital where her body lay still, we heard men with guns mutter to us, “they should have shot more.”

The 10 years following Allison’s murder were filled with lawsuits from the lowest courts in Ohio to the U.S. Supreme Court. I was going to college yet remember the government’s staunch resistance to our lawsuits and the utter unwillingness to share evidence or any reports on what happened to Allison in the May 4th Kent State Massacre. In 1979, the court cases ended with a settlement based on civil rights.

During my family's pursuit of justice for Allison we were constantly hounded by the FBI. Our phones were tapped, threats were made to my father, agents took pictures of us where ever we went. This harassment finally culminated in my father being offered a bribe. In the presence of author Peter Davies, my father was told to name his price for dropping his case, “One million, two million?” It was made clear that the bribe was coming through the Ford Foundation, and if he refused it, his job at Westinghouse and our family's freedom would be in serious jeopardy. My father was furious and obviously turned this down in no uncertain terms, but the threats had a chilling effect on us. Every facet of our lives was ripped apart by Allison's death and the endless harassment by our government.

Since May 4, 1970, the U.S. government has never allowed the Krause family to know the facts or see the evidence related to Allison’s murder on her Kent State campus. The truth at Kent State remained buried until recently in the examination of the Kent State Tape.

The Krause family rejects Attorney General Holder’s refusal to open a proper, impartial, independent investigation into the Murders at Kent State. We agree with Congressman Kucinich on Kent State, demanding the 2012 Department of Justice disclose their full report leading to their decision to close the books on Kent State again.

Two years ago, I began phoning the Justice Department about the new evidence found at Kent State, as the statute of limitations never lapsed on Allison’s murder. Mr. President, AG Holder’s Department of Justice refused my calls and kept sending me to the civil rights division even though Allison died at Kent State.

Last week’s Department of Justice letters on Kent State do not mention the loss of life on that campus, continuing this government ploy to deflect murder by pointing to loss of civil rights. A violation of Allison’s civil rights turned into homicide when they fired the bullets that took her away from us.

On May 4, 1970, just after noon as students were changing classes and a protest was called, the National Guard shot live ammunition at Kent State students. Our Allison was more than a football field away at 343 feet from the guardsmen that shot her to death. Since then, we have never learned what Allison did wrong to meet such a tragic, violent end. Our original call for ‘Allison’s death to not be in vain’ has been scrubbed from the history of the May 4th Kent State Massacre.

Coming back to what Mom asked me write to you, President Obama, she shared how, “The First Family is almost identical to the Krause family.” If this happened to your family President Obama, how do you think you’d survive this onslaught?

Last week Alison would have celebrated her 61st birthday. With the 42nd anniversary of Kent State approaching on May 4th, we continue to stand for Truth and Justice for Allison. We hope no more American families will bury their young as we did after Allison’s unnecessary and unwarranted death, with zero accountability by the May 4th Kent State Massacre perpetrators.

Please do not allow another Kent State anniversary to pass without truth and justice for Allison Krause and her fellow murdered classmates Jeffrey Miller, Sandy Scheuer and William Schroeder.

No More Kent States.

Laurel Krause

Kent State Truth Tribunal

Fort Bragg

PS. ‘Voluntary Quicksand’

I read the Chronicle this morning

as if I were stepping into voluntary quicksand

and watched the news go over my shoes

with forty-four more days of spring.

— Richard Brautigan, Kent State America, May 7, 1970



Dear District Attorney Eyster:

Re: Discrepancy in Measure E Bond Funds

In 2003, over 73% of the voters in the Point Arena School District voted to pass the Measure E Bond ($3.7 million) to build a K-5 school in Gualala and convert the Point Arena Elementary School into a middle school.

Unfortunately, in 2008, State funds were rescinded due to “no substantial progress made for the project lists.” A decision was made in 2009 to split the Bond and proceed with the projects at the Arena Elementary School specifically a library/media facility, science instructional lab, and dining/community hall. At that time, the Bond was split with $1.8 going toward Gualala, $1.8 toward Point Arena and leaving $158,980 into an undesignated reserve fund to be used to pay any administrative fees the Bond would incur.

The district proceeded with the above projects at the Point Arena Elementary and in the autumn of 2010 the decision was made to defease the remaining portion of the Gualala Bond.

On January 18, 2011, the Bond Oversight Committee met. At that time, a draft was presented to the members by Dr. Cross. Throughout the splitting of the Bond funds the undesignated reserve had paid the administrative fees incurred. Yet, the draft clearly indicated the undesignated reserve would be split between Gualala and Arena and then out of that split the administrative fees would be split between both Gualala and Arena. However, the cost to defease the Gualala Bond would only be charged to Gualala. I questioned this because I believed it to be unjust to the taxpayers of Gualala. Dr. Cross informed the members that the defeasance costs were to be taken only out of Gualala because it was the Gualala Bond that was being retired (totally opposite of what Dr. Cross stated in her email to me on November 1, 2010 — Exhibit J). However, I maintained the premise that had it not been for the taxpayers voting for the school in Gualala the projects performed at the Arena Elementary School would have never taken place and only felt it was fair for the taxpayers to receive the funds. The committee members approved the draft with the “final” amount of $1,848, 250. Dr. Cross informed the members “since they would no longer have to meet the Bond Oversight Committee was being dissolved” and thanked them for their service. The committee also approved this. Thus, the members were disbanded and never met after this date.

On January 20, 2011, the Board of Trustees agreed to defease $1,848,250 “back to the taxpayers”….

However, as you can see from the attached information provided you this is not the “final” amount that was returned “back to the taxpayers” but only $1,818,155.07 (Exhibit D) was returned. Essentially, the defeasance costs were deducted twice from the Gualala Bond Fund.

On April 2, 2011, Meg Kailikole, Financial Administrator in Point Arena, informed me there were remaining Bond funds which would be spent on another project at the Arena Elementary School (not previously authorized by the Bond Oversight Committee). This project approved by the Board was for two additional modular classrooms to the elementary school because of an increase in enrollment since 2006. In 2009, one of the reasons the community was told the school in Gualala just couldn’t happen was due to the fact enrollment had been decreasing and without enrollment there was no need for the school. As a matter of fact even, at the January 2011 Bond Oversight Committee, Trustee DeWilder informed the members this was also one of a main reasons and, yet, at that time we had two kindergartens, first and second grade classes.

California Education Code 15282 clearly states: “The purpose of the citizen’s oversight committee shall be to inform the public concerning the expenditure of bond revenues. The citizen’s oversight committee shall actively review and report to the proper expenditure of taxpayers’ money for school constructions.” How can a committee actively review the project approved by the Board of Trustees since they were been disbanded when there were still funds in the Bond? Also, I see nothing on the “Bond Project List” under Arena Campus Conversion to Middle School that would permit bond funds to be spent on the installation of new classrooms (Exhibit K).

Education Code 15288 states: “It is the intent of the Legislature that upon receipt of allegations of waste or misuse of bond funds authorized in this chapter, appropriate law enforcement officials shall expeditiously pursue the investigation and prosecution of any violation of law associated with the expenditure of those funds. That is why as, district attorney, this needs to be investigated. So, I believe due to the discrepancy in what the Bond Oversight Committee and the Board of Trustees approved as the “final” amount to be “returned to the taxpayers” you as the “appropriate law enforcement official” should investigate this to assure the taxpayers the correct amount of monies are returned to them in the good faith for which they voted for this bond.

Finally, if it is to be in good faith what needed to have happened is all “administrative fees” (including defeasance costs) should have been deducted (as per Schools and College Legal Services and Dr. Cross) from the “undesignated reserve fund” and then the remaining monies returned to the taxpayers — $1,934,273.07. However, if monies were to be split between Gualala and Point Arena it should, at least, have been done after “administrative fees” were deducted. This would have left Point Arena $67,571.04 to complete the protective overhang and Gualala $1,866,702.03 to be returned to the taxpayers.


Suzanne L. Rush


PS. In the AVA on April 18th, I wrote a letter regarding the lack of discretion the Point Arena School Board has demonstrated over the past six years and continues to demonstrate. I also noted numerous times in the AVA Trustee Susan Sandoval's (a lawyer) refusal to let members of the community ask questions of the Board during their meetings. I informed the Board this was not in accordance to State Board Bylaw 9320(a) which stated: “In accordance with state open meeting laws (Brown Act), the Board shall hold its meetings in public and shall conduct closed sessions during such meetings only as authorized by law. To encourage community involvement in the schools, meetings shall provide opportunities for questions and comments by members of the public and shall be conducted in accordance with law and Board-adopted bylaws.”

This paragraph was changed (at the discretion of the Board) and approved by Board to read: “Meetings of the Governing Board are conducted for the purpose of accomplishing district business. In accordance with state open meeting laws (Brown Act), the Board shall holds it meetings in public and shall conduct closed sessions during such meetings only as authorized by law.” Obviously, it was done to prevent opportunities for members of the public to make comments and or ask questions!

The Point Arena School Board continually fails to grasp the concept of Brown Act Law (which there is absolutely no consequence for them if they do not obey this Law). The Law clearly states, “The people of this State do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not given their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created.”

I only have one simple question, how is it even possible to assure any member of the community that they have control over a Board when they are refused to ask any questions even for clarification of Board decisions? There is absolutely no accountability, transparency, or integrity to “public servants” in which the Point Arena School District Board Members' are suppose to serving!




Re: Will Parrish’s “Artesa’s Hitman,” (AVA, 5/2/2012)

So, while Spain is heading spiraling into the economic abyss, a mega Spanish conglomerate is reaching out to a remote Mendo forest to make what? more wine? what is wrong with this picture? Artesa of Barcelona is seriously, and possibly crimially misinformed as the Spanish government if they believe they make make one Euro off of this ‘project’. Aresa leave those logs up there for the loggers and mills. An 80 yr old redwood is definitley more economically productive than a tub of fermented grapes!

Name Withheld





Redwoods Occupy Begins May 12.

Beginning Saturday, May 12th, Occupy Richardson Grove offers the opportunity to kick back in the Cathedral quality shade of our old growth Redwoods. Our planned “4 day American Spring event” will end on Tuesday the 15th but it could last as long as our shared enthusiasm. Richardson Grove was put on the chopping block by the previous Governor. The CalTrans plan that resulted was recently returned to the drawing board by a federal judge who called it “implausible,” noting that their “false data” and “inaccuracies” demanded “a corrected analysis.” But there’s no victory until the plan is cancelled. Join us at the Truth Booth in French’s Camp. Come and get a feel for the grove, camp together, do some hiking, biking, enjoy an American Spring in the oldest Forest in the World. Meals will be provided but bring food to share, maybe a bike too.

You can donate to us through our Garberville Credit Union, 757 Redwood Drive, Garberville CA 95542, Account # 15929. Contact us through  or phone us direct at 707-932 5898.

Paul Encimer




Dear Editor,

The Anderson Valley Unity Club’s Garden Section thanks everyone who made the 2012, Wildflower Show another success. This year’s show was dedicated to Gwen Sidwell, a beloved member whose love of her garden and her music inspired us all. We had very good weather and an increase in attendance over last year. Eugenia Herr’s botanical prints made by her grandfather were an especially nice compliment to the show. Thank you to Anderson Valley High School’s art instructor, Nadia Berrigan, for her efforts in providing the materials for her students to produce beautiful watercolor scenes from our Valley. In addition, Evelyn Ashton’s herbarium and watercolors of plants and Dot Hulbert’s scanned wildflowers made wonderful displays. The invasive plant table had specimens, pictures and information regarding the damage these plants cause to native species. An extensive Lyme Disease exhibit presented by Sue Davies provided needed information regarding preventive measures and the dangers associated with Lyme. On Sunday a slide show of wildflowers was shown on a photo monitor, courtesy of Pat Smith, Alice Bonner and Robyn Harper.

We wish to thank the following for raffle donations: Celeri and Son of Fort Bragg, Ken Montgomery of AV Nursery, Ludwig’s Tin Man Nursery, Oak Valley Nursery, Whispering Winds Nursery, Fiddler’s Green Nursery, Digging Dog Nursery, Dirt Cheap of Fort Bragg, Lovin Blooms, Gowan’s Oak Tree, Praetzel and Herr, Sun & Cricket, All That Good Stuff, Laughing Dog Books, Farmhouse Mercantile, Friedman Brothers, Ukiah Safeway, The Pot Shop, The Rock Stop, Philo School of Herbal Energetics, The Puzzle People, Christy Kramer, Malcolm West, Susan Gross, Linda McElwee, Lee Serrie, Val Hanelt, Linda Wylie, Eileen Pronsolino, Robin Lindsey, Joanie Clark, Barbara Scott, Beverly Dutra, Mary Darling, Christine Clark, Liz Dusenberry, and Sue Davies. Thank you to Shirley Hulbert, Gloria and Sharon Abbot for the delicious food served in the tearoom.

We wish to also thank the following people who helped our club members with collections, identification, the raffle, plant donations, set- up or cleanup: Peter Warner, Kathy Bailey, Bob and Chris Sowers, Lynn Halpern, Ken Montgomery, Wally Hopkins, Hans Hickenlooper, Sandra Nimmons, Sarah McCarter, Keith Gamble, Walt Valen, Bill Harper and Eugenia Herr.

Thank you to the Fairgrounds staff for all their help and allowing us to hang our banner. Also thanks to Robert Rosen and the Anderson Valley Brewery for allowing us to place our banners advertising our event on their fences.

Anderson Valley Unity Club Garden Section

Robyn Harper, Chair

Anderson Valley



Dear Editor:

I like Bruce McEwen, and I admire his writing.

Please allow me to add a few points to his article “When an LA Cop Meets a Westport Bush Hippie.”

1. In addition to entering a plea to brandishing a firearm, Kieth Jakovac pled to “criminal threat” as both a felony and a “strike.” When taking his plea on March 5, Judge Moorman said: “Now, I did want to advise Mr. Jakovac that Count 5 . . . is a strike offense, which means that . . . it remains a strike offense for the rest of your life.”

2. I told defense counsel Justin Petersen before his client entered his plea that I would be arguing for 365 days in county jail as a condition of probation. Mr. Petersen stated on the record: “My client … understands there's an agreement there would be no state prison at the outset, that he could still get up to a year in the county jai, and how much jail time he does is up to the Court.”

3. The victim, Tui Wright, was present in court at the time of the plea, and agreed to the disposition.

4. At the time of sentencing on April 24, I argued for 365 days in county jail despite the extraordinary number of favorable letters on behalf of Mr. Jakovac.

Thank you.

Tim Stoen, Deputy DA

Fort Bragg



Oh, my, my.

The tip-off was the arrival in the Persian Gulf of the THIRD aircraft carrier group.

We need all that power for the upcoming war with Iran, already planned!

Netanyahoo will start it, of course (to keep Number 1 bully position in the neighborhood), he being suicidal and all.

Plays straight into the hands of the military-industrial complex which is threatened with peace in the world. If Romney wins we won't need a coup d'tat. If Obama does we will. And we'll get it too.

Head in the Clouds


PS. It might even just fit the timing of the end of the Mayan calendar. What a coincidence — or is it?



Dear Editor,

In our haste we forgot some important people and businesses who helped make the Earth Day Hendy Woods benefit at Navarro Vineyards such a success. Huge thanks to Karin Strykowski, Pat Hanks, Felipe Mendoza and the rest of the crew at Navarro Vineyards. Thank you, as well, to Rhonda Sands and Real Goods, the Anderson Valley Advertiser, Mendocino Beacon/Fort Bragg Advocate, Eric Labowitz and Matt Rowland.


Hendy Woods Community Board of Directors





In 2012 Fort Ross State Historic Park will commemorate the founding of Settlement Ross in 1812.

This 200th anniversary event will include programs and projects which will highlight the natural and cultural history through the park's existence.

The Kashia Pomo, the First People, are the first people of this diverse history.

We are pleased and honored that the Kashia Pomo are participating fully in the 2012 events.

January of 2012 we started the year off with the Kashia offering the opening blessing and acknowledgment of Kashia as First People of this land by the Russian people and California State Parks.

Another highlight and historic moment is the planned trip to Russia by the Kashia Pomo to view the artifacts collected by Russian scientists — a collection today viewed by many as the oldest known collection of Kashia Pomo basketry as well as many other adornment artifacts.

This one single event is the most warranted international cooperative effort for the Kashia and the Russian communities.

Fort Ross is an excellent example of the best of California and what it has to offer the world: a rich history, diverse cultural legacy, beautiful nature and dedicated people.

As stated in our mission, we want all cultures represented and feel as though they have many opportunities to contribute by sharing this story.

We are reaching out to you to ask for support of the Kashia Pomo and this amazing trip we hope to take.

We are raising funds for seven Kashia Pomo tribal members to travel.

The Russian Federation in San Francisco has offered to support the Kashia Pomo and this historic journey by providing for transportation and housing while in Russia.

We would like to ask our American counterparts to assist in funding the other needed travel and living costs of $2,000 per person. Any donation would be welcomed. (Fort Ross Conservancy, 19005 Coast Highway 1, Jenner, CA 95450.

Emilio Valencia, Tribal Chairman

Kashia Band of Pomo Indians of Stewarts Point Rancheria

Robin Joy, Chair, Fort Ross 2012 Steering Committee





Haiku in response to Nate “2 Times Red” Collins, who offers long rambling semi-coherent letters of great authority on many matters and on behalf of unspecified “people”:

“Whining”? Me? Say what?

Consensus here: You're a nut.

But thanks for reading!

Steve Heilig

San Francisco




I wish you would investigate the extremely well-heeled California State Parks Foundation — “your voice for parks.” Not to be confused with State Parks and Recreation Department which should be our voice.

Anyway, this bunch appears to be at the forefront of the takeover of our parks. They seem to be operating with insider information. Their board of trustees has presumably ponied up the lucre to get the ball rolling. Also, in celebration of their long-standing partnership, PG&E has given them $1.5 million for park improvements.

Walt Disney Company is helping with the Park Film Fest and Earth Day 2012 is presented by PG&E, Chevron and Edison International.

They publish a slick little newsletter on-line and in print. According to the most recent edition of California Parklands, Sonoma County and the city of Benicia have received approval to negotiate agreements with the California State Parks Foundation to keep certain state parks open. Who is at the helm?

I've heard that they are trying to exclude non-profits that are not of corporate parentage and that they are lobbying for taxpayer-funded subsidies with a return of 3% of any profits, the sermons are wild and varied and the talking heads are not talking about this.

Meanwhile California Parklands Foundation is busily and ceaselessly seeking donations to add to their booty.

I am sure they would like their logo with the cute California partridge to replace our state parks.

What's going on?

The Beckingtons

Little River

PS. Your drumbeating for Hendy Woods appears to have helped make great headway in saving that cherished local park.




I have written (see AVA March 28, Tin Cup Politics and Park Closures, p1) of my frustration as an attendee of the California State Parks Foundation's Park Advocacy Day that any mention to the legislators that day of the threat of privatization was discouraged. I was told repeatedly “Don't go there.” To date, the Department of Public Works, which is responsible for vetting proposals to operate state parks slated for closure refuses to identify private, for profit companies that are trying to take over selected parks—generally those with the highest revenue potential, such as Hendy Woods. Anyone seeking to know how well such for profit operations do in managing parks should check out the reactions of visitors to Big Basin State Park, run by California Parks Company. The picture is NOT pretty.

To date, 23 parks have been tentatively removed from the closure list. The means of taking a park off the list have been many and varied. Volunteer groups have been formed to run a few, none of which offer overnight camping, which is the main draw for a for profit outfit. Many have been saved by the donations of thousands of dollars In one case alone, Henry W. Coe, private citizens had to pony up $900,000 for a 3 year reprieve.

It should surprise no one that the California State Parks Foundation is carrying water for the likes of PG&E, Chevron, and such likes. CSPF has become a permanent, executive bureaucratic dream. They have convinced 130,000 members that they are doing good. Yet, when it comes to park closures, they have played a two-faced game. They claim to be trying to avert the worst effects of the closures. But in truth, their prime objective is to stay in play with the legislature, the Governor, and private companies willing to underwrite part of their ongoing operation. If necessary, they will throw overboard sacrificial parks to stay at the table. It is the way with most bureaucracies. The executive staff of CSPF is full-time, career based, professionals. Their first priority is job security. Otherwise, they would be much more strident about the pending closures and the advance of private, for-profit initiatives.

Next week, I will have an update on the situation and more to say about CSPF and the “running out the clock” two-step on the part of the State Parks Department.

Franklin Graham

Park Closures Study Group


PS. At the organizational meeting of the Park Closures Study Group there were about a dozen of us. However, since the first meeting we have been unable to shake loose the information about the closures process that we focused on, so no meetings since. I have, however, met more than once with Barry Vogel (Radio Curious) about the problem of public disclosure of the documents. As a member of the Los Alamos Study Group (which was voted one of the ten best small NGO's last year) I took the name from their example. My son Darwin is one of the real driving forces there — as a member of the board. I do have more information coming in from MAPA (Mendocino Area Parks Association) and Senator Noreen Evans' office. It appears things are beginning to pop — and not for the better for the North Coast. A private company has a bundled bid in for four Mendocino parks — all with camping as a main attraction. Want to bet they get the concession? Interesting how every volunteer group that has submitted a proposal to run a park is identified. Yet, no one will identify who the for-profit company is.




Re: “Death of Hippie,” (AVA, 4/26/2012)

Nice read, thank you. After reading this piece, I wanted to look more into Owsley. I found a great article written about him in the Rolling Stone. What an interesting cat he was. This led to that, from here to there, and the reads and memories and the moment in time took me happily for a good hour or two reminiscing away and surfing down the paths of Memory Lane.

Looking back, those 60s and early 70s, they were good times… and then we moved on and onto other things, I suppose. Yeah, I lived in a commune, too, the happiest time of my life. Everything a young man could possibly want. Then we grew up and traded it all in for a life of toil and responsibility, a house and a car and the kids and central plumbing and 401Ks, the road of excess leading to the palace of wisdom, they tell me. Sigh.


Santa Rosa




A dozen or so years ago a ranch that lies on the Garcia River between the two rancherias owned by Vernon Kendall had the river breach its banks during high water and start to erode Mr. Kendall's field.

Mr. Kendall hired a bulldozer to reopen the channel — maybe 100 yards of river.

About halfway through the project, Ed Ramos of the Department of Fish and Game came down to put a halt to the project.

Soon after rains came again and proceeded to wash hundreds if not thousands of yards of soil and gravel into the river.

This filled the entire lower river making it very shallow, also making it easy for prey to eat the young trout and warming water in summer which is also lethal to steelhead and salmon.

Attempts were made to plant willows on the Kendall Ranch probably after scientific studies and grant money which resulted in more pollution into the river in the form of giant balls of tangled plastic pie, far more than any pot grower has ever done.

The river has still not recovered.

So I wonder how many fish have died over this period of time. But you didn't hear a word about it. It wasn't plastered all over the papers from here to Los Angeles.

So does the Department of Fish and Game really care about fish or publicity? You would think if they really cared about fish there would be no way and they would allow a vineyard in the river that is also making a comeback — the Gualala River. And for the record, the Stornettas always impeccably maintained their portion of the Garcia River at no charge to anyone but themselves.

John Smith




Warmest Cali spring spiritual greetings,

Just finished an extraordinary hike at Briones...with zen priest and dharma dude Steve Cunningham. Who, carried up to the Dickerson bench/peak, a bottle of cold white wine and his lunch plus the finest of Oaktown- style brownies.

A cool down at Berkeley's Triple Rock brewery (in which it was necessary to go next door and get a premium coffee and bring it back, because the Tripler doesn't serve coffee), and Steve had a “Bug Juice” beer. This instant at Eudemonia using up my computer time, in order to send you this groovy message: “You must have a clear understanding. 'Karma' only governs the experiences you have to undergo. It cannot curtail the freedom that God has given you to act while in this earth plane. This earth plane is a plane of self-exertion. It is your karma bhumi for purushartha. Act! Act!” —Swami Chidananda (Attained mahasamadhi August 28, 2008)

Please appreciate that I am now passively seeking new creative situations, and wish to make spiritually infused artistic statements, with other participants who are taking down the psychotic patriarchal plutocracy. Contact me anytime. All unreasonable offers will be considered.

Love from Oakland, y'all,

Craig Louis Stehr





A Ukiah Daily Journal article last week reported that the State Department of Finance has effectively reigned in the efforts of the Ukiah RDA people to continue to spend borrowed tax dollars to subsidize CostCo and help prepare the site for the Court House Palace.

My Letter to the Editor last week (also sent to other local papers) warned of the boondoggle that City Plannng was arranging. Luckily, Governor Brown's people smelled it out and shut it down.

Hooray for the Taxpayer!!

Jim Houle

Redwood Valley




Far be it from me to disparage any worker doing an honest day's toil, but when I saw those guys rubbing on the exterior surface of the Palace Hotel today, I couldn't help but think of that scene from a comedy movie where someone has a parakeet which is dead and decapitated. Nevertheless, with a little duct tape to reattach the head, he then attempts to sell the bird to someone. When the prospective buyer points out that the bird is dead, he says, “No no — he's just sleeping.”

What is it going to take to get it through the thick skull of the Palace's owner that that bird is really and truly dead!?


John Arteaga




To the Editor:

The Palace Hotel has been in the news often recently and on my mind for the past 40 years. A series of owners have done little to preserve it, including Pat Kuleto, who reopened the restaurant for a while.

Now she sits heavily in a sorry state of disrepair, decay, and vandalism. Yet, when I recently went through it from top to bottom I was impressed with how stable the basic structure remains. And now Norman Hudson is cleaning up the interior and exterior. That's a crucial first step towards rehabilitation.

Please everyone, let us all — the owners, the community and the city — devise a plan to restore and revitalize the Palace and then make it happen.

To demolish the Palace Hotel would be a greater penalty to us all than a profit.

Robert M. Axt




To the Editor,

My name is James C. Anderson. If you can send a reporter to the Safeway Gas Station to the picnic table on Tuesday the 15th in Willits between noon/afternoon and 1pm afternoon, boy, do I have a very good story for you. My hair will be spiked straight up. Everyone knows me there. Just ask for Jimbo.

James Anderson





The delicate Todd Walton (Too talented for college! Traumatized by a slap on the hand from his music teacher!) writes, “I very rarely watch American movies and almost never watch films containing more than a suggestion of violence.”

Grapes of Wrath, From Here To Eternity, Apocalypse Now, relegated to the tumbril.

Bruce Anderson smugly dismisses the White House Correspondents' Dinner as “unamusing,” “beyond vulgar,” and “squalidly decadent.” Emma Goldman, don't invite this guy to the prom.

Sad to read Emil Rossi's utterly clueless tribute to the rich and unregulated. They sure don't give a shit about him.

Speaking of whiners, does Lee Simon ever offer any advice or solutions?

Curmudgeonly, but not immune to fun,

Michael Townsend

Port Townsend, Washington



Dear Editor,

The River Center has found a new partner!

I would like to give a huge shout out to Redwood Empire Boy Scout Troop #82. I am so impressed with this troop of boys led by Mitzi and Dave Wagner and their son and soon to be Eagle Scout Zachary. These kids showed up to work on the second “shady” outdoor classroom at the AV Elementary School two Saturdays ago ready and raring to go. I told them to get ready, that we had some serious work ahead of us that day and they didn't blink an eye. Zach and Dave went straight to work on building the new information kiosk as the main part of Zach's Eagle Scout project. The rest of us set to installing 11 benches in an arched design under the shade of the canopy of the Bay and Oak trees. The design was measured and laid out and then we set to digging the holes in the loamy forest soil. Cement was mixed and the benches were placed and leveled and then held in place until the cement was placed in around the bases. This was real work and they stayed with it, all day! The main thing was that together we finished what we set out to do, and it is beautiful! Mitzi and Dave Wagner are offering the Boy Scouts a wonderful opportunity to learn and explore in the outdoors, engage in civic activities that benefit others and feel the reward and satisfaction of taking pride in their efforts. They helped to create a place that is beautiful, that they can return to again and again and feel the satisfaction and pride of what one hard day's work can become. Thank you Redwood Empire Boy Scout Troop #82 — you rock!

Sincerely, Linda MacElwee


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