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THE BEER FEST went off with a minimum of unpleasantness with only a few arrests for drunk in public and several for driving under the influence. Considering there were somewhere between 6 and 7 thousand dudes and dudettes assembled at the Fairgrounds, most of them pounding down the beer as fast as they could, the scant number of arrests was remarkable, and kudos to Boonville Beer for bringing it off so safely and expeditiously.

THE ANDERSON VALLEY AMBULANCE was hurrying to a motorcycle accident near Flynn Creek Road on Friday afternoon, but were slowed by a pack of bicycle dudes who refused to pull over. Sirens and flashing red lights and you don't pull over? And these guys were middle age, which means presumably old enough to know better. The woman piloting the motorcycle was injured

SATURDAY NIGHT a young woman, 28, was found injured and weeping in the roadside dust not far from the junction of Highway 128 and the Ukiah Road. She had been hit at least twice in the face. Macho man was soon identified and arrested. Presenting Ryan Kacura of Willits by way of Utah:

OSCAR SANCHEZ, 21, of Boonville was arrested Sunday afternoon for shoving his wife and for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

THE SUPERVISORS will discuss the financial status of the Mendocino County Fair at their meeting in Mendocino today (Tuesday the 15th). The Boonville Fair is run, and run well, by Jim Brown and Cecilia Pardini and what remains of their staff. To say that they're doing a good job is to understate the remarkable job they and the Fair Board has done keeping the Fair in the black. The Supervisors will surely commend them.

EARLIER THIS YEAR, Brown wrote: “In June of 2011, we reported that all the funding for the 78 fairs in California had been eliminated. Our state advocate, Western Fair Association, was trying to recover half of the $32 million to fund California fairs. The Mendocino Fair had already reduced staff and was looking at all aspects of the operation to reduce overhead. Due to sound management practices the Fairgrounds had a 125% reserve. The 2012 update for the Mendocino County Fair looks the same. Western Fair Association is still trying to procure funding from the State’s general fund. This will be a daunting task due to the financial landscape that the State is faced with. The Fairgrounds still has not filled the open position for a maintenance person. The board has decided to raise interim rental rates and fair admission costs to try and offset a portion of the elimination of state funding. It is imperative that we continue to maintain our larger interim events (Annual Beerfest, and Sierra Nevada World Music Festival) along with all the local events that make us the important center to our community and county -- Including the Annual County Fair that will be held on September 14, 15 and 16 of this year. We are projecting  a 125% reserve at the end of 2012 although as we move forward our reserves will begin to diminish. It is important that the Mendocino County Fair and the County of Mendocino continue to work together to preserve a county treasure.”

THE ALWAYS ENTERTAINING Bill Taylor, also known as Bill Salad, will provide the live music at Saturday's Farmer's Market, Boonville Hotel, 10-12:30pm. This season's market, not so incidentally, is managed by the capable Bill McEwen of Philo.

THREE OF THE GARDENS benefitting the Garden Conservancy's Open Days Program are local, and include Stoney Bottom Gardens in Boonville at 13400 Anderson Valley Way; James Roberts' Cottage Garden at 9000 Highway 128, Philo; and Wildwood Garden at 7990 Highway 128, also in Philo and also, I believe, tended by the talented Roberts. Open Days kicks off the weekend of June 7th and 8th. $5 a ticket.

CHATTING with my young friend and weekly errand gofer, Miguel Fernandez, I was struck by his enthusiasm for the local Boy Scout troop presided over by David and Mitzi Wagner. Miguel told me all about the nature stairway he and his fellow Scouts have installed west of the Elementary School and went on to say how much he looked forward to a week long stay at Mount Lassen. The Wagners are clearly doing a heckuva job with these kids. And they volunteer!

WHILE WE'RE PASSING out the volunteer bouquets, certainly Amber Mesa and Sara Ivey deserve a year's worth for their work with the girl's softball team. Ms. Mesa was a Div 3 pitcher and Ms. Ivey also played the game at the advanced levels. The two of them have breathed multiples breaths of fresh air and all-round enthusiasm into the sport at Anderson Valley High School.

MISS AMERICA is not coming to Boonville. But given the beauty and charm of our homegrown Miss Americas the Anderson Valley is undiminished! Miss America will appear at Camp Avary's city fundraiser. She is one of many celebs working to help pay for the sons and daughters of the incarcerated to spend a glorious rural week at Camp Rancheria here in the golden summer sunshine of Anderson Valley.

IF CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE HUFFMAN has any friends in Mendocino County, that person might want to let him know that his list of endorsers including Supervisor Smith and Superintendent of Schools Tichinin will cause voters to scream and run directly to another candidate.

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