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Valley People (June 23, 2021)

DIANE HERING needs support. Long time Valley resident, co-founder of  Bruce Bread, co-founder of KZYX and Wild Iris Festival, Diane Hering needs assistance and transportation due to an illness she has been fighting for several years. To contribute, please go to:

STEVE SPARKS brings good news: "Lauren’s at The Buckhorn is quietly opening. Phase 1 began on Saturday evening with takeout meals, wine, some mixed drinks and bottled beers, with table service off the menu in the pub area (seating for 32, including bar seats) and on the front porch (14). Later this week, Phase 2 will see the draft beers pouring along with more cocktails and a wider menu. Phase 3 will be later in the month when the restaurant area will open with seating for over 40 people. And finally Phase 4 will comprise outdoor dining in the downstairs beer garden, live music, The Quiz, full menu, and full bar. Cheers and hope to see you there."

SHERIFF KENDALL told us he would talk to the CHP commander in Ukiah about the speeding prob in the Anderson Valley, particularly on the weekends. Not only has the Sheriff himself stopped vehicles travelling well over the limit to “warn and advise” their drivers, the CHP was in The Valley Friday afternoon and Sunday during the afternoon hours when outsiders, and plenty of locals, cannonball up and down Highway 128.

THE AV COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT board of directors has approved a letter to the CHP emphasizing the need for a regular CHP presence in the Anderson Valley and prioritized hiring of a resident deputy for Anderson Valley.

KEEPING MILL CREEK ALIVE, Kathy Bailey writes: “On Monday, June 14, I peered over the Steve Williams Bridge on Nash Mill Road to observe what the flow looks like in Mill Creek. In years past it might have looked like this in September, but considering the epic drought, I was happy to see that it was at least flowing some. This view is upstream from the confluence with Little Mill so it may be a little bit better downstream from there. Or not. Linda MacElwee of the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District, along with partners from the Nature Conservancy, have been spearheading a multi-year effort to keep flows connected in Mill Creek, which has documented coho salmon presence. Their efforts have included helping residents get off-stream storage tanks to fill from rainfall or during the rainy season, and a voluntary cooperative effort last year to stagger diversions, so those who do pump from the creek weren’t all doing so at once. 

The project has stream-flow monitors in place in several locations. These efforts are, no doubt, helping to keep water flowing in Mill Creek. But there’s only so much one can do in the face of multi-year extreme drought.”

ANDERSON VALLEY'S LAST FROG, which turned out to be a toad. Rescued from our water tank. How he got in there remains a mystery, but J. Schreiner deftly pulled him out with a badminton racket and, last seen, hesitantly hopped south. “Good luck, Froggy. Stay out of the sun, and away from the chemically-soaked vineyards, and you might make it.”

WEATHER NOTE: If you google Boonville Weather, as I did last Thursday afternoon from my cooling station in the Anderson Valley's lead city, it said it was 108 outside. I don't know who's responsible for that posting but it always pads its stats. If it's 97, as the much more reliable Weather Channel and Weather Underground had that day’s high, the mystery inflators will report 107. Anyway, it's hot, and who can distinguish 97 from 107 anyway?

TOOK a quick poll on Mask Liberation Day last Wednesday, asking random Boonville people, “How do I look without my mask?” The replies ranged from, “Better with it on,” to, “I'm going to need to see some ID.”

AV BREWING: We are celebrating, you guys! (Humane Society for Inland Mendocino.) We love our amazing community who always supports us! We couldn’t save lives without the amazing team lifting us up and we want to show you how much we appreciate you! Join us at Anderson Valley Brewing Company June 26th from 1-5pm so we can thank you! All supporters, volunteers, fosters, staff and anyone who loves our homeless animals are welcome! Enjoy delicious BBQ, desserts, and live music. We hope to see you there!

THE BOONVILLE BREWERY, with Lauren's gone, has become a focal point for a range of activity, from our Farmer's Market to Frisbee Golf, as more and more locals abandon the unwelcoming Fairgrounds for a more accommodating venue. 

POSTED ON AV FACEBOOK some time Saturday: "Suspicious middle aged white male, yellow T-shirt, wearing a face mask, walking west, towards the airport, on Mountain View…saw him walking out of the high school. His movement and walk pattern made him suspicious to me. Please be aware."

THESE ARE tough times for white males. We're all under suspicion, but the only thing suspicious about this particular white male is wearing his face mask while walking outside in a rural area.

SUSPICIOUS WHITE MALE, UPDATE: Late afternoon I saw the suspicious male myself. He was Jade Bennett. Jade grew up in Boonville. He's not dangerous, but he is seriously mentally ill, one of those many free range non-reimburseables who, so long as he stays on his meds, meaning he gets some professional help but not enough, he’s socially acceptable. Ordinarily, Jade lives with his mother in Fort Bragg, but from time to time he wanders off and gets himself arrested for making a nuisance of himself, and off he goes to the County Jail where, like so many mentally ill Mendo people, he will be housed until he's stable enough to return to mom's house in Fort Bragg. Just speculating here, but Jade touches down in Boonville because this is the place where he retains the best memories of his troubled life. Jade is in his fifties now.

EDDIE CARSEY has his restaurant building and accompanying houses (3?) for sale at $1.2 mil. The restaurant was Lauren's Restaurant in its most recent incarnation. The Carsey complex rests in the center of Boonville.


Johnny Schmitt: Has anyone else had issues with the pg&e hired tree crews coming onto their property and randomly cutting down your trees, on Saturdays in my case? I'm all for fire safety but these guys don't really seem to even know the guidelines (is it 20-24 feet from center, both sides?) they want to butcher a big redwood, which they already defaced a few months ago, and put blue marks on a lot of other trees they decided were in “their zone.” I asked them to leave and not come back without a supervisor, they returned a few days later but still seemed vague and sketchy as to what had to go. Do we have any say, and can you lock them out? Any help appreciated...

Kathy Wylie: The clearance is typically 10 feet from either side of the pole, but it depends on the right of way. If it is a pole with equipment like a switch or a recloser, it could be more. The notifications are courtesy only.

Johnny Schmitt: Ours must be main transmission lines as the clearance is 40ft/20 feet on each side. We don't even have power available to us here, they just encroach on our land!

Kathy Wylie: Fires have streamlined the process per the bankruptcy judge and the CPUC - who you want to complain to (as the deciders). Next year it could be 20 more feet.

Nicole Leigh Williams: They came to our property too. My fiance asked them to leave, told them he'll deal with the trees and he's a firefighter. Closed the gate and left, but when he came home a few hours later he left the gate open... They came back while we were home and did it anyway! Very unprofessional.

Ann Meadlin: If you don’t allow them on your property and there is a fire starting there can they come after you for not allowing them in? I am not trying to be a smart a** just want to know the answer.

Jo Bradley: The company who came to my property trampled the garden and then left all the limbs on the lawn for us. They got a call and they came back and picked them up. They also took down a tree from next door and asked to remove a fence panel, saying they would put it back up as good as it was (it was good to start). They literally used baling wired to put it back… Awful owners!

Maureen Brogan Gealey: They came onto our property “to cut down trees under the lines.” As I pointed out to them- our lines are all underground from the ending pole on a property down the road. Still they came back with a crew and luckily I was here to ask them to show me.

Carrie Callan: I don’t care for the drones hovering over my deck for minutes at a time. Creepy.

Kit Wolfe: I have asked them frequently to not come onto our property without their supervisor and a call for permission from us first. Now at least we get a heads up and can supervise them. They're a menace.

Jenny Shattuck: They send a notice in those flyers you get with the bill in it, they say they will be monitoring lines. Somehow this is their notice. There is a way to contact pg&e and talk to them. Used to have number. Will try to find it.

Johnny Schmitt: We have to remember: This is NOT pg&e crew, it's contracted out at great expense, ours!

HOE ROAD. Never heard of it, but curious, I asked George Hollister, a resident of Comptche and our go to guy on questions about that area, George responding, “Hoe Road is in the Orr Springs, Montgomery Woods vicinity. Not really Comptche. And to the people in that area, Ukiah is “town,” and not Fort Bragg. Cannabis is king, and has been for the last 40 years. Tom Madden lives very close to where Hoe Road takes off from Orr Springs Road.”

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