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Great Moments In Public Radio

Mind, Body, Health, Politics. Host Dr. Richard Miller PhD. Guest Author Kristina Wright.

Miller (breathlessly): Kristina Wright is the author of Dream lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance, Stream Lust, Steam Punk: Erotic Romance, Lustfully Everafter, Fairytale Erotic Romance and on and on. Kristina has written many books! About, um, sexual behavior, and, um, this one, The Best Erotic Romance which I have before me is a collection of erotic romance stories that feature the best of the genre. So we're going to be talking about sex! we are talking about erotic romance, lustfully ever after. So we are going to have to be very careful here today, aren't we folks? why is that? Why do we have to be careful? Because we live in a country where we can talk about almost anything on the air except certain categories and certain words. Sex is one of those categories. Sex. Sex is repressed forcefully in the United States. That literally if we use the wrong words, or the word, not the wrong word, words that are prohibited, the station could be taken right off the air. How is that, folks? How do you feel about living in a country where when we talk now, if we use mis-words, words that are prohibited, we can lose the entire station. Words! We are not talking about behavior. We're not talking about ingesting anything. We're not talking about touching another human being. We are not talking about flying a plane or driving a car. We're not talking about revolting against the United States government or any other government. But the possibility of using words that are prohibited could literally take this station right off the air! What an interesting thing! What do you all — how do you feel about that? I know how I feel about it. I feel repulsed by it. It makes me shake my head, scratch my head, and wonder will Kristina Wright, my guest today, possibly say a word that is prohibited and all of a sudden we are going to be in great trouble? Kristina, watch out!

Wright: I did not get the list of prohibited words so I will not try to be careful.

Miller: Well I am not allowed to say them so I can't tell you so you are just going to have to guess! Let's just say —

Wright: I will do my best.

Miller: Do your best to stay — to be as formal and civil as possible.

Wright: I certainly will, Dr. Miller.

Miller: You can call me Richard, and thank you.

Wright: I have been interested in the idea of sex and sexual fantasy since I was in high school, and I don't know if I can actually say that I was not yet 18. But I actually did a book report in biology class — which was a sexual fantasy.

Miller: I have to interrupt. Did you say, you don't know if you are allowed to say if you were interested in sex before you were 18?

Wright: Yes.

Miller: Omigosh. Well, you have admitted it now.

Wright: For the whole world to hear!

Miller: All right, everybody. I want everybody listening to hear that this world-famous author who has written, how many books have you written Kristina?

Wright: I have edited, I'm on my ninth anthology, and I've written a few by myself. They are all my own work.

Miller: Okay, we want the whole world to know right now that Kristina Wright who has edited or written into her 10th book was actually interested in sex before she was 18 years of age. If the CIA is listening, you now have a record.

* * *

Woman caller: What's the difference between erotica and pornography?

Miller: Great question. What's the difference? What's the difference, Kristina? What's the difference between erotica and pornography?

Wright: I feel like pornography has so much baggage attached to it that a real quick simple answer would be that I think pornography is generally more visual where erotica is primarily written.

Miller: So we might say pornography is for men and erotica is for women? Because women tend to read more?

Wright: No, I don't know about that. The idea that men are visual and women are not. No. I don't buy into that. Pornography continues to be a derogatory word. But I don't buy into that.

Miller: We won't have time today but at some time in the future I want all of those of you who love pornography to call in and say that you love pornography, all six of you. Hot. What a joke. Pornography is the biggest selling — I think it's the biggest selling product on the entire globe! We all know that. And we make believe it isn't true, but the reality is there. I know your husband is in the Navy. Maybe he can call in and let us know if he likes your books. Really! Do these books make your submarine periscope go up? Am I allowed to say that? Oh, be careful there Richard. What are you doing?

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