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Valley People (July 14, 2021)

DIANE HERING IS HOME. Her many friends in the Anderson Valley and beyond are happy to see Diane out of the hospital and back where she belongs.

BOONFIRE! Hey there valley beer &/or music lovers. Boonfire’s performing this Friday afternoon at AV Brewing, 4:30-6:30pm! Come at 4 for the farmers market then hang out for great music & beer with friends!

MEMBRANE BIOREACTOR TOUR: Last month the Anderson Valley Community Services District reviewed a “virtual tour” of the “membrane bioreactor” wastewater treatment facility at Smith River (Del Norte County) which is similar to the system being considered for Anderson Valley. (About 15 minutes).

A LOCAL WOMAN FACEBOOKED: “Why is the Philo Post Office so difficult to deal with?”

VALLEY facebookers replied:

I was feeling that way for a while but have had good experiences recently. I feel that way about the clinic. Used to be we all knew and trusted each other but now it’s different. 

* * *

Right and we are the people who have been in the valley for years.

* * *

Sorry, had to lol for real. Am having to fill out the third proof of existence in the last four or five months. 50 years at the place not good enuf. I think they are just having to toe the line from DC. We want them to exist so I will try not to whine at finding a bill with our street address on it. Again!

* * *

Philo is not the only one having difficulty.

* * *

Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I’ve had good experiences with the Philo PO. They do seem to follow the rules, which seems to me to be a very good thing. Maybe we should all give them a chance…

* * *

Let's ask ourselves what we want to accomplish here. we have people who are frustrated with a service, and recent changes in that service, and people trying to do a job. unless you've been very lucky, jobs require certain processes and procedures. 

Doesn't mean those processes and procedures are perfect. Doesn't mean any individual involved, on either side, is perfect either.

So what do we want to accomplish? I'd say we all want our mail sent and delivered and for everything to go smoothly. We all want a community of real people seeing each other as fellow human beings trying to have the best life we can.

Meanwhile, social media is a massive convenience that makes money by consuming our attention using algorithms, i.e., automated processes, to keep us on the site. Automated processes are not perfect either. and to push engagement, we're all automatically encouraged toward negative behaviors because negative behaviors are more compelling and addictive. It's good to think about that if you haven't already.

So it's easy to complain here and receive feedback and get a temporary kick (for good or ill), but this is not going to humanize the process of getting your mail in a calm and friendly manner.

The Philo postmaster - a member of boontswap, btw - is a real person fulfilling responsibilities inherent in a job. I do know him personally, but I've intro'd myself in the course of okaying his entry to this board. you know, just saying hello.

I suggest you all do the same when there's a moment for it. He may not remember your name (I don't know half the people in this valley anymore). But he might just remember the quality of the interaction. Just saying, be a person, not a FB automaton.

And I’d encourage you, in whatever sphere, to apply your humanity in difficult situations similar to this one, where the ultimate goal is to make things work for everyone. 

The internet has allowed us to see how very, very inept humans actually are at making things work for everyone, on a global scale. Personally, I don't trust our alleged leaders to solve this problem, but nothing can stop us, as individuals, from finding a better way in our own neighborhoods. 

Thanks for reading, folks. Carry on.

* * *

I myself have not had any problems with dealing with them. Maybe it was the help of Amy Bloyd when she was still working there. I think she helped bridge the gap with the new postmaster because we were good friends when I lived here in the valley many moons ago. Now when I go inside we always have a good conversation and he is very helpful. It is much easier now that they have all those lockers for packages. Just try to smile and be friendly. I think that would help!

LOCAL GUY ON JULY 4TH: “…just when I thought we had made it thru the 4th of July weekend without too much stupidity, I heard a loud explosion coming from the bridge at Greenwood/Hendy Woods, then saw smoke rising. then another bigger, louder one went off, trailing smoke and sparks. When I approached the bridge he saw a white Toyota Tacoma (2016-18) filled with kids taking off toward Highway 128. the people still on the beach below the bridge looked innocent and uninvolved, so assuming it was the kids in the truck. Anyway… WTF? How can kids be so stupid?!?! Any info appreciated. This is the last thing we need in our community right now.”

IN CENTRAL BOONVILLE, not so much as a gunshot on the 4th, the first totally silent 4th I can remember.

RE: “Anybody who’s growing [pot] now is nuts. All the greenhouse dope has flooded the market. Prices are through the floor. A lot of people can’t sell what they’re sitting on, and they’re sitting on a lot.” 

ANOTHER POT GUY WRITES: “According to information from my Ex, one of the few legal 2500 square foot permitted grows, YES, this is the fact of the market right now. Her 2020 crop is being held at Emerald Sun, indefinitely for now.”


The Center is in great need of volunteer drivers to help with meal deliveries and trips to doctor appointments.

Thank you for the support!

Contact Renee if you are interested in either:

Anderson Valley Senior Center


YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW. Gary Durheim of Astoria, Oregon asks, “You otter (sic) elaborate on the ‘Boontling Greeley Sheet’ for us ignoramuses…” 

GREELEY is a ref to Horace Greeley the most famous newspaperman in America, circa mid-19th century, and author of the famous advice, “Go west, young man.” A ‘Greeley Sheet’ means newspaper in Boontling, and Boontling was and is a secret language created between the years 1880 and 1920 by residents of the then-isolated Anderson Valley as a means of talking about people — especially outsiders — without them knowing they were objects of fun. Much of the lingo is sexual innuendo and ethnic slurs reflective of the times, the whole of it a very funny mix of neologisms derived from Spanish, Pomo and Appalachian languages.


Every Friday at 4-6pm

At the Anderson Valley Brewing Company 

17700 Boonville Rd

VELMA'S FARM STAND at Filigreen Farm (AV Way, Boonville)

Peaches and blueberries this weekend! Open Friday 2-5pm and Saturday 11am-3pm!

We will be offering vegetables including New Girl tomatoes, Padron peppers, lettuce, spring onions, kale, beets, turnips, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, fennel, kohlrabi, and summer squash. We will also have fresh flower bouquets, our 2020 olive oil, quince apple butter, dried prunes and raisins. All items are certified biodynamic and delicious! Follow us on Instagram for updates @filigreenfarm or email Annie at with any questions. We accept cash, credit card, check, and EBT/SNAP (Market Match available too!)

AND BROCK FARM, and Blue Meadow Farm don’t forget. Healthy food available everywhere in the Anderson Valley.

ANNE SIRI NOTES: “It has been in the high 90's and 100's for a month and a month this spring. I moved to Mendocino 40 years ago when it was thought to be rainforest? Well, most of my planting has been for that kind of weather but is now kind of burned up, but the yellow blooming trees are going wild this year. Chestnut, Dogwood and Linden.”

THE SIRIS live in the west hills off Greenwood Road in forested land, but even us flatlanders can't help but note the numbers of struggling trees, some of which look like they look in the fall when their leaves go from green to yellow. And all of us in the Anderson Valley, when the wind comes up off the Pacific every afternoon say silent prayers that today isn't the inevitable day…

IT WAS 97 in Boonville Friday at 3pm, according to the Weather Underground, the most reliable temp site I know of. Other sites, including the Chuckle Buddy TV News, claimed it was over a hundred degrees throughout Mendocino County, with Ukiah allegedly coming in at 107. The range of daily summer temps has always amazed me. When I hit the road this morning for my aerobic jolt, it was 56. Six hours later, 90.

AV HIGH SCHOOL BARN & CHICKEN COOP PROJECT. AV high school Ag Students, present, past and future! Community members! Help get the school farm barn & chicken coop cleaned up, organized and painted! The plan is to get this project completed before school starts. Contact Ms. Swehla to get details. 895-3496 (High School phone number) or

MAILBOX THIEVES, a Greenwood Road resident writes: "This is the scene at the corner of Signal & Greenwood this morning. 

My brother who drove further down Greenwood this morning says some boxes were even ripped off."


Circa late 1920s. My best guess regarding the location is approximately a mile east of the Highway 1 bridge. (Marshall Newman)

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