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A Note to Past and Current Subscribers

We were clearing out all our old expired Paypal subscription accounts this afternoon — housekeeping! — and didn't realize that Paypal would subsequently send a cryptic note to all those old email addresses.

The Paypal note doesn't adequately explain that the account being cancelled was already defunct, and no funds are being collected.

So this note is to apologize for any confusion, and to let you know that if you have a current account with us, it is fine, nothing has changed. And if you had a past account with us, nothing has changed, that account remains null and void, and no charges were attempted.

Again, sorry for the confusion.

— The Management

One Comment

  1. Pat Kittle July 29, 2021

    My subscription last year was never recognized, even after multiple consultations with the AVA’s tech support.

    Tech support, to be fair, seemed to act in good faith, but the problem persisted until I gave up.

    In an unrelated matter, my comments now “await moderation” simply because I state uncontested but unwelcome FACTS.

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