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Valley People (August 11, 2021)

NAVARRO RIVER FLATLINES. Marshall Newman reports that the Navarro River flow hit zero on August 3, 2021. 

SIGN UP TIME. Hey all! Here’s the fall 2021 schedule for the AV Adult School state funded classes. Some classes will be in-person (with masks/distance), others with online options (we loan computers). We will try to meet your learning needs based on where you’re at. Free childcare provided for in person classes.

If you have questions or want to register call 895-2953 or message our inbox! You can also email  See you in the classroom or online! 


Free Community Produce Exchange

Calling all home gardeners, fruit tree enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys eating local produce!

Do you have extra fruit, herbs or veggies in your garden that you would like to share? Maybe you don’t have a garden, but you would love to get your hands on some locally grown food? The AV Wellness Coalition and the Anderson Valley Health Center will be kicking off a free community produce exchange on August 24th, from 5-6 pm. Starting that evening, and then every other Tuesday evening through October 5th, we will be setting up in the Community Park, by the Health Center. We invite you all to bring any extra produce you have and/or bring a bag to fill up on produce you can bring home. 

If you have any questions about the produce exchange, if you would like to be involved, or if you just want to let us know you are interested in participating (this will be helpful in setting up tables, etc.), please reach out to Rachel Williams ( or 707-303-5950) or Cyd Bernstein ( or 707-367-1831).

Please help spread the word! We look forward to sharing with you all!

ANDERSON VALLEY HEALTH CENTER: Let's protect each other, those vulnerable, and children by wearing masks and getting vaccinated!! Delta variant is here and its very contagious, please have these important conversations with your friends, family, and colleagues. Vaccines at the clinic for all those 12 years old and up. Give us a call, 707-895-3477 ext 261

We encourage EVERYONE VACCINATED OR NOT to go get tested tomorrow 2-5 at the fairgrounds apple hall. We have positive cases in the valley, getting regularly tested along with masking and vaccination is an important way to stop the spread of COVID-19.

THE LIONS CLUB SPONSORED First Responder Barbecue previously scheduled for August 29 has been canceled. Organizers cited the worrisome increase in Covid cases in the County and the Valley.

KEEPING anecdotal track of Anderson Valley homes already out of water, there are about thirty Valley homesteads I've heard of who are buying water at prices ranging from $500 to $600 for 2500 to 3000 gallons of non-potable water. Potable water is going for a minimum of $500-$600 per if you're not too far off the beaten path and can find a trucker not too booked up to haul it to you. As supplies dwindle, demand grows and prices rise, households of average means will go dry, assuming the usual absence of government rescue.

THIS DELIBERATE dump of household debris on Anderson Valley Way is the most brazen in a public area I've seen in some time around here. I pawed through the trash early this morning to see if I could find some indication of the perp, but found no identification, meaning whoever did it probably culled the evidence prior to deposit. It's visible from the Filigree Farm stand and has been in place now for three days. So why don't you haul it to the dump, Mr. Civic Clean? If it's still there in a week, I will, but in the meantime in this increasingly mean time, I urge any of you who catch illegal dumpers in the act to shoot to kill.

I CALLED the county's Health Department, Enviro division, to complain about the trash dump on Anderson Valley Way about 25 yards south of Velma's Farm Stand. 

Pleasant county guy picked up to say he'd seen a photo of the crime but it wasn't large enough for the county to clean it up. “You'd be lucky if they got to it by the first rains,” he said, adding “Usually some good citizen cleans these things up on their own.” Since the first rains might not occur until December, if then, I wasn't optimistic when we exchanged pleasantries and hung up. And the trash was gone the next day! I suspect a good citizen, which excludes me, got on it, but who knows? Maybe the county got 'er done. Miracles do happen. Indian Creek Campground has finally reopened, hasn't it?

EARLY RISERS last Friday morning enjoyed King Sol dressed in a Mars red as he rose in the smoky lens of the east hills, beauty in the disastrous fires burning out of control to the north.

HOW’S this local event for grueling? It will see a mass of serious cyclists, women and men, assembled Saturday morning the 28th of August at Boonville High School's parking lot for the Fish Rock Mountain Bike Race. The pack will set off up Mountain View Road, a grade that rises a steep 700 feet until it eases more or less flat before Faulkner Park, but is up and down all the way to Manchester. These people, however, don't pause at Manchester but keep cycling on south to Point Arena, then east onto Fish Rock Road out of PA, over that steep ridge and then north on 128 and on into the welcoming embrace of the Boonville Brewery, completing a giant circle Boonville to Boonville of an unimaginably tough 72.3 miles. A couple of years ago, pre-Covid, a man named Sandy Floren won it with a remarkable time of 4 hours and 9 minutes. Amity Rockwell was the first woman finisher in 4 hours and 58 minutes. Most of the competitors finished in the 5-6 hour range. This will be the 5th Fish Rock race. There was no race in 2020 because of covid.

RACE ORGANIZERS have pegged the event to the Boonville Brewery: Conveniently, a farmer's mini-market with a small number of local vendors selling goods will take place on Friday afternoon at Anderson Valley Brewing Company. It's a very low-key operation, and honestly we don't have a ton of additional detail about this other than maybe you can buy some plums? Either way, bring some cash in case there's something special from Mendocino County that tickles your fancy (or someone else's).

The Schedule


11:00 AM - 7:00 PM: AVBC taproom is open

3:00 PM: Camping opens at AVBC (Additional fee required)

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Farmer's Mini-Market at AVBC

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Packet Pickup at AVBC


7:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Packet Pickup at Anderson Valley Jr/Sr High

9:00 AM: Mass Start at Anderson Valley Jr/Sr High

1:00 PM: Riders begin finishing

3:30 PM: Awards Ceremony

5:30 PM: Welcome final riders back from the long journey

7:49 PM: The sun sets in Boonville


10:00 AM: Pack up camp & head home.

Support Anderson Valley Jr/Sr High School

For those of you registering for the event, there is an optional recommended donation to Anderson Valley Jr/Sr High. They have graciously allowed us to start the ride from their parking lot on Mountain View Road each and every year since Fish Rock's inception. We want to reciprocate. Luckily, the school is growing a new bike program for their students! Please consider making a donation to the school when you register for Fish Rock. By default, a recommended $15 donation is already pre-selected. Thank you!"

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