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Let Sentenced be Sentenced


To the Editor:

This is about inmates in Mendocino County Jail.

There are sentenced inmates here who are doing county time who are not allowed to go to the sentenced side of the jail. Due to fact that they have been to prison before they are not allowed over there. There are education programs, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, and a chance to get a faculty job, washing cars, doing dishes, serving meals, etc. You can get work time credits and credits for passing GED re-tests. The jail staff considers the sentenced inmates in B-Mod to be too sophisticated and to be professional smugglers. If they were so sophisticated they wouldn't be here. As to being professional smugglers, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to shove anything up your ass. That is discrimination at its best, or worst.

I write you this letter because it seems you print them. I have written to the Daily Journal as have others but no letters have been printed. So thank you for your time and column space.

I wish to remain,


PS. (…to keep me from getting tossed in lockdown or isolation.)


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