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Valley People (September 1, 2021)

THE GOOD NEWS: Chris Isbell is back in Navarro where he's up and walking and talking. And we thought the native Deepender was a goner when he suffered a stroke last year that was so severe the guy was on life support.

Chris Isbell

AVHS GRADUATE, LUIS PACHECO, has opened a school in his hometown and named it Boonville! Centro De Idioma

THE BOONVILLE FAIR is on. We've had hot fairs, cold fairs, rainy fairs, but this will be our first masked fair. Supervisor Williams told us earlier in the week that he was checking with Dr. Coren, County Health Officer, to see if the fair was indeed a go. Didn't hear back from our supervisor but evidently Coren put his OK on it. Or did he? If he did I'm sure he didn't want to do it with a public announcement given the givens of public responsibility for unwise decision-making in these cringing times, but considering that we're in a rolling covid disaster we should be able to expect candor from our lead health persons. I bring it up because it would be cruel to suddenly call the Fair off at this point, two weekends from now.

A FEW DAYS LATER I asked Supervisor Williams if the Fair was still on. He said he'd check with Dr. Coren, an old school CYA medico of the specifically Mendo medical substratum, who apparently gave Williams the green light without the doctor committing himself to either an official statement or written statement approving a mass gathering in Boonville as another, more lethal version of the plague carries off the unvaccinated. 

ANYWAY, presenting the 93RD ANNUAL Mendocino County Fair And Apple Show 

Friday, September 17 through Sunday, September 19, 2021

Location: Fairgrounds, Boonville, Anderson Valley, Mendocino County, California

Hours: 9 am to Midnight Daily!

Admission: Adults - $10 , Juniors 13 -18 - $8 , Children 7 -12 - $6, 6 and under – Free. Admission tickets available online at

Special Promotions:

Friday - Seniors - 65 and over $6 - ALL DAY!

Friday - Children 12 and under - FREE!

Three Day Pass for Seniors - 65 & over - $20 (Purchase Pre-Fair)


Daily! Pay-One-Price for Unlimited Rides - Valid until 6 pm. 

$35 Pre-Sale (before Fair opens) - $40 if purchased during Fair 

Pre-Sale available at the Fair Office & Lemon’s Market in Philo, A.V. Elementary 

School & online at

Special Events:

Horse Shows – Friday: 4-H & FFA - 8 am. Open - 11 am. Rodeo Arena

Apple Bowl Varsity Football – Friday – 5 PM – Arena

Dance – Friday, 8 pm to 10 pm in the Rodeo Arena featuring Huckleberry Road, Free with Fair Admission!

C.C.P.R.A. Rodeos: Saturday night - 8 pm , Sunday afternoon - 2 pm

Dance – Saturday: 9:30 pm to Midnight in the Rodeo Arena featuring Dean Titus & The Coyote Cowboys. Free with Fair Admission!

Sheep Dog Trials - Sunday - 10 am - Rodeo Arena

Classic Car Show - Sunday - 10 am - Rodeo Parking Lot

Parade - Sunday at Noon - Highway 128 to Rodeo Arena

Dance – Sunday, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm in the Rodeo Arena featuring Mariachi Tarasco. Free with Fair Admission!

Entertainment: All Free with Fair Admission - Continuous Family Entertainment, including – 

Godfrey the Magician – Multiple Shows Daily – Lawn Stage

BRE Crabtree

Cutest Show on Earth 

Music by Jamie Floyd

Fables of the West 

Pony Land Petting Zoo, 10 am to 6 pm

Apple Tasting: Daily! Sample some of Anderson Valley’s Finest Varieties!

Wine Tasting: Daily! Sample some of Mendocino County’s award winning vintages!

Special Attractions: 23rd Annual California Wool & Fiber Festival 

94th Annual California National Wool Show 

Livestock Shows, Parade of Champions – Saturday, Floral and Garden Displays, Feature Booths, Apple Displays, Arts and Crafts, Classic Car Judging, Pony Rides, Spinning Contest – Sunday

Parking: $5 

Please: No Pets 


Directions: Take Highway 101 to Highway 128 West to Boonville

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 458 - Boonville, CA 95415

For Further Information Call: 707.895.3011 Email:


THE BOARD of the Anderson Valley Elder Home has made the difficult decision not to host our usual booth at this year’s Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show. For many years, the AVEH booth has sold donated local wines as a fundraiser, and we’ve always leased an extra booth next to it in order to provide a comfortable space where folks could sit, schmooze and also get information about local senior services. Not opening the booth was not an easy decision. We very much want to contribute to the Fair, showcase local wines, and connect with friends and neighbors, as well as raise money for the Elder Home. But given the sharp increase in Covid cases pretty much everywhere, we feel a particular need not to put the health of our volunteers and patrons – especially our seniors – at risk. We wish everyone a safe journey through to the end of this risky business, and we are hoping for a vibrant County Fair in 2022.

(Elderhome presser)


The AV Lions Club has made a decision to not open our beer booth at the Mendocino County Fair. The Club believes it is the responsible direction to take in light of the increased COVID exposure to our members and the public attending the fair. Although this event is where we generate our scholarship funds for the upcoming year, the Lions Club feels it is the right decision to take at this time. Lions look forward to seeing you in 2022 at our annual community fundraisers.

— Christine Clark, AV Lions Club Board member

THE FOLLOWING LOCAL groups are not participating in this year's fair, a scant three weeks away: AV Fire Department & Volunteers; Elder Home; Lion's Club; Historical Society; and the Anderson Valley Village. 

BUT ME and the corn dogs will be there, proclaims the intrepid editor of Boonville’s beloved weekly. Yes sir, I’ll be there on that Friday afternoon while the floral displays are still fresh, if there are any floral displays, and if there aren’t I’ll imagine their yesteryear splendor and move on to my annual negative food value morsel, the immortal corndog!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to support our local seniors - become an AV Village volunteer today!

 The Anderson Valley Village is part of the national Village Movement that emerged in response to a common challenge facing older adults in the US: staying independent, safe, and socially connected while remaining in their homes. 

The membership dues make it possible for us to hire a Coordinator to:

respond to the needs of members -

organize social and educational events -

coordinate our team of volunteers -

 maintain a list of services for hire

In order for us to support our members we are always looking for more dedicated volunteers (and members as well).

Do you have a little time in your schedule and room in your heart?

Please join our team of much needed volunteers to support our elders as they age in place! Hours are flexible and dependent on your availability; every little bit helps.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities, with our biggest need being rides to medical appointments (usually in Ukiah), tech support, friendly visits or calls, light help around the house and garden. Again you choose what you feel comfortable doing and how often.

There is some paperwork and a short training that can be done on Zoom if need be, but your contribution is much needed and greatly appreciated! Because we are working with a vulnerable population we do require our volunteers to be vaccinated - thank you again for the support!

Thank you!

Anica Williams

Anderson Valley Village Coordinator

YORKVILLE MARKET! Labor Day Weekend, The Yorkville Market will be serving made-to-order Burgers! Mark your Calendars!

IT'S 102 OUT THERE and these people bike-raced from Boonville to Point Arena and back to Boonville via Fish Rock Road, Deb Silva of Gualala reporting: 

The Fish Rock Bicycle race went right by my driveway. This year I had it together and saw the first 40 or so racers go by. It's kind of boring when only 1 or 2 racers go by at a time but I guess it's to be expected because I live at about the halfway mark in the race.

Here are pix of the 1st and 2nd racers to go by 

Four racers followed behind and were very close together and they passed by at 10:50 AM roughly 1 hr 50 minutes after the race began. There were a couple packs of racers, too. I've attached one of those packs. (Later) It's 92 at my house right now. I'm on the ridge so it's hotter than in town. It was about 80 when the bicyclists went by. I don't recall much shade on Fishrock, it had to be hotter than hell going over the mountain.

Kind of funny. A CHP pulled over on the side of the road close to where I parked my lawn chair to watch for the racers. I don't think he saw me because I was behind a tree given the direction he was coming from. I walked up to his car and asked him if he was parking there because of the bike race. He had no idea there was a bike race! I explained the race route to him, 72 miles from AV High School, down Mountain View, then to Point Arena, up Riverside Drive/Eureka Hill Rd., veer right at Ten Mile Rd., then turn on Iverson to Fishrock Rd. over the hill to 128 and end at the AV Brewing Company. He was amazed. No one told him about it. Of course, he had to call his dispatch to double check with them. They knew about it and said there were two CHP assigned to the race. He was a pretty decent guy, friendly and not arrogant like some of them can be. They have had trouble getting CHP and sheriff's officers willing to be stationed on the south coast.

MARK SCARAMELLA: I walked down to the bike race’s finish line at the Anderson Valley Brewery, marveling at the daring athleticism of the racers in the energy-sapping heat of Saturday afternoon. I wanted to have a look at these prodigies of fitness as they arrived from their grueling ordeal they regard as fun. The finishers were not talkative as they sprawled, exhausted, on the Brewery’s shaded grass area. 

MOST OF THE FINISHERS were attended to by non-riding friends and relatives. I listened to them talking about how hot it was coming back over Fish Rock, their accounts of the obstacles and tricky spots on the sixty mile routed. Some AV High students had set up a water/soda station for the riders and their supporters, and a mobile pizza shop was selling pizza slices and salads. One of the lean muscular cyclists was an elderly, gray-haired Japanese man who, while sweaty, did not look particularly tired. A thickly accented French cyclist helped us find the water dispensers. We get that these grueling rides are challenges, but only mad dogs and these remarkable athletes would challenge a grueling contest on a hundred degree day like Saturday.  

DEB SILVA: We looked up the race results on line.

They have the racers categorized by age groups and gender. It looks like racer Ryan Gorman had the best time; he competed in the 40-49 age group with a time of 3:54:09. The woman who had the best time was Helena Gilbert-Snyder in the under 30 age group with a time of 4:49:39. I'm not sure why a few of the riders’ names are in red at the bottom of the groups. I'm guessing they were no-shows and didn't die along the route! Lots of people did not complete the entire race.

I recognize the name of Levi Leipheimer as one of the world class competitive bike racers, but I'm not so up on the sport that I recognize any others, there might be other professional racers. 

It's nice to see that the women competed with the men on an equal basis.

There was one person in the uncategorized group. Did they not give their age, gender, or something else? The mind boggles…


AV High School Grad Otto Blue Fraser graduated from Aircraft Maintenance Technician A School on Friday, August 27, 2021 at the USCG Air training base in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

As an Air Maintenance Technician. Otto will get lots of time in the hangar with the helicopters, and plenty of time in the air.

It was an honor to have Kirk Wilder, a mentor, and friend, attend to pin him.

Airman Fraser will be stationed in Cape Cod, at the airbase at Buzzards Bay. 

Many congratulations to Otto.

Semper Paratus!

And much gratitude to his family and this community for all of your encouraging support. (Otto’s justifiably proud mom) 


JEFF BURROUGHS: Z.C. Blevins. A colored pencil drawing I did from old photo in our family collection.

Z.C. Blevins married Sue Duff, the sister of my great, great grandmother Martha Duff Vestal. There are 2 Boontling words associated with him. 

1.) Zeese = Coffee. usually associated with strong and black coffee, camp coffee. Z.C. (Zachariah Clifton ) was widely known for making terribly strong and bitter coffee at his deer hunting camp.

2.) Blevins = An amateur carpenter.

Z.C. Blevins dabbled in carpentry work around the valley for a number of years but was never quite able to master the trade. * My drawing supports this distinction given to him as illustrated by the bandage on his hand.

A CALLER suggests that all visitors to Mendocino County be required to bring their own water. Kinda sorta hard to enforce moving forward out of intersectionality, but we like it in concept.

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