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The Noose Tightens for Redbeard in Albion

Situational Awareness for the area of Albion, CA. There is an increased law enforcement presence on Albion Ridge Road, Navarro Ridge Road, Middle Ridge Road and the Salmon Creek Drainage. Please avoid the area. Additional details to follow as they become available.

This activity is related to a Sheriff's Office self initiated search for William Evers.


  1. Marmon September 2, 2021

    Maybe it’s the Mental Health Specialist in me, but I would love to know his entire backstory. I hope he’s taken alive.


    • Miranda Edison September 3, 2021

      Agreed. That and why wouldn’t you head south on the ridge not north, esp as it gets colder?

  2. Arnold September 6, 2021

    Time to send in an all female svot team and female track dogs. Bet doze gals bring him down in 30 min… wizout a bruise on him.

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