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Redbeard Eludes Capture, Again

Situational awareness for the area of Middle Ridge Road and Navarro Ridge Road in Albion, CA.

The large police presence in these areas due to a potential sighting of William Evers (aka Red-Bearded Burglar) who is currently wanted (see historical page posts) has been CONCLUDED.

MCSO personnel attempted to apprehend Evers at approximately 4:30 AM when he fled from inside an unoccupied home in the 32000 block of Navarro Ridge Road.

There was a reported potential sighting of Evers at the home as of 12:00 AM (midnight).

All available MCSO sworn personnel were called to the scene (on-duty and off-duty personnel) to assist in apprehending Evers. 

Evers was able to elude apprehension by MCSO SWAT Team members and two Sheriff's Office K9 teams due to the darkness and terrain.

One MCSO SWAT Team member and one MCSO SWAT Team K9 handler sustained injuries and are expected to be medically evaluated today to determine the severity of their injures.

Evers was last known to be running toward the Salmon Creek drainage North to Northeast of the home.  

Please call 9-1-1 if you see anything suspicious in the areas of Salmon Creek, Middle Ridge Road and Navarro Ridge Road in Albion.

(Mendocino County Sheriff Facebook update)


  1. William Wallace September 6, 2021

    ‘Braveheart’ reborn. Still…seeking freedom. They’ll never catch him. Redheads are brilliant. Just look what Fred Galbreath accomplished, with his beautiful wife Jean.

  2. Lazarus September 6, 2021

    Has this guy hurt anyone?
    Has he brandished a weapon?
    Has he threatened anyone?
    What he has done?
    I think, he has entered homes and stole food and some hooch.
    Does he trash the houses he enters?
    I guess I don’t know this guy’s story.
    But in the AVA and elsewhere, I read stories of perps who are on parole, have a weapon, and are driving around with no license and with dope. In some cases, for sale.
    They get arrested and almost immediately are cut loose.
    Then there are the shoplifters, they steal the stores blind, and nobody does anything.
    Maybe the authorities can shed some light on who this Red Beard guy is.
    Thank you,

    • Marmon September 6, 2021

      “Maybe the authorities can shed some light on who this Red Beard guy is.”

      They will after they kill him.


    • Bruce Anderson September 6, 2021

      Redbeard allegedly took a shot at a pursuing deputy on Cameron Road last May.

      • Marmon September 6, 2021



        • Marmon September 6, 2021

          This story is about to go national and beyond, I think I will wait for the movie.

          Just what Mendocino County needs about
          right now.


  3. Jim Armstrong September 7, 2021

    I hope Kendall doesn’t call out the snipers.
    Part of the recent operation reminds me of the Boonville Road (as it is known in Ukiah) standoff long ago.

  4. k h September 7, 2021

    Can someone give us a timeline of Mr Ever’s alleged activities?

    My recollection is he was wanted for breaking into homes and stealing food, there was a police response that ended in a gunshot, and now he is a fugitive who seems to continually draw a SWAT response every time someone’s ring camera goes off.

    Judging by the variety of mugshots he has some arrest history. Does anyone have any more info? Google is useless trying to reconstruct all this, too many search results for his name now.

  5. Bruce McEwen September 7, 2021

    As my alert young wife noted this afternoon, “Redbeard is becoming something of a folk hero, like Robin Hood.” She went on to point out that other than some shots fired, he has not shown himself to be a lethal menace, and the part-time vacation homes he has raided for food only (as far as we know) are owned by the sorts of people who can afford multiple residences, while so many others, himself included, go homeless. In that sense he does steal from the rich to feed the poor, and therefore if Sheriff Kendall brings in the snipers he may be regarded, by some Romantics, as something like the oppressive Sheriff of Nottingham.

    • Rye N Flint September 8, 2021

      I agree, he does have “Robin Hood” like appeal about him. I also agree that if he were to claim it’s all in avoiding getting vaxxed, he would have his own Faux news show.

  6. k h September 7, 2021

    I get the sense that feeling is building as well Mr McEwen.

    The county has its SWAT teams chasing a zucchini bandit.

    And somehow they injured themselves! Did they run into a door jam as the guy ran out the back door?

  7. Bruce McEwen September 8, 2021

    You sound like a hopeless Romantic, Ms. Mouse. But we have all these death squads back from “nation building” in Afghanistan and, well, you can see how much this Redbeard looks like a Taliban — especially to those fine people who have had the sanctity of their little chalets violated by him. So let us watch today’s episode with special attention to whether or not Sheriff Kendall can put the needed emphasis on just how “dangerous” Redbeard really is.

  8. k h September 8, 2021

    If Redbeard announces he took to the woods to avoid the imminent vaccine stormtroopers, the cops will greet him with a pancake breakfast and he will have a show on Fox News in two weeks.

    • Bruce McEwen September 8, 2021

      Careful, Mouse. A dig like that can earn you some retaliation, in the form of “distraction blows,” once they find out your identity and pull you over on some pretext. I, myself, don’t want to defund the police. But I would like to see them demilitarized, that is, all these callous old war-hardened veterans filling the ranks of the police force.

      • k h September 8, 2021

        Noted, with thanks. However, I’m not a defunder. Cops have a hard job.

        We aren’t very good at giving them real support beyond the kneejerk posturing online. We pay them to do our dirty work for us, and as far as most people are concerned, it’s better if that’s all out of sight, out of mind. We don’t want to own what that really means.

        Still – I think it’s worth noting when people with a lot of power in a system portray themselves as victims. I think there’s a lot of that going around right now in this country.

  9. George Hollister September 8, 2021

    Red Beard apparently shot at deputies. So he is viewed as a little more than an innocent hungry recluse looking for a free meal. He is viewed as a nut with a gun. I imagine, those who have had their homes broken into don’t wish to confront Red Beard on their own, and don’t like having him around, either. The neighbors likely feel the same. There are choices.

    Let him do what he is doing, and don’t worry about it. Hope he will stop, and turn himself in. Hope he goes away. Try to communicate with him, and feed him so he stops breaking into people’s houses. Track him down, and hope for a good outcome for all involved. All these options have a downside. Some are unrealistic. Using good judgement is imperative. The allegation that he fired a gun at deputies colors everything. The last thing deputies want is to become victims themselves.

  10. Lazarus September 8, 2021

    “The allegation that he fired a gun at deputies colors everything. The last thing deputies want is to become victims themselves.”

    So who made the allegation he shot at the cops?
    I’ve seen nothing official.
    How about the AVA sorting out the gossip and rumors from reality?
    Thank you,

    • Marmon September 8, 2021

      At the time the shot was fired, the deputy reported that Bill said “leave me alone”. A forensic investigation should be brought in to determine the actually trajectory of that shot when fired. Cops commonly overreact when there is a gun involved. Bill needs that gun living in the wilds like he does, there’s all kinds of wild predators out there who present a risk to his safety.


      • Marmon September 8, 2021

        I’m sure the deputy involved would like to know the truth.


      • George Hollister September 9, 2021

        I believe the gun was stolen from the home on Cameron Road.

    • AVA News Service Post author | September 8, 2021

      The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office press release of May 13 refers to the shooting, and was reprinted in the following day’s “Ed Notes” in MCT:

      • Marmon September 8, 2021

        Hey AVA, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has little credibility in Mendocino County thanks to your friends Eyster and Allman.


        • Bruce Anderson September 8, 2021

          With whom? You got your survey results handy?

    • Grandpa McEwen September 8, 2021

      You, Laz, are a sage old bird. You sort through more gossip and rumor on this page than anyone. But you must know the DA can’t show his hand before trial, any more than the defense would!

      You know this.

      Still, every time a crime goes down, everyone wants all the answers made public, now, not after the trial.

      Doing so would ruin the hope of finding an impartial jury, but Americans have no more use for jury duty than they do for investigative journalism.

      So hang in there, Laz. And in the meantime grow a beard in solidarity with our new folk hero.

  11. Grandpa McEwen September 8, 2021

    The deputy is probably the only person, other than Redbeard, who does know the truth; all the rest is politics.

    • Bruce McEwen September 8, 2021

      Thanks, Gramps, for showing these anal Philistines the proper use of a semi-colonoscopy.

  12. Deven September 9, 2021

    Who’s fred galbreath?

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