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Valley People (November 10, 2021)

WE ARE SADDENED at the news of the death of Mike Montana, for years a popular resident of Rancho Navarro and the Anderson Valley. The Montanas were well known in this area, Mike as a wizard mechanic, wife Lee as our Notary Public. When the Montanas left Navarro for a new life in New Mexico, we all felt the loss as we now feel the loss of Mike.

VETERAN’S DAY: “We at post 385 Boonville American Legion were deeply appreciative of the impressive community attendance at our Memorial Day Observance earlier this year. We honored those who have gone before us. Now on the Saturday after Veteran's Day we honor all members of the military and their families who provide a needed strength in keeping our country at peace.  Thus we will have a Veteran's Day Ceremony  on Saturday morning Nov. 13, at 11:00 a.m. at the Evergreen Cemetery on Anderson Valley Way in Boonville. We invite all community members of all ages to join with us on November 13th as we hope for a brief respite from the most welcome winter rains. Regards, Gregory Sims”

AVHS FOOTBALL is raising funds to take the football team to a 49er game on the 28th. We have a fundraising goal of $1,500. If people would like to donate to our trip, they can email me at Here is the link to the gofundme page: (Coach John Toohey)

BREAKFAST AT THE GRANGE. We had such a good time at last month’s pancake breakfast in memory of Dave Norfleet that we decided to do it again! There are plans afoot for a monthly breakfast the 2nd Sun. of every month. SO, for November it's coming right up on Sunday the 14th 8:30-11:00. Covid guidelines are followed. You, and your mask will be served in the big hall with plenty of space and air circulation. It's a welcome time to be able to visit safely with your friends and neighbors. As we learn how to cope with the lingering pandemic the Grange is looking to re-energize with YOU. New ideas, new possibilities, it's a great community space for so many things, and who knows, you might be moved to come flip a few pancakes yourself. PS. In December we usually do the Holiday Dinner but this year it'll be the Holiday Pancake Breakfast Sun. Dec. 12th. (Captain Rainbow)

EYES ONLY, ANDERSON VALLEY: “The old brown goat we all drive by in the morning, on our way to 101 and work, just past the last house on the right, out of Boonville, mile post 29.74 …has no shelter. He stood there, all through the ‘atmospheric river,’ staked out, on a 10 ft rope, in the open field…enduring the rain and the wind. Don’t think he’s ever gonna get a shelter. By the end of December, we’ll all be driving by a stiff, brown, snow covered mound of fluff. If only the wonderful people at the Brewery, would adopt him… what a wonderful, warm life he’d have…”

A PHILO WOMAN stopped me at the post office last week, introducing herself as a subscriber before she admonished me, “I read your paper every week but you're too negative. Don't you like any Democrats?” Hmmm. I racked my brain for a Democrat I liked, it being assumed by both of us that we absolutely loathed all the Republican officeholders. “Ro Khanna,” I blurted. “I like him. And I like AOC.” She came back with, “Biden isn't all that bad, Bruce.” Not to provoke the old girl further, I didn't say, “Yes he is, always has been, but now that he's an international living symbol of elder abuse, I feel sorry for the guy.” “Gotta go, hon. Nice seeing you.” It wasn't until I was back in the safety of my vehicle that I realized I'd called her, “hon.” Just blurted it out. And I criticize Biden…

RE PG&E's local onslaught, a Yorkville reader comments, “Regarding PG&E contractors; You should see Big Oaks Drive in Yorkville, they’ve been here for two months and have devastated it. We’re calling it No Oaks Drive now.”



“Sign the petition if you like but what needs to happen is for the Board of Supervisors to take a strong stand, including taking PG&E to court, to prevent the devastation of Faulkner Park. 

PG&E has clearcut large swaths of land under the guise of “line clearance” including many trees that posed no danger to the lines. Cutting redwoods in Faulkner Park is a continuation of an ongoing scam by PG&E to jack up their profits. 

PG&E is currently seeking to stick ratepayers for $1.6 billion for money previously spent on "wildfire mitigation activities" including line clearance and planning and implementing the PSPS disaster beginning in 2019. 

The initial rollout of PSPS may have been the least efficient process ever undertaken by a public utility but it is rivaled or surpassed by the current line clearance activities which has been characterized by a dramatic over-commitment of equipment and personnel. 

The cost doesn't matter to PG&E because they will recover the full amount spent plus a percentage of the cost to be retained as profit. The more money squandered by the contractors, the more work done without justification, the greater the profit will be to PG&E.

The Board of Supervisors needs to make it clear to PG&E that cutting any old growth trees in Faulkner Park is strictly off limits.”


“Our land line was knocked out by the big storm two weeks ago and is still not fixed! The entire neighborhood is out.

I’ve encountered a few technicians in the area. They were all from Los Angeles, had never worked in the woods before, and seemed to be spending most of their time lost.

I now believe the rumors that AT&T wants to get rid of land lines, and customers who prefer them.

This is outrageous. Suppose we were an elderly couple with special needs and no other means of communication? It’s corporate malfeasance writ large. And I’ll wager the state PUC won’t do a damn thing about it, if I complain.”

JENNIFER BAIR, Gering, Nebraska/Mendocino. Petty theft, reckless evasion, resisting, and two other unspecified charges by State Parks.

Jennifer Bair

KATHY JANES NOTES: "Someone else from Gering, Nebraska made it to Mendo – amazing! I graduated from Gering High School. Haven’t been back since."


Congratulations to the AVHS Varsity Volleyball team for defeating Fremont Christian to move onto the NCS Championship Game vs. Mendocino High School, this Saturday, November 6th at 7:00pm. The game was played at Mendocino High School with the Anderson Valley girls emerging triumphant. 

Av girls advance! Our girls can’t be stopped! The Panthers defeated our local rivals in Mendocino High School last night in the NCS final championship game. We won on the fourth set after losing set three. We are now moving on to the NorCal regional championships. We will be hosting St. Bernard on Wednesday, November 10 at 6:00.

Soccer: Wednesday night our boys soccer team traveled to play San Francisco Waldorf at Amazon Crocker Park in the lower Mission District. It was a hard-fought game in fake turf and under stadium lights, but the boys ended up losing 4-2. We had an exciting penalty shot scored by senior Miguel Padilla and a free kick scored by junior Steven Torales. Though we didn’t advance to the semifinals, it was an exciting conclusion to an interesting season.

Panther Soccer 2021

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