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Valley People (December 15, 2021)

JOIN US at the beautiful, historic Blessed Sacrament Church in Elk for the traditional Elk Christmas Sing-Along on Tuesday, December 21 @ 7:00PM. It has been 3 years since we have held this uplifting event so this evening will be particularly special.  You will have the opportunity to raise your voices in Christmas song to the live music of Martha Bouquin, Matthew Tyson, Francisco, and others. (There's a rumor that Santa will be flying in so bring the youngsters.)

ABOUT 8:30 last Sunday (Dec 5) a drunken 21-year-old, hurtling through Boonville at a wildly unsafe speed, managed to careen off 128 and through a telephone pole near the junction of 128 and Mountain View Road, severing the pole then the fence behind it and getting himself arrested for DUI. On Tuesday, Jorge Mejia, 21, of Boonville appeared in the Sheriff’s log having been booked for DUI.

A LOCAL POSTS, “To the corvette with black and yellow license plate VERD392. I don't appreciate you putting my life in danger on the Highway 253 not only on a blind turn but also in an extremely foggy section of the Highway. If you are in that much of a hurry try leaving sooner in the morning, maybe getting up a bit earlier. Being late to a job or whatever the case is no excuse to put people's lives at risk. Shame on you!”

I'LL SECOND THAT. What's with all the tailgating and dangerous driving on 253? It seems to have increased over the past few years. I've recognized some of the people I've pulled over for, and I know they're unemployed. So, like, what's the hurry?

AVA HEADQUARTERS sits on the highway in north central Boonville, giving us box seat viewing to Mendocino County's version of the Daytona 500, which seemed more competitive than usual last night, with the locomotion-crazed drunks racing up and down until one of them finally knocked down a telephone pole, winning himself an expensive DUI and a trip over the hill in handcuffs. There is talk among central Boonville people of traffic cameras to identify the worst traffic offenders.

SPORTS FANS may be interested to know that Pete Carroll, coach of the Seattle Seahawks, annual slayer of the Forty Niners for the last decade, once ran a summer football camp south of Boonville at the old Mathias Ranch. Carroll coached at the high school level in Marin County at the time. 

BEST NEW MENDO BUILDING OF THE YEAR, Ron Rice's almost finished structure at his olive farm between Boonville and Yorkville.

In a much earlier incarnation, the property had been a stagecoach stop and hotel. Rice then planted olive trees on the surrounding land. He’s now producing certified extra virgin olive oil from his five varieties of Tuscan olives. 

MAKE YOUR HANGOVER PLANS EARLY. You can walk off your throbbing head at Hendy Woods free of the usual charge, on Saturday, January One, 2022.


Just a little holiday reminder that the Secrets of Salsa cookbook makes a great gift! All proceeds go to supporting adult education students in the valley. Pick up a copy at local stores like Boont Berry, AV Market, Lemon’s, the Mercantile, Boonville Hotel, the Navarro Store, Goodlife Café in Mendo, and more

GOT MY LIFE PRESERVER on in preparation for the second atmospheric river of the season, and since when is a couple inches of rain an “atmospheric river”? Not long after fog became a “marine layer”  I guess.

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