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Stuck in Soledad

Dear AVA:

My name is Glenn Scott. I am serving time in Soledad’s Level 1 South Yard prison largely for crimes which I did not commit. My wife and three children live in Carmel Valley California and I am stuck in prison. With the bad economy, my wife is having a hard time out there raising our three beautiful children alone. Needless to say, I have no money on my books and my family can't afford to send me quarterly packages.

Three of the counts which the jury found me guilty of, which I am guilty of, are cultivation of marijuana (32 plants), possession for sale (3 pounds of dried pot and a 2 pound frozen ball which I had made bubble hash out of) and manufacturing a controlled substance (2 grams of honey oil made with butane). Because my wife's and my medicinal Prop 215 pot cards were expired I was given substantial time for these pot charges. The manufacturing charge alone carries a 3/5/7 year sentence.

I am 40 years old and for five years of my life I lived outside of Willits. I lived off of Sherwood Road. I love the lifestyle of living out in the sticks. That part of Northern California is truly beautiful country. People have asked me before where I would most like to live anywhere in the world. I instantly say “Anderson Valley.” To me, Anderson Valley is the most beautiful place on earth, truly God's country! Besides the lifestyle of the down-to-earth people in the Valley, the beautiful grassy hill slopes, redwoods, and my favorite steelhead river — the Navarro — there's that good Boonville beer and your newspaper which really appeals to me.

When I was at Avenal State prison I got to read your weekly publication. I was on the Number 6 yard at Avenal where James McClearn and Scotty shared your newspaper with me. Each week I read every word of your newspaper. I can really relate to it. I love all the local drama. I could have sworn that I saw Mr. Richard Peacock at Avenal but never had the chance to confront the guy.

Now that I am at Soledad I no longer get to read your newspaper and I really miss it!

I don't have a job here yet. Jobs are scarce because the substance abuse program closed down and the school classes and vocational classes are soon to be closed down due to the state's budget problem. If I do get a job I will make $10-$12 a month after they take out 55% for restitution.

If there is any way you could send me a complimentary subscription to your newspaper I would be so grateful! I would even pay you the $50 a year when I get out. I don't know where your offices are but I would love to meet you guys. I will be fishing the Navarro at Hendy Woods first winter I am released. Thanks very much for your time.


Lance Scott G-36437
CTFS Dorm 4/4 up
PO Box 690
Soledad CA 93960

PS. I asked my wife for a copy of your new book “Mendocino Noir” as a Christmas gift if she can afford it.

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