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Sports Notes

The SF Giants defeated the Cincinnati Reds, 3-2 in the Divisional 5 game series last week. Interestingly, the Giants lost the first two games at home and then won all three games on the road.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy did a great job with his bullpen pitchers to win that series. After the two home losses, I still thought the Giants could sweep the three games in Cincinnati if they could win the 4th game of the series that Barry Zito would pitch.

Giants pitcher Ryan Vogelsong won the first game in Cincinnati but next up to play was the Zito game. I just hoped that manager Bochy would have a short hook for Zito because Tim Lincecum was in the bullpen. Lincecum had a bad season but I thought he was a big game pitcher.

I drove over to the coast to listen to the game on the car radio It was just static! I stopped at the Gallery Book Shop to buy the SF Chronicle and a nice guy stocking the shelves had his radio turned to the Giants-Reds game. I asked the score and if Lincecum was pitching yet. He said the Giants were up 3-2 in runs and Lincecum was already pitching.

I said, “OK. The Giants have it won (the series) because Cain will win tomorrow.”

Some things I noticed: the Farmer (Bruce Bochy has a real good feel for his pitching staff).

Pablo Sandoval is fatter. Probably eating away because he is nervous. But, he is still quick and fun to watch play the game.

Rightfielder Hunter Pence looks like Ty Cobb in the early 20th century because he is so angular and pulls the legs of his pants up to his knees. He can really fire up the Giants with his pre-game lectures.

It was euphoric to me when Buster Posey hit his grand slam in the last game of the divisional series because this guy is so nice, so calm. And, he was coming back from a terrible knee and ankle injury.

(But now the Giants have lost the first game to the Saint Louis Cardinals in the series to win the National League Pennant. (6-4)

NFL — the 49ers — Even though the 49ers lost a football game last Sunday in SF to the NY Giants in SF, they have a seasonal record of 4-2 and are one of the best teams in the NFL. But, it was troubling to see in the second half they seemed to lay down a bit and the NY Giants rammed the football down their throats by running the ball. Plus, Eli Manning was very accurate in his passing plays.

It was the first time in the Coach Jim Harbaugh era, they were out-coached. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio should have blitzed more. They need to put more studs in their kick coverage team.

I think this team will miss Adam Snyder before the season is over. Snyder was the most versatile offensive lineman in the entire NFL. He has played competently at every position in the line for the 49ers.

They will also be sorry they didn’t take Richard Wilson (who went to the Seahawks) in the second or third round of last season’s draft. That kid has Drew Brees written all over him. Plus, if they had Alex Smith, Kaepernick, and Wilson as their lineup of QB’s they would have a premium stack like the late Bill Walsh use to stockpile. After the season, the 49ers could keep them all or make a trade for a player they need or a #1 draft choice.

Also, the 49ers should have chosen Von Miller over Aldon Smith as a linebacker. Von Miller, who plays for the Denver Broncos, is an every down linebacker, was the Defensive Rookie of the Year, and had the most sacks in the A.F.C.

Aldon Smith is a darn good player with fine speed and he can rush the passer. But in the 2011 draft, they could have had Von Miller. In 2012, they could have had Wilson. But the previous stuff are minor gripes. Jim Harbaugh and his staff of coaches and players are the best since the Bill Walsh era.

ATP — Roger Federer has now been the #1 player for a record 300 weeks. Andy Roddick, American’s best player for the past decade, was first coached by a Latino named Benides. Benides’ assistant coach was Sal Yepez and Roddick’s practice hitting partner. Sal Yepez played for me for his two college years. Roddick retired after the US Open on Sept. 2012.

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