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Valley People 12/2/2009

GUIDO PRONSOLINO died Monday at his home in Yorkville. He was 83. A full obituary will appear next week, but a potluck celebration of Guido's life will be held this Friday (December 4th), 1pm at the Home Arts Building, Boonville Fairgrounds.

SEPARATION of church and state notwithstanding, a Las Posadas celebration sponsored by Sueno Latino will be held this Friday evening (December 4th), 5:30 to 8:30, at the Elementary School Cafeteria. Las Posa­das re-enacts Joseph and Mary's search for shelter the night the Christ child was born. Caroling, games and a potluck supper are the celebration part of the re-enactment.

SEVERAL enterprising 4-H-ers will be selling fresh-picked mistletoe at the Unity Club Holiday Bazaar this Saturday, we are forcefully reminded. Look for the mistletoe booth at the Bazaar.

A CALLER ASKS: “How come the Londer Tasting Room sign is allowed to be way out into the Caltrans right of way, but Caltrans cited the Boonville Auto Detailers (B.A.D.) last summer for their box sign which wasn’t as far into the right of way as the Londer sign?” Beats us. Call the big orange machine.

LOCALS are nonplussed at the extent of the damage inflicted on the high school facilities by a pair of stu­dent vandals late two Tuesday nights ago. “They really worked at it,” was one comment. As Superintendent JR Collins pointed out Monday that much effort, for a long time, has gone into making the campus look better, less institutional, and for someone, or a pair of someones, to wreck the place is doubly depressing, worse, in its way, than any previous damage intention­ally done to the premises. There have been break-ins and graffiti sprays

DR. NEIL NATHAN will speak on Lyme disease at the Anderson Valley Health Center, *this* Thursday (December 3rd) at 5:30pm. Dr. Nathan practiced in Mendocino in the 1970s and, we're reminded, deliv­ered babies at homes in the Anderson Valley. It's not like the doc is a stranger. His return visit to the Health Center is sponsored by the AV Lyme Support Group and the Center. Info at 895-2511.

THE 52ND ANNUAL Redwood Classic Basketball Tournament, the oldest high school basketball tour­nament in the state, tips off in the Boonville gym at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon with Branson and Hoopa again favored to be among the final four by Saturday night when the championship is decided. Mendocino and Point Arena will be here as will Tulelake from the far northeast. Pretty good basketball at the bargain price of $5 for adults, $3 for wheezes, scholars free with student body cards.

MARTIN TEVASEU, a graduate of Anderson Valley High School, was the starting tackle at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas this past season and has been recognized by his teammates as the team's most valu­able defensive player. Martin starred at Santa Rosa JC where he was heavily recruited by Division One col­leges, finally settling in at Arizona State where, unfor­tunately, he suffered a severe football injury and was out of school for a couple of years recuperating. Mar­tin is the younger brother of Logo Tevaseu who also played at AVHS, Santa Rosa JC and at TCU. Logo presently coaches the Anderson Valley High School football team.

DIANE HERING sent in an e-mail that said some­thing about an auction at KZzzzzzzzzzzzz, as a very odd thing happened, and happened simultaneously and immediately with the appearance of those first two letters, K and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I fell asleep! The word 'auction” wasn't the soporific, the instant-acting sedative, it was the K and the Z! KZzzzzzzzzzzz seemed to reach right up off the page and slug me between the eyes! Off I went! Out. Unconscious. Slumped over my keyboard. It was instant chloro­form! When I came to I shouted, Major! The smelling salts! When The Major revived me I explained that I'd received an e-mail from Diane Hering about an auction at KZzzzzzzzzzzz. And again I was gone! I'd blacked out for the second time in five minutes. “I can't stand around reviving you all day, Bruce,” The Major said. “We've got a newspaper to produce. Give me that thing.” And he fell over backwards! Out like a light. Two letters in and everyone who sees them passes immediately into Dreamland, Rapid Eye Movement, Deep REMs, Insensibility! I'm sorry, Diane, and I know we've been friends for years. I'd help you out anytime, but please don't make me write KZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Call Diane at the station for the details of whatever it is she tried to tell us about.

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