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Mendocino County Today: November 8, 2013

THE DAY of the Kennedy Assassination, I was a temporary English teacher at San Luis Obispo Junior High School.

jfk1After high school, I'd done a tour in the Marines, picked up college classes at City College when I got out, then went to school at Cal Poly for two years on a baseball-basketball arrangement that gave me room, board and a job in the college library stacking books, meaning I could hide out the whole shift and read whatever I wanted. I wasn't quite good enough to play basketball at the college level but I could still play baseball although I'd stopped working on my game in my last year of high school. Cal Poly then being a technical school, and me not being interested in engineering or technology, I took all the liberal arts classes they had and transferred to SF State where, I was informed by letter, I graduated a few months later with a degree in English and history. My younger brother and I had previously gotten involved with the Congress On Racial Equality (C.O.R.E.) and had been soldiers in the city's first civil rights demonstrations at the Palace Hotel, which would have been circa 1961 or '62. I remember hitchhiking up 101 from San Luis to take part in the demos. A cousin of ours was also involved as was my girlfriend at the time. I played baseball on weekends, basketball on playgrounds around the city, worked minimum wage jobs and spent the rest of the time reading and arguing, both pastimes now considered passe if not positively outre. We rented two bedroom apartments for $75 a month (or less) in the Haight before the hippies, in the Castro before the gays, in the Mission before it was heavily Latin. Inspired by some of the beatnik lit, I hitchhiked up and down the Big Sur coast. On one trip a friend and I were picked up by the head monk at New Camaldoli where an order of monks, Benedictines, was building a retreat. The monks had taken vows of silence. Only the head guy talked. My pal and I stayed there for a couple of weeks toting lumber and delivering meals to the monks' cabins, or cells as they called them. I had no money, my life's unvarying theme, and after the Benedictine interlude I hitched on down to San Luis where I got the job at the junior high through the unemployment office. I replaced a woman on the edge of retirement who'd cracked up in one of her classes. When the fire department broke down the door she was dancing naked on her desk and swigging from a bottle of whiskey. That episode always translated to me as “the Times They Are A Changin'” in that unruly classrooms, before the 60s, were rare. I had no competition for the job, so the principal hired me, telling me, in so many words, that his primary concern was order, that what I did inside the classroom was up to me. In other words, “Keep the little bastards from roaming the halls.” The little bastards were supposedly arranged according to ability, with a theoretical dumbbell class, in reality delinquents and delinquent-symps, three or four classes of middle ability, and one class of alleged smart kids. I told them stories and conducted group discussions, and we got on with a minimum of mutual rancor.

jfk2Kennedy was shot about three weeks after I got the job. The principal announced the Kennedy shooting over the intercom, telling everyone to go home “and pray for the President.” I shared an old house on Islay Street with some jock friends; we watched the live feeds for a week, and a couple of us were watching the day Oswald was shot in the basement of the Dallas Police Station. Another friend of mine got a visit from the FBI because someone had reported him for saying of the assassination, “Who gives a shit?” The totality of these events was the most surreal of my life until 9-11. I liked Kennedy or, rather, I liked what I saw of him on television. I was opposed to Vietnam from the day the war started. I was still in the Marine Reserves and was vaguely worried about getting called back up. I was also a staunch anti-imperialist off my associations with the communists and radlibs I met through Frisco's civil rights events, those affiliations and the great journalism breaking out everywhere, San Francisco especially. The city now seems almost unrecognizable, and intellectually so blanded down that rural Mendocino County is more interesting.


WilsonBrosBROTHERS … You now have your wings …

May you fly together always.

Carter Haze Wilson

March 22, 2005 - October 2013

Fortuna, California

Silas Sage Wilson

Nov. 21, 2006 - October 2013

Silver City, New Mexico

You didn't see one without the other…

They were living the dream, having the honor of living at Camp 19 (McGuire Ranch on Highway 20): Tree forts, fields, ponds, animals, paradise for boys.

Carter attended Dana Gray Elementary School and Silas was a first grader at Redwood Elementary School. They were happy, they loved the outdoors, they saw the beauty of the earth and loved spending time camping with the family.

Carter's favorite thing to do was to watch the "Titanic" and he was intrigued with the Golden Gate Bridge. He would spend hours listening about how they were built. His interest in how things worked and how they were put together were passions of his. But more important than that was his love of his family. It was vital to him to see that his Mom and Dad were happy.

Silas had the love for art. He loved to spend the day drawing and creating. He loved to secretly dance behind peoples' backs. His mission in life was to put a smile on everyone's face and that he did!

They both loved music and loved to sing together.

Their favorite movies were "The Sandlot" and "The Goonies" which they watched day after day for months straight.

Both boys had a special place in their hearts for Grandma Karan and Grandma Cookie. Their best friend forever was Papa Ray who spent days teaching them to appreciate the beauty of this earth, to love one another, to live life, and to value education. Not a day will ever go by that the family will not stop and smile thinking about how these two angels blessed us in our lives.

They are survived by their father, Zach Wilson (Alison); mother, Heather Perkins (Evan Trumper); grandparents, Raymond and Karan Perkins, Cookie and Randy Imperiale; great-grandparents, Ron and Diane Paoli, Jerry and Jeanette Perkins; aunts and uncles, Jayme Johnson, April and Nick Wood, Nicole Shane Spencer; along with numerous great aunts and uncles and cousins.

It takes a village and that they had.

The family would love to thank this community for all the love and support it has provided through this difficult time. The love here on the Coast has been unbelievable.

The community is invited to a celebration of life to be held this Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013, at 1 p.m. at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Join us in embracing the spirit of Carter and Silas and releasing them to the heavens.


AlanFergusonALAN FERGUSON died suddenly at his home on Monday, Oct. 21, 2013, of heart failure. His local business, Braggadoon Signs and Graphics, was his joy and passion, and the culmination of his life's work as a professional photographer and graphic designer.

He is survived by his wife of nearly 45 years, Elizabeth; two daughters, Lanette Kathleen of Pleasanton and Lesa Anne of Newhall, Calif.; and three granddaughters.

Come join us in a celebration of Alan's life at David's Deli in the Boatyard Shopping Center on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 from 4 to 7 p.m.

Special thanks to the Rotary Club of Fort Bragg and the Mendocino Coast community. Memorial donations can be sent to the Fort Bragg Volunteer Fire Department.



DUE TO the days-long lag time between Board of Supervisors meetings and the posting of the videos of the meetings, we only just had a chance to review the Mendocino Town Plan meeting in Mendocino where, some said, Supervisor Dan Hamburg, went off unfairly on the Planning and Building staff and his fellow Supes. Hamburg's beef? The Planning Department back in 2006 should have implemented the Special Resource Conservation Area (SCRA) designation for the Town of Mendocino, a designation which would allow town residents to appeal local planning decisions to the Coastal Commission. Hamburg had several official documents showing that direction was given to Planning staff in 2006, yet the SCRA designation was never officially made under Coastal Act. After the meeting where he was accused of a psychotic break, Hamburg’s critics said he was outtaline for loudly complaining about the SCRA foul-up in 2006, and for being unfair to the current planning staff who weren't involved back in 2006.

BUT APART FROM THE PROS & CONS of the SCRA designation, Hamburg had a point; we think he was justifiably upset that clear direction back in 2006 from the Board wasn’t complied with. “What does this mean if we make a decision today,” Hamburg legitimately asked, “and nothing is done?” After Hamburg’s complaint other Board members softened the blow by pointing out that maybe the direction wasn’t so clear, and the current staff wasn’t responsible for any oversight by the 2006 vintage planning staff, and the whole hothouse-tinged dispute, such as it was, seemed to have smoothed out. CEO Carmel Angelo assured Hamburg that whatever direction today’s Board gives staff would be implemented. But Hamburg had a right to complain about the ball being dropped and to demand that staff follow directions. Now all he has to do is take a similar level of interest in all the other things County staff fails to do.



A Willits woman has lost her bid for state prison parole in the 1997 murder of her then boyfriend. Alissa Moore must serve at least another five years in prison before being eligible for a new parole hearing, state parole authorities decided last week at the Central California Woman’s Facility in Chowchilla. Mendocino County Deputy District Attorney Jeffrey Boyd appeared at Moore’s hearing and argued against her release. District Attorney David Eyster applauded the state board’s decision, citing the planning Moore put into the execution-style killing of Paul Rodriguez in a rural area on the Mendocino Coast. Moore admitted to killing Rodriguez on April 21, 1997 after devising a plan to lure him to an isolated spot on the coast. Moore directed friends to drive a vehicle to the rural location and make it appear their car had broken down. Moore later admitted that after arriving at the site she retrieved a loaded shotgun from a nearby trailer and shot Rodriguez while he was inspecting the vehicle. Moore then directed two other people to load Rodriguez’ body into the vehicle, and dump it at a spot about three miles inland from the murder site. Moore’s after-the-fact assertions that Rodriguez had been abusive to her during their relationship were investigated but the state Board of Parole Hearings found such assertions could not be substantiated.

(District Attorney Press Release)


THOSE OF YOU trying to keep abreast of economics, and the whole show is poised to go ka-blooey, check this out from Taibbie:


SENTENCING POSTPONED in Yurok embezzlement case at tribe's request

By Thadeus Greenson

Updated: 11/06/2013 03:32:50 PM PST

The federal sentencing of a former Yurok Tribe forestry director was postponed Tuesday at the request of the tribe, which wants to file a victim impact statement in the nearly $1 million embezzlement case.


Roland Raymond, 50, was due to be sentenced in a federal courthouse in San Francisco. He faces a maximum of 37 months in prison after pleading guilty to a single count of conspiring to embezzle funds from an Indian tribal organization. The Yurok Tribe submitted a request to the court on Monday afternoon asking to postpone the sentencing to allow it to submit the victim impact statement and organize a delegation of the tribal council to be present.

United States District Judge William Alsup granted the request Tuesday, and has rescheduled Raymond's sentencing for Nov. 15.

Yurok Tribe Executive Director Troy Fletcher said the tribe didn't weigh in on Raymond's sentencing earlier because it was unaware a hearing had been scheduled.

”We weren't even notified of the sentencing, and didn't find out about it until we read about it in the Times-Standard,” Fletcher said, noting that he found the information in an Oct. 23 article. “We feel like the U.S. Attorney's Office should have done more to consult with us as the victims of the crime, which would include notification of hearings like this.”

Raymond was remanded into federal custody last week after failing a drug test and violating the terms of his home confinement, according to court documents.

With his guilty plea, Raymond admitted to working with a local company, Mad River Biologists, to use an elaborate scheme of fake invoices, false purchase requests and electronic bank transfers to embezzle more than $870,000 in federal funds from the Yurok Tribe during a three-year period of wildlife preservation studies. According to court documents, Raymond stole the funds to support gambling and drug addictions.

Mad River Biologists founder Ron LeValley has also been charged with conspiring to embezzle from an Indian tribal organization and has pleaded not guilty. Prosecutors allege LeValley submitted the false invoices to the tribe, accepted payments for services never rendered and then redirected the funds back to Raymond, less a 20 percent fee taken off the top.

Free after posting a $50,000 appearance bond, LaValley is due back in court Dec. 3 for what court records list as a “potential” change of plea hearing.

The U.S. Attorney's Office is arguing that Raymond should be sentenced to 20 months in federal prison, saying his cooperation with federal investigators warrants shaving 10 months from the 30-month sentence recommended by the federal probation department. Raymond's attorney Randall Davis agreed with the 20-month sentence, but argued his client should be given credit for time already served behind bars and in home confinement, and should only serve an additional seven months in federal prison.

Fletcher said the tribal council takes Raymond's case very seriously and wants to see justice served, but declined to comment specifically on what the tribe's victim impact statement will include, saying tribal attorney Charles Henry will probably craft a draft statement that would then be reviewed and approved by the entire tribal council.

(Courtesy, the Eureka Times Standard)

post with pic from Advocate


DeeLightedTODAY IS THE 96TH anniversary of the Russian Revolution. If Minor's drawing confuses you it means that the revolutionaries were funded by capitalists who hoped to get lucrative concessions from Lenin's new government. The revolution, by the way, was carried off without the insurgents firing a shot.


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Whoever gossips to you, will gossip about you. — Spanish proverb



On Thursday Nov 7 at the Philo Grange there will be a potluck at 6:00 followed at 7:00 by a presentation about the Food Safety Modernization Act and letter writing. This is especially important if you are interested in this issue and were not able to make it to the Willits event (below.) Will the Food Safety Modernization Act Affect You and Your Farming Operation? If you are unsure of the answer to this question, please plan on attending the panel discussion on the proposed rules and requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. It is being held at the Little Lake Grange, 291 School Street, on Tuesday November 5th at 7pm. Comments on the proposed rules close on November 15 and it is critically important that the Food and Drug Administration gets accurate, first-hand information about how their proposed rules may affect operations of farms in Mendocino County. Panelists will discuss: a summary of the regulation, potential impacts to local agricultural operations, current exemptions, relation to organic producers and upcoming comment opportunities. Panelists will include: Chuck Morse, Mendocino County Agricultural Commissioner; Devon Jones, Executive Director Mendocino County Farm Bureau; Doug Mosel, Mendocino Grain Project; Cliff Paulin, North Coast Regional Food System Coordinator; Scott Cratty, General Manager Mendocino County Farmers Market Association. This event is event is being sponsored by the Mendocino County Farm Bureau, the Mendocino County Farmers Market Association and the Little Lake Grange.

For more information, please contact: Scott Cratty, 707-462-7377 or

For additional information on the regulation, please visit:



Route 1 (40.9/41.3) — Pavement repairs from 0.6 mile to 1.0 mile north of the junction of Routes 1/128 will continue on Thursday, November 14. Work hours are 7AM to 5PM, weekdays. One-way traffic control will be in effect. Motorists should anticipate 10-minute delays. Contractor: Granite Construction of Ukiah. (Caltrans Press Notice)



By “Forest Queen”

Part One: Is There an Emergency Officer?

Saturday July 27th, 2013. I’ve been pissed for 13 days –can’t be healthy. The STATE, as in C.H.P’s, stole my truck. It’s out in the hot sun of Laytonville. I asked the correct questions – Is there an emergency officer? Do you acknowledge that I’m traveling and not driving commercially for profit? Did you witness me committing a crime? To this he replied “yes, speeding.” I talk common law, THEY only talk in Corp. Commercial speak.

It was 100+ degrees, took two and a half hours, as I refused to exit my truck. My cat travels with me, no container box, he was panting like a dog. After officer friendly communicated on his radio he came to my window to ask my name. I had already permitted him to write down the VIN#. He had written ‘sovereign’ on the little notepad he held. Three more patrol cars came when I said that they’d have to impound with me in my truck. The officer drove me and my cat back to Willits to my friend’s home. A 20+ min. trip – unless you’re in a patrol car. When I was in the patrol car the doors were locked and the four impersonators of public servants searched my truck. I said that I did NOT consent to a search of my personal property, to which the officer said, “We just took inventory, because of the impound.”

I’m so sick to death of liars. Took me three days to type my Notice and Demand – delivered to the arresting officer, Sheriff Downey & Sheriff Allman. The officer is out of the Garberville CHP office. So far he’s been Noticed of: Warring against the Constitution, Fraudulent conveyance of language to extort the wealth and rights of one of the people, Warrant-less seizure, Failure of substantive due process, Involvement with prior knowledge, and pre-meditated fraudulent gross negligence, Impersonating a public servant, and Armed robbery.

“Personal involvement in deprivation of constitutional rights is prerequisite to award damages, but defendant may be personally involved in constitutional deprivation by direct participation, failure to remedy wrongs after learning about it, creation of a policy or custom under which unconstitutional practices occur or gross negligence in managing subordinates who cause violation.” Gallegos v Haggerty (1938).

First and foremost, before anything applies, did STATE acquire standing to punish by proving on the record that a regulatable activity, over which the STATE had enforcement authority, was actually being engaged in by me, and that my truck was being USED as a “motor vehicle” for that purpose? If the car/truck/van is not being used for Commercial purposes, then its seizure was illegal because the lawful authority for it was applicable only to those “motor vehicles” that ARE being USED FOR COMMERCE.

“If the State converts a right into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right with impunity.” Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham Aabama.

“Any restraint, however slight, upon another’s liberty to come and go as one pleases, constitutes an arrest.” Sweetnam v. W.F. Woolworth Co. Ariz.

This position does not hang precariously upon only a few cases, but has been proclaimed by an impressive array of cases ranging from the state courts to the federal courts.

The very concept of “Public Policy” and its inherent usurpation of power from the sovereign people is so addictive and has become so wildly accepted by bureaucrats in all levels of government that they act as if they are the masters of the people.

No other judicial establishment in recorded history has vested a titled nobility such prerogatives extorted from the submissive and unified masses. No other system has so methodically held the people in ignorance to facilitate their exploitation and continued subjection to arbitrary power. Under no other law has despotism so perfected and matured its illegitimate fruit.

I live my life according to the law of the land, and I DAMNED WELL DEMAND the same of my public servants.

Part 2: Dealing with the Uninformed:

Monday August 5, 2013 – 9:30 a.m.

I’ll skip the DMV episode. I speak in common sense, common law – THEY speak in Corporate Code Enforcement – incapable of thinking outside of their fraud and theft of the people “job description” box.

In the Court File Clerk’s area, with two witnesses in tow, I asked the guy behind the glass how to go about seeing a judge. He asked if I had a pending case. No, I don’t. Then he said I could not speak with a judge. He asked what it is pertaining to. I told him armed robbery -transportation theft from the (e)lderly. (His end of the ‘speaker’ communication was breaking up). He kept repeating his learned mantra: “Get a lawyer” and something about Probate. Every time I corrected him that it is about transportation theft, he repeated his same old programming that’s killing the planet lawyer/probate jive.

With Mandatory Judicial Notice in hand, witnessed by three living souls, three of us proceeded to the Sheriff’s Dept. counter – also behind glass. Since this lady didn’t leave her chair to “see if the Sheriff was in” I determined that he truly wasn’t there. She had no idea when he would return, and no he doesn’t have an appointment book. She would be glad to take a note. No thanks. I asked her if the only way to get to meet with a magistrate was to be apprehended? She thought it wasn’t a good idea and “No” it would not guarantee my objective.

Upstairs to the Court Clerk’s office door – this lady repeated the same monologue about seeing a judge. To which I ran by her my theory of being apprehended in order to see a judge. She laughed, and told me that that would not necessarily get my desired result.

What we thought was a Bailiff, as we got closer was a Deputy at the other end of that same floor. I asked him the possibility of seeing a judge, or does that require being apprehended? He directed me to the Bailiff’s Room and told me to just knock on the door. A young man dressed in a suit, lawyer ?, was sitting to the right of the Deputy. He told me that if I managed to get arrested that I would probably spend 72 hrs. in solitary confinement (the jail is full), and then be released. Yikes!

Upon a Bailiff answering my knock at the door, I went through my same story and question about being apprehended to see a judge. “Not a chance.”

Ahh, Sheriff Downey is going into the Bailiff’s Room. I asked him what about conversing with a judge, that I am under duress and (e)lderly, ten miles from any food store, and no way to get wood to heat my home. And, “Didn’t you read my letter and attached Notice that I left for you two weeks ago?” That clicked, he punted, threw up his hands and directed me to the Mt. Sanhedrin (universal consent) Court in Mendo. Constitutional Sheriff my snow white bottom. He took the oath to uphold the law of the land, the Constitution. It’s either Constitution, or For Profit Commerce PERIOD.

Hind sight – I shoulda give him a swift kick in the shin. I’m sure that would have gained my entrance into the Syndicated Corruption pool. However, I’m not willing to be in solitary confinement for 72 hrs. and then released by a PIG (PERSONS In Government) who illegally step into the judicial branch and sign a release as: “Matrix II.”

My mentor emailed me before I went up to Eureka and asked if I was just going up there to “shoot the breeze” with a judge. Later, I replied that I didn’t even get a sniff of a breeze with a judge.

Part three: The Lying Liars Who Lie About The Lying:

Monday Aug. 26, 2013

Lie # 9 – “Traffic” Administration room didn’t open until 8:30 (since last Nov.). The Code Enforcer wrote 8:00 on C.H.P’s “Adopted” Traffic Citation form.

Lie #10 - Suspended D/L. When anyone’s State issued (owned) D/L EXPIRES, it would be impossible to be on the FREEways or “Highway” Robbery of 101, with a “Suspended” Commercial DRIVER’s License.

Not being in possession of any I dent a fiction and knowing that the Commercial Administration process requires notarized documents, I ventured into Garberville’s D.M.V – at 1:15 (closes for one and a forth hours for lunch). As I approached the door a lady was just behind me. A sign posted on the door said to take a number and be seated. I looked at her and asked if we would be told to do just that and we gave a knowing smile to one another. We were the only ones in there, with two female counter clerks ready behind the counter. Sure enough! The first counter clerk on our right told us to each take a number. I asked if I should be seated first (only to get right back up and approach the counter). She said no we didn’t have to sit, just take a number. As I filled in the fields on the (A)pplication, NOT Contract as there’s only my sign of nature (signature) – in THREE places! There’s no meeting of the minds, let alone the autograph of the STATE who is offering the (A)pplication. She printed out a record of past FTA’s – and sueprise, sueprise, Mendo. was NOT on the paper – hence, no “Suspended” D/L. – A third lady, to my left, was asking about why she hadn’t received her D/L in the mail yet. Great.

The edifice of fraud is crumbling before our very eyes.

Earlier same day – After two office stops on the second floor of the Mt. Sanhedrin building, I was sent to “Court” room G (Godzilla I figured). The whore judge in this room was handing out penance (O)rders to the tune(s) of $800 to $1,400!! She asked if the ones who remained were here for Walk-In Court. I stood and was motioned front and center. (I have two witnesses with me). Wearing a white skirt (always bring light into the dark) and a med. blue long-sleeved cotton sweater that has UNSLAVED printed in white two inch high letters across the chest, I began with:
“For and on the record – and continued with what I posted in here last week. i read through the first page – ending with –what rights will be made available to the Accused and what rights will be denied – and the de facto judge started banging her little hammer like a third grader, shouting “I have jurisdiction over You!” To which I firmly stated, “I do Not consent, You do NOT have jurisdiction over the Accused!!!” As usual, I had hit a nerve – and the Bailiff started walking towards me and reaching for the cuffs. Judgie wudgie asked how did I want to plead? “I do NOT plead to Courts of Contract.” She continued, all I heard was September 11 as the Bailiff (on queue to distract) started talking to me also. I marked his paper “offer to Contract” with my usual For: ALL CAPS NAME (i’m signing For the Strawman), followed by three dots (under duress and forced under threat to comply).

Lie # – I’ve lost count in “this State” (of mind) – Bailiff told me that what the robed Pirate was saying was being printed and I would get a copy. Later upon looking at the “(O)rders, it was only three copies of the same world-of-fiction’s Citation.
i’m posting this in here in detail for (E)ntertainment purposes ONLY. The irrelevant facts have no bearing. I’m there for one purpose, and one purpose only, to challenge jurisdiction (Due process). When fact and fiction come face to face, the truth can NOT be heard – literally, and god forbid the remaining two thirds full of the room should hear truth. Remember, Lady Justice wears a blindfold.

Part four: In the Arm Pit of the Country’s So-called Courts:

Wednesday September 11, 2013

Different black-robed Banker, no surprise there. This one repeated no less than three times, that, “California is a sovereign State.” Again I refer to George Carlin who stated the obvious: – “How much longer do they think they can go on lying to us?”

Sovereign is a “people” term – NOTHING to do with land. The Constitution is the law of the land.

I could only stare at the Banker. He even threatened having me cuffed – get this – for chewing gum! Honestly, how embarrassing would that be, when any of the other female prisoners asked me why I’m in there, and I’d answer – “for chewing gum.” Too embarrassing, I opted to spit it out – Knowing that I’d be slipping back into 3-D’s jurisdiction by obeying a command from a Banker.

When I said that I had not received Due Process (as it no longer exists), the Banker threatened me with a Bench Warrant! (This guy was even more off the hook than Banker #1 – if that’s possible). Next, and meaning they’ve run out of ideas – the Banker would have me declared nuts if I didn’t accept a Public Pretender!!! JEEEZ US.

STATE INC.’S are merely marauding bands, violently appropriating land (and other) resources that they have no labor title to. The land question remains, its’ importance brought to the forefront whenever we’re shown the utter chaos that the “order” of the STATE actually produces.

It’s a matter of course that the STATE’S gangs holding us captive should demand our loyalty, and no less surprising that most have come to genuinely identify with their respective captors.

How pissed, indeed!, should all of us be at the history of political conquests that gave us the distribution of land (and other resources) we have today?

Part five: In the City of the Damned . . . Bring it On, I Will Not Comply!

Thursday October 3rd, 2013

The level of fraud is impressive. Same Banker as Round One, third persecutor, third Case # (?). D.A. ass’t didn’t have my file (yeah, right) and left to go get it. Banker exited room. I approached a guy wearing a blue short-sleeved, unbuttoned shirt, supposedly the Bailiff, and handed him my original Affidavit and asked him to give it to the Court Clerk. He looked confused, walked it over to her, and returned it to me. (Conclusion – the offices are all vacant). Persecutor returns. I asked to see his BAR card, which he produced, then he followed me back to my seat by my friends. He was asking about “Driving.” I corrected him, “travel.” He said “Drive.” I said “travel.” “Drive.” “travel.” “Drive.” “travel” “Drive.” “travel.” This went on six to eight times, he finally conceded and returned to his chair. Banker returns. Persecutor whines about the “Defendant” – which I loudly corrected by saying “co-plaintiff” – asking him to see his BAR card. “Good morning your honor” as I again handed my Affidavit to the Bailiff(?), with a nod from the Banker, the Court Clerk handed it to her. Banker asks if this is about challenging her jurisdiction? “Yes, same as the Aug. and Sept. meetings.” (first one w/out an identification, I had three friends whom I’ve known forever witness my signature –Common Law, second round I submitted a copy that got “Lodged.” This time, I gave up my original). Then, and this was a real stretch, she asked if I was the same ‘person’ whose last NAME (30 years ago!) was ——-. (I wouldn’t contract with her by ‘giving’ her my name). I said that that was irrelevant to the case now before the court. “On and for the record, I am here in the flesh speaking for the living ______, family of _____, hereinafter co-plaintiff by Special Appearance ONLY” when the Banker interrupted my freedom of speech and says that the Court Reporter can’t get all that I’m saying – lies, lies, and more lies. I asked if she was stating that I am a slave? She said no, I didn’t (past tense) say that you were a slave. I asked for evidence for the claim. She referred to the lame-ass citation that I and Officer ____signed. I asked her if she really thought that an ALL BLOCK CAPITAL NAME printed like a second grader with For: in front was my signature? And that Officer _____is too incompetent to make a legal decision for me. She said that he is competent. I said that the court is assuming facts not in evidence and so far I haven’t seen a valid claim/legal charging instrument. We continued to talk over one another – round and round. I asked her if she is a Public Servant? She arrogantly said, “I am employed by the STATE of CA.” I asked if she had taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, that it seems as if I’m being punished for my belief in the law of the land. (I know, I know, NEVER mention the Constitution in an inferior STATE courtroom). It was mostly a shouting match. She said that all she could do is reduce this to an infraction. I said, that is not true, it can be dismissed without prejudice (this was on the top right corner of my Affidavit). Well, she wasn’t going to do that, and could I be ready for try all by Mon? (LOL, a Bench trial). “No. Co-plaintiff demands a jury trial – of her peers.” (you can see how impossible this would be, AS IF there are 12 living souls in Mendo. who think as I do). She was saying the word January, when I abruptly, and determinedly, turned and walked away, looked at my friends and loudly said, “let’s go, we’re outta here.” The pretend Bailiff came running after us out in the hall and asked if I didn’t want the “Minutes.” We kept walking, I said “NO!” There was about 20 sheeple in the room for this ACT III smoke and mirrors show.

I’m so done with STATE employees posing as Public Servants. These inferior courts lack jurisdiction to allow a foreign government operating on American soil – Trespassers and Traitors! And yes, my truck is still there after three months. If this bullshit charade being played on the people to extort rights and money by misconveyance of our language, and wearing their color of law costumes, continues – who’s fault is it? Mendo’s website has 60 days in advance slave NAMES listed to “appear” in their pit of vipers.

Part 6:The people vs the STATE INC.(fact vs FICTION)

Thursday October 31

Upon arriving in Garberville i had Jim Lamport make three copies for me of the “So Ordered” Mendocino County So Ordered Dismissed, Trial Dates Vacated, document. Off to the STATE (CHP) office in Redway, with witness in tow. A gal comes to the counter window and opens it. The only other person on the other side of the glass is a female standing back afar. Let me say here that, a contract is a meeting of the minds and performance. I handed her a copy of the Dismissed case docket and told her that i was going to get my truck from impound at the tow agency, and would she please confirm this to him if he telephones? She agreed = meeting of the minds. I offered, she accepted. Seriously, it didn’t occur to me to ass KING permission. I’m public; she’s servant –correct?

Just before arriving at the “tow agency,” I telephoned my girlfriend who was nearby to come and meet me there, that I had received the Dismissal Order yesterday. We get there when she does. Tow guy comes out, and I hand him his copy of the Dismissed doc., and say, happily, that I’ve come to get my truck. (Our first two meetings he “wished me luck”). He is saying something in reference to $, when I remind him that my last sentence to him the first time we met was that, he is liable if the charges don’t stick -and that during our second encounter that I had referred him to the Notices he had received, (signed signature in hand), that states that you can’t lose something you never had $, and that he is in possession of stolen property. “You can’t not know something once you know It.” I even showed him my original Purchase receipt from the dealer who I bought my truck from, and did he see his name on it? I again showed him the STATE “tow agency” form that has NO SIGNATURES on it, and the “Traffic”(Commerce) citation that only has one signature –the arresting STATE Officer’s.

He privately contracted with the PUBLIC STATE –not me. How can his contract include me???? Private Public Partnership (PPP) is a frowned-upon conflict of interest that is not for the benefit of the people, and tramples on the Constitution, and in amendment, the Bill of Rights -that on paper, protects those rights.

I had also asked him, during one of my past visits, that would it be okay if I stole his truck? Would he mind? -seeing that we hardly know each other, and i don’t have his signature selling, giving, or lending it to me.

I asked him to please telephone the STATE office in Redway. He telephones a STATE Dispatcher, talks to her for a while, and then she asks to speak with me. My first words were, “Are you in Redway?” She replied, “No.” Then she asked me if I got a signed ‘Release” when i left a copy of the Dismissed doc. in Redway. Like all-of-a-sudden signatures actually have value –humph. She then turns the telephone conversation over to Major _____. I MEAN, how many Military Titles of Nobility/Labels are there in the STATE C.H.P? He rambles on the same old programming, in the crypt, ad nauseous mantra about D/L, Registration blah, blah, blah. Back talking with the Dispatcher, in ending our chat, she says that she’ll get back to me -She does –She Dispatches some 104’s.

Prior to their speedy arrival, I was using my girlfriend’s telephone in trying to connect with Redway – I listened to the menu merry-go-round madness, including an Insurance sales blurb, and wasn’t able to speak with a warm body. True to the day that it was, Halloween, the 104’s arrived in their usual “Color of Law” costumes. The first one to arrive looks to be 24 years of age. I flash on the 24 year-old rookie-in-training who just recently fired seven shots at a 13-year-old boy in Sonoma County and killed him.

My girlfriend must exit -it’s that time of year. The second 104 arrives, he’s the first-in-line thug thief who illegally and unlawfully stole my truck in July. I didn’t recognize him -I seldom remember STATE persons. A Corpse just doesn’t have much worth to me. He’s short, bald, wearing shades . . . cute in a wolf’s clothing way.

With the tow guy, James (my witness), two STATE Code Enforcement Agents, and myself, circled . . . the first 104 to arrive starts on his schpeal about STATE Codes. I ask for his oath, as I’m writing down his NAME. No reply. i show him the Dismissed doc. from the COUNTY of Mendocino. He says that until I REGISter my truck and get a (Commercial) Driver’s License, and (I)nsurance that my truck isn’t gong anywhere. I said, “Let’s suppose that i get my truck and I’m traveling up 101 and get motioned roadside. Do you think that a STATE Code Enforcer is going to waste his time going through this whole charade again?” He just went into his programmed mantra about D/L, Registration, and Insurance. I agreed –meeting of the minds, and turned to walk. At this point, let’s face it; Registration and a License could be obtained. Then, “Tow Guy” who has said nothing up until then, mentions his $. 104 says, “Oh yes, and his storage fees.” Do I smell a Breach of Contract? I turn back around. Now, the bald headed 104 speaks and tells me that we have to get off of the property, and for me to telephone a “Supervisor” GOOD GRIEF! –yet another titled fly in the ointment. Are these DiCK wavers authority fixated, or what? If the tow guy would have said for me to leave his property, I could heed, but a STATE hired thug? Na.

The first 104 getting more vicious by the minute, snarls and says, “If we have to come back out here we won’t be as nice as we are now.” James, who has only been witnessing for me, speaks up and tells the 104, that he just crossed the line in threatening his friend, and he won’t tolerate it. At this point, I’m not going to place any one of us in harm’s way. I look at James and say, “Let’s go.”

At least three times when the youngest 104 was talking loudly over me, I told them that he was. Only to hear, “Yeah, that’s right.” I asked him to allow me to speak without his interference, that the only reason we’re having this confrontation at all is because “you two have the clubs and the guns.”

As James says, “It’s hard to convince someone whose livelihood is based on not understanding.”

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