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How Much is Enough?


I left Mule Creek State Prison only to be transferred to another one of the state’s many prisons that they have built from one end of California to the other from San Diego and Calipatria in the south to far north Pelican Bay Prison in Crescent City and cities in between. There are a total of 50 prisons, fire camps, institutions and whatever they want to call them nowadays. 

That's way too many prisons for sure. But I find myself right next door to the very prison I started out in 30 years ago which was Old Folsom State Prison. Now here I am again 30 years later in what they call New Folsom State Prison. Yes, I can hear the whistle blow round the bend at noon each day as I could 30 years ago, just as old Johnny Cash sang.

If you are wondering, though: I have never been back out since I came in to prison in 1979. So on February 19, 2010 I will start my 31st year in Hotel California. You can check out, but never leave. How true that is. And yes, I learned my wrong very much so in all this time but folks need to be real — when is enough time for your crime? When they hook you up to the needle that the government/state has to kill its people?

But hellfire, I was young then and I’m old now. I now cost the state of California a lot, lot, lot of money to keep me in these cement boxes. I must have changed from the youngster I was back then to an older but a lot smarter and nonviolent person you hear from today. That's me.

Well, Mr. Editor, thank you for your paper that not only I read and very much enjoy as I did from Mule Creek, but also I have a few cats here who also enjoy your paper. Thanks again. I can't wait to get my next issue. 

Respectfully, always here,

Ricky Ray Keel

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  1. Trent Foster December 20, 2009

    Ricky Ray Keel

    “Enough is enough!”
    I believe you are no longer a violent person, after thirty year’s on the frequent felon plan or not just one long train of thought that is being trained to all of California’s “Pavlofs dogs” I am sure that you at this point know where the food is at!
    It is a sad situation when, more monies are being spent at the 50 or so prisons here in “California uberias” than education or rest homes.
    The bottom line is, we as a society live in a disposable society, that cost so much more than rehabilitation or recycling, both our prisons and rest homes are nothing more than killing factories, pushed by the neocons and self rightous liberals, of the modern variety hippies, what happend to Bob Marlies “Love one love all!”
    One thing I cant stand is, if you are not like me then you are not right, and don’t need to be apart of this world so away you go, be it a prison or rest home.
    Now you say you are no longer violent?
    And I feel you are right, after 31 years in CDCR, the R being rehabilitation.
    Check this out I was sent to prison for drugs, for which were not even mine, the drug was Heroin, and why did choose Heroin, I was racked in pain and suffering from being beat as a an bombastic stepfather
    Was I a bad child?
    No I am bipolar and my favorite excuse given too me was “I will give you a reason to cry about” when I was depressed! And was not able to leave my bed, which means clean my room,to the specs of the Fairmont hotel, this or any behavior, other that direct physical contact in self protection warrant’s, the fact I was beaten with a thick leather belt 30 times a lick, at a number of hundreds of times, for which only made the issue even worse hence more beating’s.
    At now 50 years old I am now going to seek pain managment. for the physical damages that I aquir’ed from this sociopath, and after years of being clean,will I receive any relief?
    I doubt it very much, and I doubt very much that father’s such as mine, a truely violent predator, feeding there sadistic bombastic egocentric hatred of another man’s child, will ever see the other side of the prison wall’s!
    Mr Keel I do feel, that if this man was alive today that with the understanding’s that some of us in society understand have, that he would apologies.
    As far as i am concerned he is forgiven!
    I now carry the intensity around my eye’s caused by my physical and emotional pain that threatens people, pain is the price of life.
    The funny thing about it is, with my eye’s I attract, violent predatory young women, who are quick too say that I am a predator!
    I have been celebate for year’s now, but it’s alright it save’s me alote of money, and heart ache,plus prison time!
    As I have said this is a disposable society! None the less is there a nice middle aged woman out there, or just slightly younger,please not by much?

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