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Credit for Time Served

Dear AVA,

Yesterday I was taking a shower here at Soledad Prison thinking about your newspaper. Two minutes later they called my name for mail. I emerged from the shower and lo and behold the CO handed me my first issue of your publication. I was so surprised. I was even more surprised to see that you printed a letter that I wrote to you! I am very honored. I write this letter to tell you thank you very much for making it possible for me to receive your fine newspaper. As I said in my last letter, I will read every word in your newspaper — they are always that interesting to me.

With any luck they may release some of us prisoners due to the overcrowding. It is very crowded in here and at Avenal were I was until recently! Supposedly, a new bill cleared the legislature called SBXXX18 which goes into effect on January 1. The SB-18 bill will give us a four-day credits for time spent in county jail instead of three days credit for every two days spent in county jail. So someone will have to recalculate our time credits and we will probably have to apply to get our time credits recalculated. I will be sure to apply for mine so that I will be in this awful place for less time.

Thank you again for the subscription!


Lance Scott

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