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‘Go Ahead And Taze Me, Punk’

Nelson Vose began his life of crime early on, and by the time he was 31, in February of 1998, and living in Willits, he was a seasoned offender, a felon, denied the right to bear arms. But it is easier for a felon to get a gun in this country than any law-abiding citizen, and so it should come as no surprise that Vose was armed when, one fine winter Saturday of 1998, he locked and loaded a .380 semi-automatic and trained the muzzle on the people he was living with on Sherwood Road.

When Vose was arrested, he was carrying drugs and the hypodermic syringes to inject the drugs with, another pistol, lots of bullets, and the weed he’d no doubt robbed from his Sherwood “friends.” Vose had told these people he’d kill them if they told on him.

It had all started with a domestic dispute — we used to call ‘em wife beaters, but now, that’s a kind of undergarment, a singlet, and “domestic dispute” can mean anything, from breaking wind to breaking bones, and everything in between.

By the time Vose was 41, an age when a lot of career outlaws are beginning to slow down, he achieved an even higher measure of notoriety than he'd previously enjoyed — an 11-hour standoff. That one back on  March 28th of 2000, Vose had inflated the routine service of a bench warrant for not showing up for a court appearance on drug charges into what could have been a serious shoot out.

Deputies had gone to his home on Highway 162 between Dos Rios and Covelo early that afternoon, and when they pulled up, Vose barricaded himself in a closet with a pistol, shouting out to the cops that he wasn’t going down alone. As the hours dragged on into the late night and early morning, the deputies brought in reinforcements from the Willits Police Department, and the CHP. It was thought Vose had captives in the house with him.

The “fuckin’ pigs” –  as Vose styled the guardians of law and order while he cranked off  threats and bullets from the upper floor-windows of his happy home. The area was sealed off with roadblocks and hostage negotiations began . Vose’s probation officers arrived to try to talk Vose out of “suicide by cop.” It turned out Vose was alone in the house, and law enforcement gave all the credit, in a subsequent article for the Ukiah Daily Journal, for the desperate man's surrender to the probation people. As it developed, Vose had been despondent over recent incidents in his personal life and had been prepared to leave this life by shooting as many deputies as he could see to shoot at.

Nelson Vose
Nelson Vose

By September of 2013, Vose, now 54, had moved himself and his many grievances to Ukiah where he shared them with Jeanette Marie Mason, his domestic partner. On November 9th, Vose was booked into the county jail for resisting arrest and threatening an officer. The police had appeared because Vose had administered a serious beating to Ms. Mason.

On December 18th Vose was in court to answer to these latest charges. Deputy Craig Walker had been dispatched to the Vose/Mason love nest at 2660 Mill Creek Road, Talmage, in response to a 911 call.

Deputy Walker took the stand last Thursday at Vose’s  preliminary hearing to determine if Vose should be held to answer to charges of assault.

DA David Eyster is trying to put Vose away. It went like this:

“Were there any signs that the defendant had been abusing alcohol, Deputy Walker?”

“Yes, sir. He had about him a strong odor of alcohol; his eyes were glassy, watery and red, and his speech was slurred.”

“Can you describe his demeanor?”

“He was uncooperative and hostile, if that’s what you mean.”

“Did he try to delay you in your duty?”

Deputy Walker uttered a small sound, a kind of grunt or guffaw, if you will; what is technically called a phoneme, something less than a syllable, the smallest phonetic unit, but as it was attended with  wry smile it spoke volumes.

Just a little delay?


“I must have told him at least 10 times to sit down, and at one point he hit me in the head with his fist.”

“What did you do?”

“I put my hand on my tazer and told him that was enough. I said again, ‘sit down’.”

“Did he? Did he do as you asked?”

“No. He started towards me saying, ‘Fuck you. Go ahead and taze me, you fucking punk’ — then he hit me.”

“Did you do as he asked?”

Walker is Anderson Valley's resident deputy. He is much admired for his intelligence, patience and all-round reasonableness. Vose was fortunate indeed to have Walker show up.

The defense was handled by a lawyer named Harwood, who may be from the Office of the Public Defender, there being so many new lawyers around the courthouse these days — for both prosecution and defense — that it's hard to keep track of them all. These new lawyers seem leery of people with press cards. You say, “May I have your card, counselor?” and they scurry away like mice to huddle and tremble in their locked offices.

Mr. Harwood, a slim, young, professional-looking fellow, rose to cross. Trouble had formally begun in the Vose household when the victim, Ms. Mason, had christened lover-boy by smashing a fifth of Jim Beam across his brow.

“So someone had been hit him in the face with a bottle of booze,” Harwood said. “And Deputy Scott was already there when you arrived?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” Walker responded.

“After you arrived, how long was it before you contacted Mr. Vose?”

“About a minute. I parked in the driveway and joined them on the porch.”

“You testified that he appeared intoxicated.”


“Can you quantify that?”

“I dunno how you’d measure it.”

“Well, was he quite drunk?”


“And did you notice any injuries to my client?”

“Yes. He had a cut above his left eye.”

“Do you know how he received it?”

“Yes. His girlfriend hit him with a bottle.”

“Now, prior to any physical contact with my client, you asked him to sit down — was that your testimony?”


“And he sat back down?”

“Briefly, yes.”

“For a moment, then?”


“And Deputy Scott went into the house?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“After Scott went into the house you decided to put the cuffs on my client, did you not?”

“I did, yes.”

“Had he threatened you?”


“But he just wouldn’t sit down?”

“That’s correct.”

“So, he said ‘fuck the cuffs’?

“That he did.”

“Was he yelling?”

“It was somewhere between a normal tone and yelling.”

“And you told him not to move?”

“Yes I did.”

“How loud?”

“I certainly wasn’t just talking.”

“And he responded?”

“I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking me, counselor.”

“Well, was it at that point that he struck you?”

“No. I drew my tazer and told him not to move; and he said: ‘Fuck you; fuckin’ taze me, punk’.”

There was a silence in the courtroom as the defense attorney whispered with his client as the sound of a dog barking came up from somewhere below.

At length Mr. Harwood asked how far away Deputy Walker was from his client when he hit the trigger on the tazer.

“About five feet,” Walker said.

“Was he coming toward you?”


“Did he lunge at you?”

“Yes, he did.”

“And that’s when he struck you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Where – where did he strike you, Deputy?”

“Just behind my right eye,” Walker said, tapping his temple.

“Well, why in the heck didn’t you just move out of the way, Deputy?” Harwood spluttered, revealing himself as a man unacquainted with encounters of the violent type.

“There wasn’t that much time, counselor.”

“Did he hit you hard or soft?”

“I’d say it was pretty hard since it glanced off my face and left me dazed … briefly.“

“Well, did you sustain any injuries?”

“No; although I was told I had an angry red mark glowing on my head for quite some time afterwards.”

“Is that when you fired your tazer?”

“Yes, afterwards.”

“Was Deputy Scott there?”

“I’m not sure whether he saw that or not.”

“But my client removed the prongs, did he not?”

“He did pull one of ‘em out, yes.”

“Did he then finally sit down?”

“Oh, yes,” Walker grinned.

“Then you ‘dry stunned’ him, did you not?”


“And a dry stun is when you touch the trigger again after the initial jolt and the prongs have been removed?”

“Basically, yes, that’s correct.”

“So my client got up again and came after you?”

“Yes he did.”

That was it. Judge John Behenke found sufficient evidence to hold Mr. Vose for trial.

Harwood wondered aloud if maybe his client couldn’t get the charges reduced to a misdemeanor; he hadn’t really hurt Deputy Walker after all, and Vose’s domestic partner loved her co-habitant; indeed she seemed to enjoy the physical violence as much as he did! Judge Behnke said that was certainly a possibility.

Where will it end?

Probably won’t.


  1. Katherine de la Quadra January 25, 2019

    MCSO Robbed Nelson Vose of a 18,000$ motorcycle trespassing onto his property, planting drugs on him and threatening him in order to rob him

  2. Katherine de la Quadra January 25, 2019

    Nelson vose saved the life of then deputy sheriff tom Allman years ago in Laytonville from being beaten to death., ask Tom

  3. Ann Katherine de La Quadra July 30, 2019

    Your articles about me are more libel from mendocino couty horse thief Angie Herman who stalked me and my horses for over 10 years.

    While I was paying dr mike witt of redwood valley for over 20 years, ( i originally hired him in 1993)
    His jealous and malicious office secretary was slandering me and my horses for over 20 years and has a “core group” of thieves and troublemakers she works with, targeting the Innocent for harm, oppression and the denial of rights, their purpose is Robbery & Malicious harm to the unsuspecting.
    Roni Mcfadden and her “group” of thieves and evil doers, and sheriff tom allmans mendocino couny animal control & the not accredited horse ranch in kelseyville that Bogus Mendocino County contracts with to bring stolen horses to, have killed 9 horses of mine, 7 foals, recently 1 yearling-colt. And either starved my Arab Stallion “Raffi” to death or have illegally transferred him to members of Ro i Mcfaddens “group” of thieves in Willits.
    While we, me and all of my horses, I am their Registered Owner/Breeder, were supposed to have been at an Accredited Arabian Horse Farm, that is Internationally acclaimed, with Specialists, decent and real professional horse drs available 24/7 & security and who do the Quarantine for travel overseas as we were leaving to go establish a State Stud in my Homeland. As my horses and I have been in serious danger here because of the slander of my ex horse dr and his unstable and malicious secretary, Roni Mcfadden and her “group” of Criminals.

    All of my horses would still be alive if we had been able to leave to the farm in Santa Barbara.

    Roni Mcfadden and her group of criminals thru malicious slander targeted me and my horses for crime, stalking, slandering, plotting, causing harm and hardship while Sheriff Tom Allman & Mendocino County work “In Collusion” with Roni Mcfadden and her gang of thugs. These are the people who belong in Prison.
    Since April 14th 2016 , the first illegal seizure. Where I was illegally evicted from my ramch of 8 years, all the while me and my horses have never wanted to ne in horrible Mendocino County and were always just trying to leave to go home.
    One of the operators of the Real Estate Crime Syndicate in laytonville, Regina Dickson, the biggest crook in Mendocino, now known as: Westwood Real Estate. Run by my ex- neighbor and a Zionist Thug, Susan Bradley.
    I was unlawfully evicted without the new owner Regina Dickson giving me the required 60-day Notice. No one ever told me that the property had been sold. There was no 60-day notice and no due process.
    I had already moved almost all of my horses to the pastures next door now leasing them. While always just trying to leave the area due to the constant harassment and crime orchestrated against me and my horses by my ex-horse drs secretary.
    And the fact that we were always nere wanted to be there having other things to do. And responsibilities elsewhere.
    Some of My stud colts ran away from the cops jumping over the fence some injuring themselves while clearing two strands of barbed wire. (You never have barned wire around horses. Barbed wire is outlawed in Germany)
    I have pictures of their Injuries by this illegal Raid by Tom Allman & his gang of thugs ( Sheriff Allman is the head of the Masonic Lodge of Mendocino County, he is nothing more than a Black-Robed Witch, and all witches Rob their victims. His wife is the head of the Masonic Savings Bank. Members of Secret Societies do not belong in Public Office is a major conflict of Interest and a real danger to the people of Mendocino County and their families and Individuals CIVIL RIGHTS!!! As all secret societies are Crime Syndicates and violate the separation of Church and State. Their members have been Abolished from the governments, Police & Military in other Countries for their Methods and Modes of Communism, Nazism & Fascism. For promoting National Hatred & National Racism.
    We need to Abolish all members of secret societies from all levels of Government, police & military.

    Two of my Brother Stallion horses fleeing the Cops, jumped into my Mare Herds Pasture.
    The 2 Stallions divided the Mare Herd between themselves and peacefully co-existed as 2 separate herds.
    It is the Crimes of Mendocino County at the behest of a MOB incited by the slander of Roni Mcfadden and her “group” and Regina Dickson and Kent Westwood with their Real Estate Crime Syndicate
    who caused these horses to be together with my Mare Herd.

    Ive always kept my Bachelor Herd, (The male offspring of my breedings from my Breeding Stallion and my 2 foundation mares)
    And my Mare Herd, (the female offspring of my Breeding Stallion and his 2 Mares ) separate.

    Usually miles apart on completely different properties. As Id leased 127 acres for 12 years from John & Natalie Smythe of Laytonville where my Insurance co. Insured all property owners, my Bachelor Herd of stud colts all Brothers and half Brothers all having the same father and from 2 different moms.

    Its the actions of Mendocino County who put my stud colts in with my Mare Herd and caused the deaths of 9 horses of mine, all foals except Raffi who was-is The Head of The Bachelor Herd.

    On April 14. 2016 Mendocino County. Illegally seized, 3 horses of mine in their 1st of 5 Raids or seizures. All of those seizures were acts of illegal evictions. Horse-Evictions, without “Due-Process” never any Notice, never any Notice of Correction as there was never anything to correct. These were all out of Malice fueled by bias amd slander of my ex-horse drs secretary.

    My horses were Injured and Irreparably harmed by every single seizure.
    And the actio s of Mendocino County killed 9 horses of mine
    Intended for the Establishment of a State Stud in my Homeland.
    I tried here.

    On April 14th. 2016,
    They took, stole, my breeding stallion the father of all of these purebred Arabian Horses. Whos won Ribbons in other states, his son Raffi and my filly Alessandra to Cole Creek Equestrian in Kelseyville that same place in Lake County where most of my horses have been killed there.

    2 foals were killed in willits by Mendocino County and members of Roni Mcfaddens “group of criminals”

    I was able to go get both Raffi and his dad out of there barely in time to save their lives.They were skin and bones.
    Sierra ndra was ok except that these horse thieves had put Alessandra and her half-brother Raffi in the same paddock where she became “In foal” to Raffi, while I was going to lease or sell her to another breeder overseas.

    Regina Dickson, who works for Mendocino County and Mendocino County hired Tim Hurt of Covelo who is a known livestock thief and animal abuser to take my horses.
    His use of force so traumatized my filly Allessandra that she has never been the same. You Never use force with the horse.

    There were 9 Incidences in a 21-month period where we, me and my horses were being hit every 2.3 Months by those who had been victimizing me and my horses for years – and now with Mendocino County joining in these Crimes against me and my dear Horses.

    There were 5 seizures. All illegal at the behest of a group lead by Roni Mcfadden of willits all based upon Malicious Slander.

    I got my horses back every single time.except the last 2-times. Where they refused to return my 5-Brother horses in an attempt to cover-up the fact that they either starved Raffi to death or illegay transferred him to members of Roni Mcfaddens “group” in Willits.

    And my Mare Herd where I did everything I was supposed to do to get them back and basically was swindled where all 8 pregnant mares were taken to that same place in kelseyville that is not an accredited horse farm and where they almost starved Raffi and his Dad to death in 2016.

    They caused the deaths of 5 foals there and recently killed a yearling colt in his stable, and Raffi was starved to death there (or illegaly transferred) the above was stated in Court in Lake County by the owner-operator of that place in Kelseyville.

    Other people have had similar problems of neglect there but were able to go and get their horses out of there to save their lives.

    Roni Mcfadden and her group who regularly slander and libel me in the AVA and the Willits Weekly and Re ‘County Witnesses” and the MOB theyve mislead and incited along with Mendocino County & the supposed “Safer Horse” comprise the Mendocino County Horse Thieves. In illegal seizures of Privately Owned horses to their “rescue members” who illegaly TRADE IN STOLEN HORSES. Is happening all over the United States after Animal Control was no longer under The Department of Agriculture but now under the Sheriffs Office that is a disaster for everyone especially the Animals. That it needs to be transferred back to the USDA & no longer be under the Sheriff & the “Police State.”

    For a number of years my 2 ex-neighbors while I was leasing Cahto Ranch at 3751 Branscomb rd, were trying to criminalize me in order to put me in jail to Rob me. Both of these women claim to be Witches. And started a Campaign of making “false Reports” to Animal Control while committing crimes ahainst me and my horses, trespassing, a d harminf my animals while trespassing robbed my home 3 times, harassment, etc.
    I tried many times to get protection from the court and authorities for my horses and myself. They would never help us.

    Now Mendocino County has been trying to Incriminate me. In an attempt to cover up their crimes against me and my horses.

    I need a really good lawyer and help to get all of my horses back and have my shipper come get them safely away from Northern California and all those people.

    Please view the website: ” Mendocino Mob Madness” where you can see animal control officers falsifying horse registration papers signing over registration papers to themselves.falsifying the real owners signatures in order to steal horses.

    All the same people are involved in this, all lead by Roni Mcfadden & dvm Mike Witt, etc.

    Animal Control officer George Hodgson works for Roni Mcfadden and her group of horse- thieves. And is responsible for the death of the 1st foal killed by “them” meaning members of Roni Mcfaddens group & Mendocino County. May 1st 2017 Officer George Hodgson tresspassed onto my Mare Herds Pasture at 801 EastHill rd, Willits, ca 95490 at the “behest” of Cecilia Young” of willits a member of Roni Mcfaddens “group” who had threatened me and my horses earlier that day driving up to where I was at the fenceline observing Anastasia nursing her newborn colt.
    “Im going to keep calling Animal Control” until they take all of your horses from you”

    Animal Control Officer George Hodgson trspassed into my Mare Herds Pasture, interferring with my mare and foaland the next day my foal was dead. This was while there was a TRO against officer Hodgson.

    Its officer George Hodgson who has stalked, threatened and harassed me and my horses all these years and is responsible for all of these illegal seizures lead by Roni Mcfadden.

  4. Ann Katherine de la Quadra July 30, 2019

    I met Nelson Vose in August or September of 2017.
    Andrew Hilkey who is a member of Roni Mcfaddens “group” libled me and nelson in your paper.

    Nelson accompanied me every day to go feed my Mare Herd and was there the day Mendocino County put me under false arrest to steal my Mare Herd.

    Nelson is a witness and knows that, I was feeding my horses every day, and that I never kicked any cop.

    This is why Nelson has been attacked in your paper as I have, by members of Roni Mcfaddens “group” Andy Hilkey and Angie Herman (a horse thief who has been stalking me and .y horses for over 10 years. Who works for “Safer” horse, who trade in Stolen Horses)

  5. ANN katherine de la Quadra July 30, 2019

    I blame Roni Mcfadden and her “group” of roving horse thieves and troublemakers for the death of one of my horse haulers, Dawn Center.

    Dawn was disabled with a heart condition. And they harassed the hell out of her, took all of her horses. And literally pushed Dawn over the edge.

    Dawn was just a real good livestock person. She never harmed any horse of mine. She was excellent with foals and tea velled with her own side panels. If you dont k ow horses then you dont know how important that is in safely loading Mares with foals and horses in general.

    I also blame Animal Control Officer George Hodgson for the death of my other friend, Lydia Dietmeir. Who was a talented artist, an Intellectual and another good person, who like Dawn was.
    An Individual and not a “joiner” of any of these groups who are bullies and cowards ganging up on single women and the elderly out of Malice and to Rob people to feed ‘revenue” to this monster for governmental revenue while ruining peoples lives.

    While the only purpose of government is to “Serve its People” has lost its purpose
    While excessive governmental interference in peoples lives is a function of ROBBERY.

  6. Ann katherine de la Quadra July 30, 2019

    Dawn Center was raised by her grandmother in Redwood Valley. When her grandmother passed away Dawn Inherited the property.

    Roni Mcfadden, and her “group” could offered to help Dawn if she was having a hard time. Instead, while lacking any morals for Humanity, they harrassed the hell out of Dawn causing suffering and hardship to a disabled person with a serious heart condition. They slandered and harassed. Dawn to death out of sadistic malice,
    Victimizing a defenceless single woman.
    Pushing Dawn way over the edge, provoking her
    And the MCSO shot her 16 times killing her.
    Mendocino County most likely took her land after killing her.

    While Roni Mcfadden and her group, including, Andy Hilkey who has libled me in your paper and in the Willits Weekly and Internet sites that he operates and he who lies to Judges and perjured himself at the Prelim along with all the other supposed witnesses who gave the same orchestrated lies, judge Ann Moorman trying to cover-up the crimes of the County against my horses anxiously went along with, “on cue” while Nelson Vose & Dr Kendall who was supposed to see a filly-foal of mine that day 1-3-18 were the only people telling the truth.

    Andy Hilkey was involved in causing the death of my 4-month old filly-foal out of Jasmine. His interferance, harassment stalking, lying and calling the cops, judicial harassment brought death to my 4-month old filly foal while we were just trying to leave. May 31st, 2017, at 801 EastHill rd. Willits, ca. 95490.

    And then Andrew Hilkey libled me in the willits weekly falsely blaming me for thedeath of my foal, murdered by members of Roni Mcfaddens heinous “group” and carried out by Mendocino County.

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