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Mendocino County Today: Saturday, February 22, 2014 SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT


A READER writes: “During the Spring of 1967, I spent a few months living in a house on 19th Ave in SF, where I rented a room. I was stationed at Coast Guard Radio San Francisco, just out of radioman school and awaiting a transfer to a Coast Guard ship. At this house where I rented a room, there was this guy in his 20s who had the nice apartment in the back behind the garage that was under the house. His name was Roger, but everyone called him ‘Rog’ or ‘Rog baby.’ He always seemed to have some chicks around. Anyhow, at some point he gave me these documents, and for some reason I kept them stored all these years. The originals are on a light blue paper. I thought they might be of interest to you as artifacts of that time, possibly to use in the paper — give those old school hippies a little flashback! Nobody has seen these since the sixties. They've never been reprinted anywhere. Anyhow, look ‘em over and I hope they give you (at least) a chuckle.”

ED NOTE: Rog Baby wasn't much of a typist, and his spelling's pretty rough, but here they are:








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  1. Noah D February 23, 2014

    Good find, good read, thanks!

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