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Encounter at Confusion Hill

FROM THE PRESS DEMOCRAT: At 10:34 a.m., Allman said, the Sheriff's Office received a call after a local business owner fired shots at the suspect at Confusion Hill, a tourist attraction along Highway 101 north of Leggett.

John Mills, 55, who has owned the attraction since 2005, said Chaney was urinating within the fenced park area outside.

Mills went out and told the man his behavior was not acceptable.

“I told him to leave, and he was cursing me out,” he said.

Chaney started to drive away, but then he turned around, came back uphill and parked about 30 feet from the entrance.

Confusion Hill Gift Shop
Confusion Hill Gift Shop

Mills said he saw Chaney exit the car with a shotgun and knew he had to move fast.

“I couldn't get to my gun, so I grabbed my baton,” he said.

Mills armed himself with a club-like item and hid behind the front door so that when Chaney came through the entrance, Mills was able to hit the shotgun, causing it to fire and fall to the floor.

Mills ducked back behind the door and Chaney, apparently picking up the gun, fired again through the door, spattering a fountain soda machine in the attached snack bar with gunshot and shattering a window, Mills said.

“I was pissed,” he said. “I wanted his head on a pike.”

As Chaney fled to his car and began driving away, Mills retrieved a handgun from near his cash register and fired a single shot after the car.

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