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Yahoo For YES Camp!

As one of the YES Camp supporters and past sponsor pointed out at the monthly Anderson Valley Unity Cub meeting in early April, "Its not just for the kids that we send to camp, but for the whole community. Those kids come back with knowledge of what to do for us in an emergency. "

For those of you that don't already know about YES Camp it is a one week summer camp for young people ages 14 to 19 years old that introduces them to all aspects of emergency response: Emergency Medical Services, Fire Services, Law Enforcement, and Search and Rescue. The acronym stands for Youth Emergency Services and during the one week camp participants will become familiar with procedures in each field through hands-on activities that employ actual equipment used in emergency response situations. Just a sampling of these activities would be — Auto extrication using Jaws of Life and hand tools, Injured Patient packaging with ground and helicopter transport, Land navigation using map, compass and GPS, Rock climbing and high angle rescue, Fire extinguisher use plus wildland fire hose lays, and Emergency radio operations. The list goes on and the experiences awesome. By the end of camp each participant is certified in CPR, First Aid, and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). Many adults upon hearing of the YES Camp program and agenda enthusiastically exclaim "I wanna go!"

YES Camp is held at the Wente Boy Scout Reserve-Lake just outside of Willits and this year will run from August 10 to 16.

Here in Anderson Valley, High School teachers get excited by YES Camp because it provides an excellent introduction to a range of vocational opportunities for those students who might not be college bound. College Prep students enjoy the experience of YES Camp and consider it one more accomplishment to put on their resume.

A significant presence of professional Emergency Responders proudly and enthusiastically work with YES Camp because it gives them a chance to show off what they do to an eager bunch of young people who just might be stepping up to take their places.

Young women love YES Camp because it is open to both boys and girls and helps to showcase the fact that more and more women are proving that Rosie The Riveter wasn't just a passing war-time anomaly. The cost is $350 per camper but here in Anderson Valley the community is so supportive that we are lining up sponsors and donors to ensure that every young person that wants to go can — nobody will be turned away. If you have the slightest inkling that you would like to go or know of someone who might, or if you would like to participate in any way, give me a call, David Severn at 895-2011 or email to

To watch a video from 2012 or learn more go to

Rick Paige, the YES Camp director, can be reached at 897-5092 or

Yahoo for YES Camp! Spread the word. Check in with your friends and neighbors.

Let's get camping.

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