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Who’s Getting Released?

Dear AVA,

Thank you for sending your book, “Mendocino Noir”! I received the note to retrieve my book here at Soledad prison from the package room on December 14 but I was unable to actually get the book until December 28 due to being constantly locked down. Being on lockdown here is really ridiculous. Someone gets into a simple fight and the cops use it as an excuse to get “hazard pay.” They get paid more for hazard pay so they are sure to capitalize on it by making a big deal out of nothing. When we are on lockdown we are not allowed to go to yard, canteen, or receive packages. We all get escorted to get medications, when we see the doctor, and when we go eat.

Supposedly the overcrowding of California's prisons is going to be reduced. There is no sign of any reduction of crowding here. They recently filled up the gym here with 120 more beds. We are packed in these dorms like sardines.

In your December 9, 2009 issue in an article by Mark Scaramella entitled “Gimme Shelter,” it states that “Sheriff Allman reports that on January 25, 2010, the state is scheduled to begin releasing people from state prisons to relieve overcrowding.” Also, Allman says that “133 is the number the Department of Corrections says they'll be returning to Mendocino County.”

I would like to know where Allman gets this specific information. I've written to the San Quentin law office for updated reports on early release and I have not been able to receive any information on any specific time or how or who they will be releasing early. I would like to write Sheriff Allman to ask him what he knows. It seems that we are like mushrooms in here: kept in the dark and fed a bunch of shit.

If possible, please send me or publish Sheriff Allman's address so that I can pick his brain.

One more thing, there are some really cool guys in here who would love a female penpal including myself. If there are any hill muffins or anyone else interested in a harmless penpal please write to Lance Scott G-36437 CTFS Dorm 4-4 up, P.O. Box 690, Soledad, CA 93960.

Thanks again for your wonderful book!

Lance Scott

Ed note: Mail for Sheriff Allman can be sent to Sheriff Tom Allman, Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, 501 Low Gap Road, Ukiah, CA 95482.

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