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Great Moments in Public Radio

KZYX, January 1, 2009. Wildoat Living. Host: Joanna 'Wildoat' Cummings.

Cummings: How can we use communication and connecting with each other to continue to fuel our level of energy for, for, for making changes in the world, uh, in a way that nourishes and feeds us as opposed to draining us?

Caller Maire Alight: I'm so moved by that question! I love you asking that question because for me the answer is so simple! (Laughs) Joy! Joy is the fuel!

Cummings: Huh!

Alight: If I have joy in what I'm doing, if I'm enthusiastic and inspired and happy!, I want to do more of it that people around me want to be more in the presense of it, if they want it for themselves then joy is the fuel. I think that's the easy...

Cummings: And how do we get to the place of joy? I know that's an ancient question, isn't it?

Alight: Yeah.

Cummings: How do we discover that place of joy in us and how do we maintain it? How do we keep that joyfulness alive?

Alight: I like that question too. It's like there's one mountain and many paths. For you the joy might be, I'm guessing, the joy partly might be in doing this program.

Cummings: Yes.

Alight: You're able to in this way to share with other people to connect and offer and contribute and have meaning. There's joy in that.

Cummings: One of the reasons I love doing this program is I love connecting with my community, I love connecting with these other, that's the main reason I do this program is that we can share with each other. Some people who know me realize this but I'm basically a shy person, but when I'm sitting behind the microphone in this studio I stop being shy and start being able to connect, so this is a really good opportunity for me to connect with my community in a way that suits my personality. (Laughs)

Alight: You found a way to act in alignment with your values.

Cummings: Yes.

Alight: And also to practice self-care.

Cummings: That's a work in progress, yes. (Laughs)

Alight: Self-care and self-nurturing. You're not doing it in a way that is antithetical to your own rhythms, your own joy, your own life energy.

Cummings: Station management allows us to follow our interests and follow our dreams in terms of topics that we choose and the guests that we invite. It makes for a very diverse program offering in the programs that we do with volunteer programmers. I'm very grateful for that.

Alight: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, but also do unto yourself as you would have yourself do unto others. You can have a gratitude journal and every day write in there something that you have done that has contributed to life and that you have joy in having done and that you appreciate about yourself about having done and give yourself a flower for it, and draw a little flower on the page where you have written the line. I like having a flip one, where on one side is the gratitudes that I have for myself and then I flip it over on the other side and so each one as I'm writing, I'm writing in to the other so it actually meets the other side (laughs) which is a gratitude that I have toward someone else, someone who's done something for me.

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