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Caged Mendo

Local Filmmaker's Encore Screening of The Cage

Encore Screening of Locally Made Film “The Cage”

Peter Wells screened his short narrative feature titled “The Cage,” at Little River Inn’s Abalone Room on Wednesday, June 25 to a packed house. Mr. Wells describes his original 27-minute film as a contemporary fable with psychological, sociological, philosophical, and political undertones.

There was interest from the viewing audience and those unable to attend, that an additional screening be held. The encore screening of “The Cage” is Wednesday, July 30 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. The free screening is open to the public and includes a no-host wine bar.

“The Cage” was submitted to the Mill Valley Film Festival and the San Jose International Short Film Festival. Further submissions to film festivals are on the horizon. “The Cage” has been given a distribution contract from Gaiam TV’s Spiritual Cinema Circle. And, DVDs will be available for purchase at July 30’s screening.

Mr. Wells is the scriptwriter and producer, Bob Cohen also produced, Bob Santos was the film’s director, and Anthony Wells is the cinematographer. “The Cage” is set in Mendocino and Peter is proud of using local community members as actors and crew in a mix with professionals.

Local actors appearing in the film include Mervin Gilbert, well known on the Mendocino coast as an actor and director in dozens of Mendocino Theatre Company and Gloriana Musical Theatre productions. Mervin plays the part of the Old Man.

Scott Wells plays the Young Man who encounters the philosophical Old Man on the beach. Scott has been featured in several MTC productions as well.

Rounding out the four-person cast are Rick Smith as the Ranger and Michelle Raust as the Sheriff. Both actors live and work on the Mendocino coast.

Mendocino High School student Iain Bowie and Marshall Brown, the Media Arts teacher at Mendocino High, both served as camera operators. Kahlil Robinson, a Mendocino High School graduate covered the sound aspects of the film.

According to Peter, at an early test screening of “The Cage,“ two fathers, Ted Orenstein of Boston and Bob Rawlins from Seattle, each said the exact same thing, “I want my son to see this.”

Your sons and your daughters are heartily invited by Peter to see the film and participate in a Q & A session at the July 30 encore screening.

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