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Bad Beth Bosk

Dear Editor:

In response to reader replies and stirrings from Beth Bosk, I was curious about a comment that Chad Lewis made about Beth Bosk not working.   Being a curious sort, I let my fingers do the walking and guess what?  R D Deines is Beth Bosk's husband.  Who is R D Deines?  He's a photographer, but what you may not know is he's the PUBLISHER of the New Settler.  Beth Bosk is listed as the EDITOR of the New Settler.  Don't you just love those quaint mom and pop rags???? My goodness.  Wish I had a spouse who let me edit their newspaper!!  Two cozy peas in one smail pod.  By the way, $25 will get you 10 issues a year.  You won't receive them in a timely fashion according to one subscriber who wrote a letter to the Settler.  But hey, when you don't have to be accountable to anyone but the guy you sleep with each night, who cares?  Ms Bosk, Really????

I agree with Mr Lewis..... it would seem Beth Bosk DOESN'T work for a credible paper, nor is she a journalist.  From what I have observed in past articles found here, she tears others down, and creatively floats insinuations as fact and leaves the reader with misinformation and innuendo.  She does it all in the guise of a self proclaimed activist/journalist.  What she does best is call attention..... NOT to the collective minds and hearts of the people, NOT for those groups who struggle and need the help of a true activist and humanitarian.  No, Beth Bosk needs the attention, and quite frankly, her envious attack on Mr Sakowicz's professionalism, ( who likely isn't the first,) ultimately serves her disordered personality complex.  I would wager Beth Bosk has never actually seen the info on Mr Sakowicz's FINRA file (referenced in recent email exchanges) which would document his career. 

Ms Bosk has decided she has real and absolute authority over hardworking, credentialed journalists who are responsible for the news they report, and subsequently, take responsibility for the consequences of their reporting.  Could you imagine Ms Bosk working for a reputable media outlet?  She'd never make it to the first interview. 

Finally, I suspect the readership of the New Settler is very low and of like-minded people such as Mr Deines and Ms Bosk.  Don't waste any more space on these fanatics who serve and help no one.  You're feeding their egos and illness for attention.  In the end, no one is served responsibly and your own newspaper is sullied.

Your readers are better served with articles that inform, convey and present the truth and examine real issues.  Unbalanced people will always be with us.  Give your readers articles from legitimate and responsible journalists.


M H Michaels


  1. Kristina Almquist May 2, 2011

    Well, the Beth Bosk I know is the busy, productive editor of the New Settler Interview. She interviews people for her publication. She has done this for as long as I’ve known her, and I got here in 1981. I even worked on the New Settler Interview with her, and I can tell you that there is a lot of work involved in each edition. She definitely has her own opinion about what’s important, and she is also definitely a hard working individual and worthy of my respect.

  2. Bradley Crouch December 9, 2020

    Can someone tell me if R. D. Deines also painted watercolor landscapes?

  3. Brian December 10, 2020

    Yes, M H Michaels. RD and Beth are a couple. You nailed it. Incisive and informative letter. God bless the wonderful editors at the AVA who allow us puny humans to read such high literature and spot on observations. I’ve even heard they sometimes sleep together. And if that’s not a conflict of interest I don’t know what is.

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