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7th Annual Music Competition Features Impressive Musical Lineup

Rising Stars Music Competition, presented by 94.5 Kwine, City of Light Recording and Sound Mendo Lake Credit Union and Max 93.5, offers local Musicians the opportunity to support local non-profit organizations through a 12-hour music festival. Over 60 musicians will entertain the public in Alex Thomas Plaza Saturday September 27th.


Musicians must adhere to the guidelines of performance including keeping their act family friendly and are given 25 minutes to set up, perform and leave the stage. During their performance, the acts are judged in the criteria of performance, stage presence and audience interaction.


Several local non-profits have chosen to participate in the music festival in hopes of raising awareness and funds for their organization. Some of the organizations represented are; Ukiah Lions Youth Football & Cheer, Guitars for Troops, Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County, Redwood Empire Lions Club and Tree of Life Charter School.


Winners will be awarded in each of the 4 divisions with 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall winners awarded at the end of the night. Prizes for musicians include studio time, limo rides, music certificates, gigs and cash.


A wide range of musical styles will be presented at the 7th Annual Rising Stars. Musicians are grouped into similar genres and have been assigned a scheduled time for performing. The following is a short biographical listing of all of the acts participating:


Daniel Smith Is actually a bass player but his bass needed fixing and it apparently has really specific parts that are to hard to find. so he decided to write music another way, to keep the funk fresh in his mind.


Sebrina Dollosso is a self taught musician. Who sings, writes, plays Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums and Piano. She Started playing when she was 8 years old. She writes music to share my struggles and to encourage others and bring hope


Clayton King Was a founder and member of The Fat Oples which have now unfortunately split. Before the split, Clayton was already writing a bunch of acoustic songs and after the split, so he is here to play his own brand of acoustic music


Lindy Day Originally from New York, Lindy is classically trained in multiple instruments and genres such as 19th century classical guitar and was previously performing in New York including Manhattan. Her versatile playing styles also include rock, punk, jazz/rock fusion and indie rock alternative. She is also trained in swing jazz saxophone.Lindy is a Lake County resident and is managed by KaseQTR Productions.


Danielle Hudson is in a local, feel good, reggae band called Righteous Vibrations. They write their own music that has a positive message.


Ten years ago JJ Taylor was discharged from the U.S. Navy honorably medically and chose that day that he will play guitar. August 2nd he opened for a great band Girl on Fire. They inspired him to take the next step here he is.


Hilary Marckx Has been writing songs since 1958, though he says that they didn't start getting any good until around 1974. He has written two soundtracks, this one for "Smoke," and one in 2004 titles, "Vinegar Pie." He wrote ten public service announcements for AAA of Southern California and SC-3. His work has played on radio across the USA. He also has two songs in the Andreas Michera film, "Everywhere But Home." He has been putting off band stuff because he has been writing and producing the soundtrack for a musical that will be performed on Broadway, NYNY. The songs are funny, pathetic, freaky, sad, sick and just a little true.


Jacqueline Scoggins has been singing and writing music for over six years. Over this time she has advanced on the guitar, piano and vocally. She brings a unique sound to the acoustic world with her heartfelt lyrics. A true talent on the rise


Jonas, Logan, Addison, and Sierra all played together for a year in high school band class. They decided to keep it going after school and have played throughout the summer. After recruiting Miles about a month ago, the band changed their name from Venture and started composing their own music. This is their second performance as a band, the first was when they opened for a local band Top Shelf at Youth Action Party


Eastern Horizons is a Christian rock/ acoustic band from Fort Bragg CA. Their musical style is characterized by an acoustic sound, harmonies, and beach inspired elements. They enjoy playing at local venues and festivals, airing on local radio stations, and hope to increase their performance opportunities. They arrange cover songs, as well as write their own original lyrics and music. This group consists of three siblings and two very close friends. :).


The Crutch Co. are best friends from high school, and formed about a year ago when their senior project was to help kickstart their local teen center's instrument program, ever since they’ve been molding classic rock styles and their own style together.


Young Bengy and Will Harmony of GBA- a group of childhood friends who grew up writing and performing clean songs that people can relate to in there everyday lives. One of the most memorable performances was in this same competition a few years back where we placed second and were back to get first


Whispering Light’s music ranges from soothing backgrounds to smooth jazz – black tie ambience to high-energy jazz/rock fusion concerts. They are highly regarded by the winery and casino industries as outstanding musicians and performers. Lindy originally from Mt. Kisco, New York, is classically trained in multiple instruments and genres, including 19th century classical, rock, punk, and indie alternative and was previously performing in New York including Manhattan. Kevin Village Stone is a flautist, bassist, and keyboardist of many styles. Being of Cherokee and Japanese ancestry and now living in Lake County, California, Kevin performs and records original instrumental compositions of Native American and Ecuadorian flutes over modern and traditional instruments.


Warehouse 21 met through different jobs and talking about playing together. Decided to do it one day and the rest is history.


Clay Hawkins The duo was born when we were both booked at the same gig in SF. Clay was booked as a solo artist and his band couldn't get there in time to start. They put on our best poker faces, set ourselves up and banged out the jams. They say it was One of their best gigs ever.


Refuge Rock Band has been playing in the area for about 30 years around northern California in different groups and different venues and then finally decided to get their own music going again.


454 all met at an open mic in March. They were amazed by the chemistry and the reception from the audience their first time together so they took it further. Their drummer is an ironsmith and built like an ox.....that's why we call him Jim. Their lead singer, Adam, is a six foot four, 195 pound champion boxer who writes, sings and shreds with the voice of a tormented angel finding his place on this earth.
The bass, Tom, handles the groove and stage security making sure the ladies stay off of Adam during the set. Every set they've ever played has been opening night at Madison Square Garden!


October 2012 is when As All Else Fails became a band officially, with members of previous band From The Ashes and other local bands, half the band was homeless and this band was mainly started for the reason of helping others and making their dreams of touring the world and meeting new people come true. Helping people through their music is main message as well as they believe we're all here to help one another. Since the band beginning they've wrote two albums and have played countless shows and benefits for mostly the youth of Clearlake but would like to expand to the entire world.


Shotgun Jesus was originally formed in Durango Colorado in 2003 The theme that dominates our music is masonic, occult, spiritual. We draw on influences as divers as west african, Gypsy, Grateful Dead, Lamb of God, Flaming Lips, and parlament. The band will sometimes fuse elements of all of these influences in the space of a single song. Improvisation is a key component in their music, with an emphasis on strong songsand melody. We play heavy music, but not abrasive and angry music. We play light psychedelic music, but never cheesy hippy fluff. Their M.O. is to access the Collective Mind, the group soul, and allow the music to play the band.


Phaneron is hard hitting mix or metal and hardcore unlike any other. They're a new band made up of musical veterans, most of which have played together before. They've hit the ground running and are ready to hit every stage they can.


Iron Assault is a American Thrash band formed in late 2010 by drummer Ben and lead guitarist Josh . Forging there own brand of "Mendo-Thrash" they soon found Edgar and Ethan and completed the blistering lineup of Iron Assault . It wasn't long after this they started to gather a repertoire of raging tunes with such topics of Politics, War, and Humanity. They have played with huge acts such as Death Angel,D.R.I, Skitzo and Potential Threat.


After the Metal Division, Rising Stars 2013 1st place winners, The Whitetrash Superstars will be performing in a featured performance. After toiling away for years in a filthy animal feces infested garage just outside of Ukiah California city limits, The Whitetrash Superstars broke into the rock scene in 2007 with their first debut album in 2009 entitled, Copy This. The band's latest album, which remains untitled, combines Drew's over-the-top vocal work with soaring riffs along with screaming vocals from Davey and wild bass lines from Jake to generate an album highlighting rock for a new generation of fans. With standout tracks like "Consumer Freedom" and ferocious instrumentals like "Atomic" the music of The Whitetrash Superstars appeals to rock fans and non-rock fans alike.


Sponsors for this event are: Brandon Kight Visual Creations, Clark Pest Control, Golden Ratio Recording, Pure Comfort Limousine, Lakeport City Councilman, Martin Scheel, DG Creative Branding, Dig Music, Schats Bakeries and Cafes, Lyly’s Radiators and Mufflers, Alliance Auto Service, Advantage Towing and Transportation Services Inc, Mendo Mill and Lumber, Super 8 Ukiah, Ukiah Speedway, Lakeport Speedway, Ukiah Ford, Sack Concrete Construction, Pardini Appliance and Mattress, The Office, Shanachie Pub, Club Calpella, Bayley’s Coffee Drive Thru, Shag Salon & Supply, dfm Car Stereo and Cellular, Daniel Steel, Independent Customs, John Johns for Ukiah City Council, Clean Green Carpet Care, Dana Fronberger, Rent A Center and Highway 101 Bar & Grill


Rising Stars encompasses music for almost every musical taste in a family friendly environment. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to enjoy a day of family safe activities. Entry is free! Food and refreshments will be available along with locally donated items in a silent auction. Rising Stars will be held at the Alex Thomas Plaza in Ukiah from ten am to ten pm.


Contact: Mary Ellen Chadwick 707-272-6514


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