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Finding The Lost

In Newton, Iowa, from the 1940's through 1970's, there was a diminutive man who hung out at the barber shop around the corner from the Maid-Rite hamburger joint. His name was “Buttons,” which was obvious from the many election buttons pinned onto his hat and vest. “Buttons” humbly possessed the gift of insight into peoples' lives, past and present. He was especially good at finding lost or stolen items. If a local wanted to know about some unseen mystery, they would go sit in the barber shop and wait for Buttons to clear things up.

My cousin twice removed, who was about fifty years my senior, was engaged to a soldier who had been shipped off to fight in WWII. She, and the young man she dated in her betrothed's absence, went with another couple to see if Buttons would speak to their nagging questions. Before entering the barber shop, the two couples switched partners, just to see if Buttons would know they weren't with their true partners. The couples sat waiting silently for the men to have their haircuts, and Buttons began first by offering clarification, “You aren't with your correct partners.”

Busted, the pairs exchanged partners and re-seated themselves across from Buttons, who then addressed my cousin by saying, “You still aren't with your right partner.”

* * *

About a decade ago I went on a long plane ride. Waiting for my flight, I found “For Laci”, written by the mother of Laci Petersen, Sharon Rocha, detailing Laci's diappearance and murder by her no-good husband. I always wondered how they came up with all the specific details of the murder when that no-good husband, Scott Peterson, had never confessed to any wrong-doing in the case and continues to profess his innocence, like the psychopath he is, to this very day from San Quentin prison.

The book briefly touched on a psychic from Albion, California, who helped locate Laci's body outside the Berkeley Marina. Ten years later, a web site derived from the book's revelations is much better developed and reveals a far deeper story of dueling families using two separate psychics across the country from each other, to find out the same information about their pregnant daughter's Christmas Eve disappearance and murder. I had Googled “Psychics in Laci Peterson Case” which revealed both psychics' discoveries.

It started with Scott Peterson's mom, Jackie Peterson, trying to get to the truth by hiring a “psychic detective” to help with information leading to Laci's disappearance. This psychic has been known to work accurately with police investigations in finding the lost and the abducted in some 600 cases. On her website, the clairvoyant displays a badge with the words “psychic detective” printed thereon. She has a known track record for revealing the details of truths unknown or yet untold by working between the third and fourth dimensions of reality. Shamanically speaking, some call it, “walking between worlds” (of the living and the dead).

When Jackie Peterson, Scott's mother, contacted the East Coast psychic and asked her to “help locate Laci,” the psychic asked that the family send along an article of Laci's clothing so that she could better work the case through a tangible connection.

Like old Buttons, tricks become transparent when revealed. Apparently, Scott Peterson, then sent the East Coast psychic a blue sweatshirt unworn by Laci. Without any DNA on Laci's article of unworn clothing, little tangible connection was made. The psychic then called Jackie Peterson to explain that she needed an article of clothing which contained Laci's DNA, or essence. While the call was originally received by the message machine, Scott then answered the phone at his mother's home and took the added instructions from the psychic. On the psychic's instructions, he sent the psychic one of Laci's shoes, also unworn and never used. Again, he was setting up barriers to obscure the truth. However, in his attempt to delay discovery of his grizzly double murder (also of their unborn child), he made another in a series of errors. In his own hand-writing, he addressed the package with the enclosed unworn shoe, to the psychic. When the psychic detective received the package addressed to her by Scott Peterson, that was all she needed to first identify his hand-writing as that of Laci's murderer before she ever discovered the obfuscation of the never-worn shoe inside.

When she tried to contact Scott's mother once again with the information she knew Jackie Peterson would not want to hear, Scott's mother tried to sweep the discovery under the rug like it had never happened. The psychic was adamant that she was only trying to find the location of Laci's body, but Jackie Peterson felt as though her son would then be implicated in the murder and stopped all communication with the psychic she had hired for $450.

Scott, himself, never sent the $450 check for services rendered to the East Coast psychic, instead leaving the envelope unmailed in his pick-up truck. Authorities confiscated several items from inside Scott's truck, among them the check for $450 to the psychic his mother had selected to help them in finding Laci's location. By finding that check still unmailed to her in Scott's truck the police were able to contact the psychic and strengthen the case against Scott.

When investigators then began piecing together the case, based on the information provided by the East Coast psychic, Mrs Rocha, Laci's mother, hired another psychic altogether to assist in finding her missing daughter. This time she chose a psychic from Albion, California. (There's always a local angle!) Sharon Rocha saw the Albion psychic's website online and believed her to be accurate and honest. Mrs. Rocha then brought the articles to the attention of Craig Grogan, an inspector on the Laci Peterson murder case.

In both cases, the two psychics, located a continent apart, pinpointed so much factual information about the case, including locations, that investigators were able to piece together a mosaic of Christmas tragedy caused by a cold-hearted psychopathic husband thinking with nothing but his small head.

Sharon Rocha says in her book that she went to the Berkeley Marina and knew instinctively that the grave of her beloved daughter was there as indicated by the Albion psychic's website. The Albion psychic was originally from Berkeley and was able to go there to confirm exactly where Scott dumped the body, “anchored at the fifth marker buoy outside the Berkeley Marina, North of the Albany Bulb”. (The “Albany Bulb” describes the shape of the Albany landfill property between the Berkeley Marina and Point Isabel where Laci's remains were ultimately found washed up on the shore.) Divers found some of the concrete blocks which Scott made to weigh down Laci's body exactly where the psychics directed them to search — off the fifth marker buoy.

Unfortunately, a storm blew in the day the concrete blocks were discovered, clouding the water; and a few of the blocks were all they were able to retrieve. At that point, divers had taken the blocks as evidence, disturbing the precariously predated tethers attached to Lacy's body which drifted unseen nearby, thus releasing her body to be blown ashore south of Point Isabel two storm days later.

* * *

When Davey Stornetta of Manchester recently went missing in the Yolla Bollys with his dog, I called Davey and Kelly's home and left a message to check out the Laci Peterson website to find the psychics' websites and contact information to see if one of them could help bring Davey home. I told them these women were accurate at finding the lost and/or stolen, and that either should be able to find Davey.

Over the last week, with Davey and his dog found alive and well after a week-long excursion in the roughest of wilderness, I heard that Kelly did indeed contact a psychic. And the psychic informed them to search north -northwest for Davey because he was alive with his dog, and headed in that direction.

And that's where they found him when the National Guard rescuers had discontinued their search and the Stornetta family hired their own private helicopters to continue the search for their hunting buddy, friend and father.

Among all the hoopla of finding Davey Stornetta alive and well enough to tell quite a fine story of survival, even after the authorities had given up their search, I got an e-mail from the psychic Kelly used. She said, “Great news... the family did a good job.”

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