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Dragons of Kir in Willits

Willits Library presents:

"Dragons of Kir: A Board Game - from Concept to Creation"

On Saturday, November 29 from 1:00-2:00 PM you can meet the creators of Dragons of Kir, a fast paced strategy board game. Local brothers Colin & Dove Byrne will discuss the inception, testing, and production of the game; how they turned an idea on paper into a full-fledged product. Following the 15 minute presentation there will be a Gameplay Tutorial - copies will be available for play. Recommended for ages 10 - adult.

Dragons of Kir is the exciting board game from Future Magic Games. The object of the game is to rule the battlefield by forcing one of the four marauding dragons into your opponent's war tent, while defending your own. Victory is achieved by strategically placing tiles representing your armies and spells to deflect, lure, and hurl one of the four marauding dragons speeding towards your enemy and their inevitable destruction. Quick intuitive game play appeals to all levels, while offering a depth of strategy for even the most cunning players.

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