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Young Authors’ Fair Grant Awardees Announced

The Mendocino County Office of Education and the Board of Education is thrilled (sic) to announce Young Authors’ Fair Grant awardees for the 2014-2015 school year. This program remains a high priority for the County Office of Education, which funds Young Authors’ Fairs in participating elementary schools within Mendocino County. The purpose of the Young Authors’ Fair is to encourage children to write and publish their own books, and then to recognize the students for their accomplishments. (Whatever banal nonsense "the kids" come up with, their principals, never, ever a book reader among them, will be available for gloating photo ops.) Schools which have sponsored Young Authors’ Fairs report that participation in this project enhances children's writing abilities and their appreciation of literature. (Proof?)

This year, the Mendocino County Office of Education and the Board of Education were able to fund the grant for a total of $4,690 (Wow! How generous! This is almost Superintendent Tichinin's monthly travel budget. And split eleven ways? Double wow!) which was divided among the schools who applied for this grant. Funding for each school was determined based on the number of students within the school and the number of schools that applied. In cooperation with participating elementary schools, these funds provide Mendocino County students with wonderful literary opportunities. (Poor old Herman Melville. Gone before the Mendocino County Office of Education could present him with these thrilling literary opportunities.)

This year the following schools have been awarded the Young Authors’ Fair grant: Anderson Valley Elementary, Dana Gray Elementary, Manchester School, Arena Union Elementary School, Pacific Community Charter School, Potter Valley Elementary School, Eel River Charter School, Calpella Elementary School, Frank Zeek Elementary School, Willits Elementary Charter School, and Brookside Elementary. Congratulations to each school and staff! (On behalf of Building 7 and the Bus Barn…)

For more information regarding the Young Authors’ Fair, contact Kimberly Barden at 467-5100.

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