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Valley People (Dec 30, 2014)

RON SCHRYER has died. A long time resident of the Anderson Valley, Ron, in his middle 70s, lived on Hutsell Road, Boonville. He was the former brother-in-law of late Bruce Hering.

GREENWOOD WEST TO ELK is very unhappy that PG&E has sprayed the bases of its power lines with herbicides, so unhappy that it seems a formal complaint to the PUC may be in the works. There is also a hard won County ordinance that restricts the use of herbicides, a fact of local life that's got to be known by the local PG&E people. The poisons, of course, run off in two watersheds — Elk's and Philo's.

MIKE KALANTARIAN writes on Decelber 23re, which would be last Tuesday, "There was 6.2" rainfall this week, which brings December's total up to 16.7" thus far. We went to Navarro Beach yesterday afternoon at low tide. The big surprise was the mouth shifting from one side of Pinnacle Rock to the other. The amount of sand deposited where the mouth was earlier this month was astounding. It was impossible to tell, by looking, that the river had shifted from the north side of the rock to the south side. Seals were cruising the mouth,  looking for fish. The other remarkable thing was the amount of driftwood and timber that has reappeared on the beach. Things can change quickly at Navarro beach! (Photos are available on our website:

STUNNING CHRISTMAS DAY in Mendocino County, with bright sunshine and cool, crisp cleansing gusts of mild winds. The world may be going to hell, but we count our blessings.

SHAUNA ESPINOZA WRITES: "Anderson Valley Youth Baseball is officially it's own charter and is now Anderson Valley Little League! Our board has worked very hard in order to fulfill the qualifications of becoming our own charter and we are now looking forward to our Opening Season. We are looking to community members and businesses to help our league maintain the high level of play that we are expecting. If you would like to sponsor our league or a specific team, please contact Christy Kramer at 272-5275 or 895-2433. Registration will begin January 8th in the Elementary School Computer Lab from 4:30-6pm. Please make sure you have your child's birth certificate and three proofs of residency (physical address).  Lastly, we need volunteers. There is still room on our board, we need snack shack workers, field maintenance help, coaches/managers, umpires and team parents. If you want to help pass down your love of baseball to our younger generation, please feel free to come out and participate! The more the merrier. Questions about registration, please call Shauna Espinoza at 684-9126."

PLUCKED from our big stories of the year are the following purely local matters:

THE POSITIVELY weird and wholly unnecessary crisis at the Anderson Valley Health Center sparked by the precipitous firing of newly hired Dr. Logan McGhan, followed by sympathy resignations of other key staff, and exacerbated by the Center's uncomprehending board of directors, came very close to destroying the Center. That particular sinking ship magically righted itself.

THE UNDEFEATED AV Panther football team, coached by Dan Kuny, went undefeated while Steve Sparks AV soccer team racked up an unprecedented third league championship.

SPARKS and Wes Smoot released their compelling local history called Then & Now, the evolution of local landmark structures over the years.

HUGE VINEYARD frost fans kept many locals awake for 12 nights last spring. This one's headed to court.

BACK IN BOONVILLE last week, these terse lines range from tragedy to farce:

Death, Coroner report, 12/23/2014. 18251 Hutsell Road. Male Adult.

12/22/2014 Jose Garcia-Alvarez cited for not having a muffler.

12/20/2014 Two drunk transients were bothering staff and customers at the Boonville General Store.

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