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Valley People (Jan 14, 2014)

SHIRLEY HULBERT of Boonville's Stow-It Storage, apologizes to her many customers who have tried to call her. Shirley's phone line, through no fault of hers, has been down since December 11th. Shirley isn't sure when AT&T will get it functioning again. She points out that two of her neighbors are in a similar fix.

DAVE SEVERN REPORTS on the Navarro: "The River is beautiful - gloriously clean, clear and cool but flowing much shallower than it should be. As of Monday it had dropped down to about 87 cu. ft. per sec. — the 63-year median statistic is 500 to 600. For fish protection the State has designated 200 cu. ft. per sec. as a minimum flow before any water is to be appropriated for agriculture so we better not be hearing any pumps. If you do let somebody know. Nobody, including the fishermen among us has reported seeing any steelhead, or salmon for that matter, this year but we can always hope that some early fish did sneak on up for spawning during the big muddy flood-flow back the end of November."

NICE PIECE ON BETH SWEHLA in a recent edition of Future Farmer's magazine. Anderson Valley High School's popular ag teacher has been awarded an Honorary American Degree by national FFA, a very big deal in junior ag circles. Rather than travel alone to the awards ceremony, Beth raised enough money take four students with her to Louisville, Kentucky: Aaron Alvarez; Chris Espinoza; Ethan Read; and Morgan Kobler all joined their teacher for a trip east none of them will forget.

BRONWYN HANES was in court last week on a violation of probation charge; a hearing was set for March. Ms. Hanes has been repaying the Anderson Valley PTA in the amount of some $27,000 she appropriated for herself when she functioned as the organization's president.

THE ONGOING HEALTH CENTER discussion, which is too long and two soporific for print, can be found on our website. The matter is being wayyyy over-thought, I think. Hey! We've got a two-doctor outback clinic here, not IBM. If the board simply ensures the clinic itself is operating as it should, that's all most of us want. I was in the other day and the doc still didn't have a working computer. Que pasa? A smart, capable person, and there are lots of them in The Valley, can handle the required paperwork. The board should find and secure that person and get on with it. BTW, we'd still like to get a clear idea of how the place is doing financially. Does anybody know?

LIZ DUSENBERRY WRITES: "The Library has a lot of new books for check out and a large selection of used books for sale. We accept most book donations, please call Liz Dusenberry for more information, at 895-2847. We are collecting the yearly dues, so please be prepared to pay them when you come to the library, if you have not paid already. Dues are $3 per family. The Library will be closed for the Alsace Wine Festival. We will be closed January 31 through February 10. We will reopen Saturday February 14. So, the last day you can return or check out books will be Tuesday, January 27. The Library is located at the Fairgrounds in the Home Arts Bldg. Our hours are Tuesday 1:30-4:30 and Saturday 2-4."

ATTENTION CLASS OF '15: The Community Foundation of Mendocino County is accepting applications for its 2015 Scholarship Program. Anderson Valley High School seniors are eligible to apply for the following four Community Foundation scholar; The California Retired Teachers Association Division 55 Bessie Scott Scholarship: for students interested in education; The California Retired Teachers Association Division Hilmer Finne Music Scholarship: for students intending to pursue careers in music; Mendocino Agricultural Families’ Scholarship: for children of families employed in the agricultural industry (renewable up to four years); and The Jesse Pittman Memorial Scholarship: for students who demonstrate grit and want to answer the call to service and make a difference. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 on March 27, 2015.  Visit to find the online application form and more information about each scholarship.

MusicLighthouse_v03BOONVILLE'S Susan Robinson has published The Music from the Lighthouse, a delightful first novel full of quirky and engaging characters – all memorable. The book’s vivid imagery is a colorful backdrop for a fast-moving ride through physical and mental landscapes touching on varied tangents of political and philosophical issues peppered with humor throughout. Early readers of Lighthouse are enthused that Robinson, a former story analyst for many years in Hollywood, has turned her talent to creating her own tale, with more to come. E-book version of The Music from the Lighthouse is available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and iBookstore. For more info contact: (– Maria Goodwin)

THE ANDERSON VALLEY GRANGE THEATRE GUILD announces a meeting on Friday January 23 at 7:30 PM in the Anderson Valley Grange. This meeting is open to anyone who wants to be part of local theater in AV. We are hoping to have a good showing of people. So come and let's keep theatre in AV alive and well. Danny Mandelbaum


Navarro resident Mike Kalantarian got a passing shot of the mouth of the Navarro from above, around midday on Monday.


“The mouth is now running parallel to the coast before slipping out,” said Kalantarian.  “The water’s a beautiful clear green,” he added.


THE AV FOODSHED BOOKSHELF in the Home Arts building at the Fairgrounds in Boonville (part of the Anderson Valley Library) will be closed Jan 27 - Feb 14 due to the Alsace Wine Festival happening there. To borrow books or DVDs on Rural Living Skills this month, you will need to visit the AV Library before Tue Jan 27.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday Jan 31 is the annual Winter Abundance Grafting Workshop/Seed, Scion and Plant Exchange at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Boonville - more info soon.

GREG KROUSE WRITES: Grange events coming up. We are presenting a Musician’s Jam to allow Musicians to try new tunes with one another in a true Jam Jan. 23rd Friday evening at 7 PM. Musicians should bring 5 sheets of music, instruments and BYOB to the AV Grange. The following week Daddy Squeeze AKA Dan Newton of Prairie Home Companion Fame is coming on Thursday evening at 7 PM Jan. 29th. Dan plays all styles, is accompanied by his percussive wife Elisabeth and may have special guests Debbie Dawson and local friends accompanying him. Debbie plays Hurdy Gurdy and violin and brings a French touch. Dan plays Parisian Café, tex mex, zydeco and well more.

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