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See You In Hell, Hank! [video]

True patriots CODEPINK attempt citizen's arrest on war criminal Henry Kissinger.

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  1. Rick Weddle February 1, 2015

    Dr. Zack,
    Thank you a lot for re-posting this DN! netcast item! The smarmy Mr. K is in desperate need of prosecution for his many manifest war crimes. There are a bunch of others who need to go with him. Recall Geo. Schultz being queried about ‘collateral damages’ in Reagan’s fake Central American ‘war on communism,’ (targeting labor organizers, human rights advocates, liberation clergy, students and peace activists). His response concerning the thousands of murders of bystanders, elders, women, and children there was that one ‘needed to break eggs to make an omelet.’ If we’re not really pursuing Justice any longer, with that old concept of Due Process, we at least should ask what kind of menu these bastards are preparing…and who exactly it is they’ve been serving it to, since it clearly ain’t People. And the Honorable Senator McCain needs to be reminded that despicable is as despicable does.

    Our world looks and smells the way it does today because these ghouls and those they serve have NOT been brought to Justice…different day, different labels, same crimes against Humanity and our Life Support Systems.

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