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Happy International Women’s Day: Get A Tricycle!

Every form of exercise or recreation that takes girls and women out of doors is a direct power in making the health and happiness of the world. The growing use of the tricycle is a very good thing, and its agreeable features need only to be known to be keenly enjoyed. The first prejudice against it has faded so fast that it no longer exists, except in certain mental corners. The tricycle offers to women the charm of country runs, the attraction of novelty, and the blessing of added strength. But tricycling is not only for the pleasure seeker or the health wooer. It is a practical mode of locomotion. It has already won its place in the parks and suburbs of our large cities, and every lady who has persevered till she has gained strength and confidence for its extended use is enthusiastic in its praise. The tricycle has come to stay. 
-- Minna Caroline Smith, 1885

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