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AV Foodshed News

Are those wild iris I saw? Must be spring - or is it summer already? Come on down to the Boonville Winter (Spring) Market Saturday to see what all the unfortunately beautiful weather is bringing forth. We know we will have:

Andy - Diaspora Seeds will be at the Saturday Market in Boonville.

Trout - Natural Products of Boonville will be there with some lion's mane mushrooms.

And perhaps some gluten-free oatmeal cookies — depending on how Geoffrey's week goes.

(Also check out their website

Nikki and Steve - Petit Teton will be at market with eggs, some greens, their large selection of canned goods, and meats: pork (sausage, chops, bacon, shoulder and leg cuts), beef (stew meat, steaks, liver, hamburger), and whole stewing chickens.

Cindy - WildeAcre will have asparagus and eggs this week (get there early for those two), yogurt, creme fraiche and almond chia muffins.

And maybe more. Check us out in front of the Boonville General Store (a great place to have breakfast.) We'll be there 10-12:30 - maybe with some live music again this week.

* * *

AV Grange Pancake Breakfast is this Sunday at the Grange Hall in Philo, 8:30-11:00. Good food and community.

* * *

AV Foodshed 3rd Sunday Potluck is also on Sunday, followed by a brainstorming session for those with ideas for the upcoming Anderson Valley Goat Festival. Goat Fest will be Saturday April 25 at the County Fairgrounds in Boonville, in conjunction with the annual Wildflower Show, and will be followed Saturday night by a dance in the Apple Hall, featuring Dean Titus & the Boot Jack 5 with Susan Clark.

Please join us on Sunday at 6pm with your potluck dish, your eating ware and your ideas for our inaugural Goat Festival.

* * *

Renew your flock with Barred Plymouth Rocks hatched at Acorn Ranch in Yorkville.

Barred Rocks are a widely recognized dual purpose breed that thrive on pasture; the ultimate homestead birds. Sold straight run, hens will become reliable layers of medium brown eggs and still be delicious stew birds in 3-4 years, cockerels will dress out nicely in 16-18 weeks with amazing flavor unrivaled in industry meat breeds.

Day old chicks $6/each locally. Hatched to order (small orders will be grouped together). 894-8520 or

This free range breeding flock is certified by the Sustainable Poultry Network, a group dedicated to the revival of heritage poultry breeds through selective breeding focused on production characteristics. Heritage birds hatched by large hatcheries for backyard and show enthusiasts are flock bred pale ghosts of their predecessors; it only takes a few generations to lose the qualities these birds were once renowned for. SPN Breeders are determined to once again provide small scale locally hatched poultry that are productive members of the agricultural and food communities. More at

* * *

WildeAcre Farm in Boonville has herb, flower, asparagus, nettles and raspberry volunteers available for the digging. Please contact Cindy at

* * *

The Not-So-Simple Living Fair organizing committee is looking for someone with website skills to apprentice this year. The 6th annual NSSLF will be July 24-26 at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Boonville. Please contact if you are interested.

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