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Valley People (Apr 29, 2015)

LARRY LOMBARD, of Airport Estates, Boonville, has died.  Along with Michael Dilley, Mr. Lombard founded Feather Lite Inc. and Aero Lite Products Inc. based at the Ukiah airport where a staff of 5-9 people manufactured aircraft components. The business was established in 1984. Long involved in local veteran's groups and matters having to do with management of Anderson Valley's airstrip, Mr. Lombard is survived by his wife, Janet Lombard.

Ted Galletti
Ted Galletti

ON SATURDAY, May 2, in Point Arena, the life of Theodore Alexander (Ted) Galletti of Elk, who died in Windsor on December 11, 2014, will be honored. Born March 30, 1919 in Point Arena to Charles and Carrie Galletti, Mr. Galletti was one of eight brothers. A farmer in Elk, Mr. Galletti served two terms as Mendocino County Fifth District Supervisor between 1971 and 1979. He was predeceased by his wife Anita, and brothers Henry, Clarence, Charles, Leo, Chester, Elmer and Warren. Mr. Galletti is survived by his son Terry (Christie) Galletti, daughter Barbara Galletti and six grandchildren. The celebration of life will be held at Trinity Hall in Point Arena from 11am to 2pm.

THE DATE of Denver Tuttle's event was incorrectly listed last week. The show is tonight (Wednesday). "VISIT THE CRYSTALLINE POINT, Facebook page and 'Like' us, 'Post' us, let us know you're attending, and 'Invite' others to help make this project kick-off event as successful as possible! Come on out April 29th! I will also present past works (paintings and drawings), there will be food and drinks...and, come enjoy an evening performance by the (incomparably entertaining!) Ukeholics and the Tiny Orchestra of Boonville, CA! This is going to be an amazing event! I want to thank the hard working folks on the team, those at Aquarelle, and all who are offering donated items. My name is Denver Tuttle and I approve this message."

THAT DELEGATION of Cheese Cakers who left The Valley for the Himalayas last week has survived the terrible earthquake that struck Nepal over the weekend. Much to the relief of their many local friends, the Philo travelers had left Nepal two days prior to the catastrophe.

REBEKAH COX, one of two daughters of Jerry and Kathy Cox of Navarro, has been named the principal at Geyserville High School.

CORBY VINEYARDS of Philo has been sold to a Napa wine conglomerate. The Corbys, we understand, are relocating to Florida.

ERIC AND KATHY LABOWITZ of Navarro are the proud grandparents of twins, a boy and a girl, born April 16th to their daughter Nora and Nora's husband, Dario. The new family of four make their home in Van Nuys.

DAVE EVANS, Mendocino County's Bill Graham, makes the point that all these tourism stories that laud the Anderson Valley (the latest in the Wall Street Journal), "never get past Philo." Dave's correct. They don't. And although he's too modest to say so, Dave's Navarro Store offers a deli selection rivaling in quality any in the County and, for live summer entertainment, is there a country store anywhere in America that brings their communities the great Charlie Musslewhite and other first-rate musicians?


HEIDI KNOTT reports: “The Board of Directors of the Anderson Valley Health Center is pleased to announce that we have hired a new Executive Director. Chloé Ganz-Rugebrecht will begin work on or before July 1, 2015. Chloé has a Master’s Degree in Public Health from UCLA and is a Certified Professional Midwife. In the past she has worked with Planned Parenthood and has had extensive experience in Tanzania, Indonesia, and throughout the Caribbean. She managed HIV data and educational programs as field-coordinator in Haiti. Before the 2010 earthquake she was employed by the American Red Cross in Haiti where she was managing the malaria and community based health program... Chloé grew up on the Mendocino Coast and is familiar with the diversity found within the county and Anderson Valley. With her husband and two young children, she aims to make her home here and use her skills to benefit the AVHC...."

"LEAD by Bill Sterling, the selection committee of Medical Director Mark Apfel, M.D., Eric Arbanovella, George Gaines, Maureen Hochberg, R.N., George Lee, M.D., Teresa Malfavon, Susan Smith, M.D., and board members Debbie Covey and Clay Eubank have been working since October to advertise the position, screen applicants, and arrange interviews. The new executive director has visited the center and met all directors and staff in the last weeks."

THE HEALTH CENTER has re-hired popular RN Stephanie Long, lost to the Center in one of the many bolloxed personnel upheavals of last year.

THE HEALTH CENTER BOARD meets Thursday (April 30) 6:00pm at, like, wherever. I called the Center to find out where the meeting would convene. Nobody knew. I'd guess the Health Center's meeting room. If not there, I dunno, look around for Bill Sterling's summer Panama and follow it. Management of the place seems to have calmed, but for a while its meetings did provide some great community theater.

THIS JUST IN! The meeting's at the Boonville Senior Center. A nice lady from the Health Center called me back to give me the good news.

MERELY TYPING dates and times of board meetings, like the mere mention of certain Mendo personalities, makes me feel like I've suddenly been half-chloroformed and somebody has drilled a hole in my head and my brains, or what's left of them, are running out onto the ground.

MARSHALL NEWMAN'S rain gauge says Saturday night's “little rain totaled 0.58 inches in Boonville (and likely more in the hills and the ‘Deep End’). Not huge, but more than predicted." A Deep Ender says .7 inches fell on his house.

LONG-TIME NAVARRO resident Anna Taylor has moved to an assisted living facility in Santa Rosa.

THE FIRST ANNUAL Goat Fest nicely supplemented the 70-year-old Wildflower Show at the Boonville Fairgrounds last weekend. The goat extravaganza offered dairy workshops on cheese, yogurt kefir and even, I understand, something pairing goats and ice cream. There was also a birria (goat stew) cook-off, goat milking, a best-dressed goat parade and a plethora of instructional material on goats and their care.

THE WILDFLOWER SHOW not only offered its usual stunning array of local flora and the charming two-footed fauna who organized the display, it was accompanied by the Wildflower Dance with Dean Titus and the Bootjack Five. All these events packed 'em in.

THE FROST FAN INFO published by the Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association, ignores its own advice: "Locate wind machines as far as practical from neighboring homes within agricultural areas, but not closer than 300 feet unless best management practices are used; Contact neighbors living within 300 feet of a machine and explain how and why wind machines operate; Create a system whereby residents can receive daily e-mail notification of the frost forecast and thereby anticipate possible wind machine use; Maintain a 24-hour hotline or cellphone number to contact growers using specific machines." And so on, none of it in local practice.

ONE SUPPOSES that their blandly false propaganda assures the more delusional Winegrowers that their industry not only goes to great lengths to be good neighbors, but that they don't help themselves to our overdrawn and battered rivers and streams, and that they don't soak the Anderson Valley in pest and herbicides as they go. PS. But don't anyone tell the wine and travel writers that a clear majority of Anderson Valley residents regard the industry as a whopping negative. They'd be terribly disillusioned.

HAYES BRENNAN. Sad news from Oregon tells us that Hayes is not expected to last out the weekend. He has long suffered from the after effects of a severe stroke, and recently suffered a bad fall at the Portland care facility where he has lived for several months. The Brennan family is with Hayes in Portland. The family home is in Navarro.

SHIRLEY WILLIAMS called last week to express her family's gratitude for the recent memorial gathering at the Apple Hall for her nephew, Jerry Huey. Mrs. Williams said that the gathering of some 150 friends and relatives was much appreciated. She cited the fond memories of Jerry as recounted by Jerry's lifelong friend, Tony Pardini, as having perfectly captured the spirit of this much loved Valley native.

NICE of Anderson Valley Brewing Company to lend their tasting room for the recent meeting of the revived Independent Career Women of the Anderson Valley. The ladies had a great time in a warm and welcoming room.

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