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Fair Entry-form Deadline

Entry Forms for this year's Fair must be filed or postmarked not later than Friday, August 14, 2015 (except for Sheep Dog Trial entry forms, which were due Friday, July 31). The 2015 Mendocino County Fair And Apple Show will be September 18, 19 & 20. More info:


  1. Tim in Albion August 13, 2015

    I would like to know why there was no advance notice of the deadline for entries in the Fair. I saw the notice in today’s paper, went to the Fair’s Website, searched around until I finally found the rules for entering the Cider competition – and discovered it had already occurred. I never saw a single mention of it anywhere else. Not much chance that I will make it out to Boonville tomorrow with entry forms for the produce I grew this year, either; a couple weeks earlier notice and it would have been no problem. The Fair management seems determined not to encourage people to participate. Why?

    • AVA News Service Post author | August 14, 2015

      No need to drive to Boonville…entry forms can be mailed (with today’s postmark, August 14).

  2. Debra Keipp August 16, 2015

    I say, based on the fact that the Fair Entry Form on the County Fair’s website has the entry form from 2013 with the incorrect dates on it, we should all get another week to submit our entries – yah, that’s it! That, and I didn’t get my entry submitted in time! Just wanted to ride horses in the parade… Dress ’em up like zebras or something…

    Also, what say we SELL the pies, cakes and FOOD which is submitted for the BEST OF judging, instead of keeping it on the shelf to look at all week collecting flies and rotting. What a waste! Take a picture – it lasts longer! Judge the food, cut it up, freeze it till the fair and sell it at a food stand. Really – letting award winning food rot?!?!?


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