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Letters (Aug 19, 2015)

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Dear editor,

I am writing this letter in regards to the lame-ass way the cops, investigators, and so-called "justice system" have handled the violent murder of Rosalena 'Belle' Rodriguez case.

From the very beginning the cops and investigators have been shady about obvious evidence that had been at the crime scene.

For example, suspicious tire tracks at the crime scene. The belt which was used to strangle Bell, left around her neck (which was not mentioned in the autopsy!) Also, there was mention of empty bullet casings near Belle's body.

Also, these losers didn't find it necessary to check her blood (forced induced drugs); her body for semen (multiple rapes), under her fingernails for DNA (some suspects had scratch marks on them.)

Whose rug was all this information swept under, anyway? The so-called authority figures handling the case after the fact proved to be incompetent and totally unprofessional.

Whose ever guidance they were under at this time; it's not a secret: Tom, you should have kept after the water thieves.

I am seriously considering asking the ACLU if they would be interested in getting involved in this sordid scandal.

Myself, I see the mishandling of Belle's murder investigation as a "guilt by association" kind of thing because Belle is a grand niece of Bear Lincoln and a substantial part of the law enforcement community which still blames him for shooting Robert "Bob" Davis when it is known that Dennis Miller blew out Bob Davis brains on the night of April 14, 1995, unintentionally or not.

But the law enforcement community does not want to believe that a cop could shoot his own comrade.

So, to follow Dennis Miller's repeated changing stories the only one left to be the scapegoat had to be Bear Lincoln.

And whatever happened to the bullet that killed Robert Davis? I suppose it was conveniently misplaced or overlooked. As were all of Belle's vital evidence.

All of this sounds like a plot to a twisted movie but this is real life shit going on in Covelo.

And people wonder why militia groups are forming all across the United States! Anti-establishment, anti-trust. Late.

Eric Lincoln, a concerned citizen for human justice and advocate for victims of a wrongful death.


PS. Seeing how this case has been handled I've come to realize that it's not just black or white and right or wrong, the law is very very gray.

* * *



Since we have so many clowns running for president, I figure I might as well run again also. But in announcing it is with the caveat that I need to run in 2020, not 2016. This way in at my inauguration in 2021 I will be 80 years old. I will venture to guess that I will be the oldest person ever to take that office.

I will be running with the same program-platform that I first ran on in 1982 which is this:

End all nuclear research and development and dismantle all existing weapons and plants.

Jobs for all willing to work to re-green and solarize our land.

Honor all treaties to which we are a party.

No aid to military dictators. (I would change this one to: no military aid to anyone.)

Cooperate in the decentralization of power and hold corporations responsible for their acts.

Turn the South Lawn at the White House into an organic community fruit and vegetable garden.

Ask for divine guidance daily.

While I'm at it I'd like to toss out a request to Michelle Obama that she enlarge her White House garden to incorporate the South Lawn.

Peter Sears

Fort Bragg

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To Everyone,

Oaky Joe says wineries suck water.


Oaky Joe Munson


* * *



The County is not being truthful about the Grand Jury’s statistical data used in their report titled “Children at Risk.” They are trying to convince everyone that the statistical database that the Grand Jury used was skewed due to late data entry. “That is a bold faced lie, and the County knows it.” The Grand Jury went back to the first quarter of 2011 thru the third quarter of 2014 in their May 2015 report.

“Every 3 months the data on the Child Welfare Dynamic Report System

is refreshed in the form of a new set of extract data.

The extract time frame is identified in the form of the year and quarter (for example "CWS/CMS 2012 Quarter 1 Extract") and the data reviewed at any point in time documents the operational extract for that moment.

The new data extract not only provides data for a new twelve month period or quarter (three months previous) but it updates the data for previously released periods due to further data input into the system and any data reconfigurations. “

* * *

In order for me to get my both BSW and MSW degrees, I was required to take several statistical courses. I can be considered an expert on this issue. Statistics are vital to real social workers. That is one of the reasons the state requires “Master Level Social Workers.” The only way the data that the grand jury used could have been skewed by late reports is if FCS social workers were years behind in entering data. However, that would mean that those investigations would have been left open in the system for years too. That is impossible, according to the same database, FCS met or exceeded state averages in 30 day closures, the third Emergency Response measure. Therefore, the statistical data is as real as it gets. Mendocino County should be embarrassed that they did not meet the first two measures which are the most important, Immediate and 10 day responses.

James Marmon

Lake County

* * *


Dear Editor:

While President Obama and Congress go through their prolong exercise as whether to approve the deal other countries are going ahead as if it has already been approved. Last month General Soleimani, the Revolutionary Guard Quds Force commander, traveled to Russia to discuss the acquisition of the S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. That there is a travel ban on him did not seem to be of concern to Putin. Aside from this incident European countries on the approval of the unanimous UN security council endorsement are rushing to Iran to arrange trade agreements with Iran. The German vice-chancellor and economy minister signed a MOU with Iran's development ministry. All of these countries are acting as if the sanctions were lifted. Russia has made it clear they are going ahead regardless of sanctions. China apparently is going ahead with an agreement for purchase of Iranian oil. Iran has announced they have approved more than $2 billion of projects for European countries. I am sure the President and Congress are not happy with Russia, China and the European countries for going ahead on their trade agreements.

In peace and love,

Jim Updegraff


* * *



Re “California sets low-flow standards on new showerheads” — Sacramento Bee, August 12, 2015

The state’s adoption of stricter low-flow standards for showerheads is typical of the triumph of public relations over substance that prevails in California water politics.

While these standards will save some water, it will be just a fraction of the water used during the drought by the state’s biggest water wasters: agribusiness, oil companies and other corporate interests.

A new report by EcoNorthwest, an independent economic analysis firm, estimates that 300,000 acres of toxic land in the Westlands Water District and three adjacent water districts could be retired at a cost of $580 million to $1 billion.

Retiring this land and curbing the water rights associated with it would result in a savings to California of up to 455,000 acre-feet of water – for just a small fraction of the cost of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Delta tunnel plan.

Dan Bacher


* * *


Dear Editor,

There’s a new editor at the Fort Bragg Abdicate. But this time it’s a real journalist – Chris Calder! Unlike his timid predecessors, Calder challenged the local hospital in an exposé titled, ‘Contracts raise issues at hospital’. That was August 6th. One of those issues was a contractor named Summit Pain Alliance. You can find reviews about them at With comments like, ‘I was actually flopping on the table like a fish out of water.’ And ‘The office staff and manager are the worst I have seen in my life.’ The hospital’s got some doozies there too. One reads, ‘The hospitalist program borders on malpractice.’ Another says, ‘I should’ve listened when I was told this emergency room sucks. It does.’ Calder’s article prompted a deluge of two whole letters in the following week’s issue. Neither of them kind. Prompting Mommy to bench Mister Calder.

That’s Sharon DiMauro – the woman at the wheel. For the last thirty years, DiMauro has fought hammer-and-tong to stifle public outcry about the local hospital. Including a sycophantic masterpiece from July 30th titled, ‘Hospital will always rely on community’. Warning the public against relying on ‘hearsay and rumors’ about the place. Calder wrote a piece in that issue too. But wasn’t quite drinking the Kool-Aid. Nonetheless, he ran some pretty charts from Dr. Bill Rohr. All of them painting a rosy picture. Quite compelling unless you’ve got an Internet connection. Which Calder apparently has.

His follow-up article must have infuriated DiMauro. Not only did it undo decades of brownnosing. He wrote it like a real journalist. Interviewing unhappy hospital employees and – gulp – actually quoting them. Needless to say, the issue from August 13th was Calder-less. And aside from a couple of pissed-off letters from hospital patients, it said bupkis about the hospital. As usual, DiMauro printed nothing under her own byline. Publishing the usual bootlicking tributes under the names of low-paid employees instead. Except Calder.

It’s hard to see any middle ground here. So either Calder can suck it up and start writing puff pieces. Or DiMauro can run a real newspaper. Then there’s the third option. That one of them bails. But until then, it’s something you’ve just gotta see. Journalism in Fort Bragg.

Scott M. Peterson


* * *


Hello Jon Spitz:

I don't know how to reach you other than through this in newspaper. You helped me way back in the 1980s to end pound seizures.

I'm glad to see you are still in the county and still advocating for animals.

We are such killers — kill, kill, kill, even vanishing wildlife isn't safe from our lust for murder.

Thanks for fighting the good fight.

Louise Marianna


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