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About That Bitch Thing

To the Editor:

Regarding the article about me recently.

First off, let me ask for a subscription while I'm in prison. Dennis Day, San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin CA 94974.

And let me ask you to print this on my defense to hear the other side of the story. That stuff you said in the paper was wrong and inhumane. How can you deface my name on allegations that are not true? For them to say rape and all this bullshit is wrong. I was not even charged with rape. If you rape someone, don't you think that person would be willing to do the rape kit? Well, she refused it and I did not. I had nothing to hide. The only reason they got the plea for what they got was because they, the district attorney as well as my jackass attorney James Griffiths, conned me in with the threat of two felony assaults and I did not want to end up in prison where I am now going. I told my attorney to pull my plea and to take it to trial because I did not commit those allegations made against me. That family and I was not as tight as you and they made it seem. And that act they put on in court is what you call your typical Fort Bragg tweaker.

As for Peter Gunn, I would be pissed too, but I did not and would never commit such acts.

And about the bitch thing. I said, “lying little bitch.” I never said she wanted it. I said she was a lying little bitch. A trained doctor confirmed that I'm not a weirdo piece of shit the way you make me out to be. People believe one sided stories that they hear in the press, the papers, all that shit. And please quit putting my face in the paper. Those who believe that, fuck you. Those who know me and the truth, thanks for your support. That girl called rape on two or three other people. She is a liar. That's the truth.

Well, I feel I've said my part. I'm going to prison for something I did not do. At least the assaults I committed, as well as a car theft, but not this horrendous shit. For the District Attorney, Heidi Larson, and Probation Officer Tim King, also my dumbfuck attorney James Griffiths, fuck all of you. Anyone who gets James Griffiths as an attorney, fire him. He helps to get you fucked over.

Please publish this word. Don't milk it or change it please. And let me get a subscription. I do like the stuff your paper writes. I also want to see if you get this article printed in honest respects.


Dennis Day
Fort Bragg/Ukiah/San Quentin

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