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  1. Jim Updegraff January 20, 2016

    A sad story. But then how can the Washington crowd most of whom were draft dodgers during Vietnam war understand what he and his men go through. Now we we got Herr Trump who was a draft dodger waving his sword.

  2. Rick Weddle January 22, 2016

    I recall seeing the small article about this, when it happened. There was little else written then, other than Price’s apparent suicide. I thought it worthy of more than a ‘stock’ mention because these Seal guys are, as a group and individually, among the highest-motivated Humans you’re likely to meet. Not high on the list of candidates for self-destruction, you’d think. Not saying their motivations are always correct or even lawful, just that in a serious throw-down, you’d want them on your side.

    A dozen deployments? Did they print that right? This American fighter gave extra-human performances over twelve deployments in a Very Big and Very Bad Mistake, then when it all caves in for him (1)there’s nobody there to catch him, for all the Seal crap about ‘unit integrity, unit integrity, unit integrity!!!’, and (2) they print a 15-second article about his suicide as if they’d like to keep it secret that Americans are not actually bulletproof AND indifferent to the Prices of war.

    What would you do when you saw first-hand how much good you could actually do with unlimited High Explosives and spotless intentions? And a crowd of ‘colleagues’ who, if they could actually understand what you were telling them, would NOT be the ones you’d want to know…

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