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Bird’s Eye View

Greetings one and all. If you are sitting comforta­bly then I shall begin. First let me inform you that the always-smiling and friendly guy who regularly walks the dogs from the Animal Rescue around town in all weathers, is Jim Teresinsk. He and the other volun­teers do a marvelous job and a “Hi, Jim, keep up the good work” when you pass by would no doubt be appreciated.

With this in mind how about an appropriate Quote of the Week? Austrian poet and novelist Rai­ner Maria Rilke said, “God sat down for a moment when the dog was finished in order to watch it, and he observed that it was good, that nothing was lacking inside and out, and that it could not have been bet­ter.” And a second comment, perhaps more relevant to the work that the Animal Rescue does with aban­doned pets; this one from American author and humorist, Corey Ford, “Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.” Well said! In my many years of dog guardianship, poorly trained dogs have invariably been the result of poorly trained owners; bad dogs have had bad owners. Please give serious thought to having a pet and the aspects of your lifestyle (hours spent at work; dog-sitters for your vacations; etc) that you may have to adjust in order to be a good pet owner — you will be richly rewarded if you are ‘properly trained’...

A special guest to the Valley last week was Chef Gabriel Burrez from the Valencia Province in Spain. He was on a wining and dining tour of northern Cali­fornia and had previously enjoyed the culinary delights of Zuni Café, Postrio, and Boulevard restaurants in San Francisco. He was here primarily to try the wines of the Valley and on his two-night stay for his dining pleasure he got to experience the Asian Bowl at Lau­ren’s Restaurant and Libby’s Combo plate — mari­nated pork enchilada and chili relleno. His judge­ment? “As good as anything I had in San Francisco.” Good to hear, and even though we may not have a bar in which to sip a few beers with friends, at least we are assured of being able to dine out on food that ranks with the best!

Once again I find myself talking about fine food so you would be correct to assume that I was at the St. Patrick’s Day dinner held at The Apple Hall in Boon­ville last Saturday evening. This was to benefit the Senior Center and, along with their Crab Feed in January, it is the Center’s biggest fund-raiser of the year. Unfortunately, for reasons are difficult to dis­cern, apart from perhaps financial considerations, the turnout was disappointing with only about seventy people in attendance when many of us were expecting closer to twice that. This is too bad because, thanks to the Hansen's and Basehore's and their crew, the corned beef diner with all the classic trimmings was exceptional this year. I have been a big fan of the Senior Center and frequently ‘talk it up’ in this col­umn, but I am aware that at the Tuesday and Thurs­day gatherings at the Veterans Building the lunch is sometimes regarded as ‘just o.k.’ — not that anyone expects 'fine dining' I'm sure. Anyway, as I say, the food was ‘exceptional’ on this occasion and besides, for such a great cause, you’d think the Valley would come out in support even if bread and water were served... Nevertheless, there is a rumor of a regular monthly Bingo session being held at the Senior Cen­ter so hopefully your much-needed support will be forthcoming at that time. I’ll keep you posted. Remember, with any luck, you may be a senior your­self one day.

Talking of supporting seniors, I would hope you all bought an issue of this past Sunday’s (March 21st) S.F. Chronicle featuring an article about the City’s favorite haunts of the AVA’s Mighty Leader, Bruce Anderson, accompanied by a splendid photograph of this most distinguished of seniors. The picture seems to suggest not only a deep thinker and beer guzzler, but a more humane, even warm and fuzzy side to the All-Power­ful One and I must say the camera does not lie; although when the need is there, the dagger/pen can be as sharp as ever, particularly if you’re either a shady politician, politically correct to a ridiculous degree, or French and having issues with your subscription pay­ment.

And here are a couple of Public Service Announce­ments which I know I’ve mentioned recently but now these events are upon us. #97: The vets from the Mendocino Animal Hospital are at the Farm Supply tomorrow (March 25th) from 2-3.30pm. While you’re there how about a purchase or two to support the store that helps us receive the wonderful vet service we get here every month? #98: It’s back! The Barn Sale returns following the winter break this coming weekend (March 27th and 28th) at the Big Barn between AV Way and Hwy 128. (Enter via the church refectory driveway on AV Way.) It runs from 9am to about 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday with burgers served off the grill from 11am to 2pm.

I’m outtahere. I have to see a man about a sheep. Be careful out there; stay out of the ditches; think good thoughts, and may your god go with you. Of course, one final request, “Let us prey.” Humbly yours, Turkey Vulture. PS. Contact me with words of support/abuse through the Letters Page or by e-mail at

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