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The Cruz Omen

Talking about politics is not something I enjoy much, and we know all too well there is more than enough commentary everywhere on the absurd Republican candidates and TV debates.  But I may have two cents worth of observation on the MSNBC post-game show.  Facebook is loaded with posts about "creepy" Ted Cruz with his "most punchable face" and his college roommate wishing he'd smothered Cruz to death while he was sleeping — which is getting close to the old "would you kill baby Hitler" discussion.  Pretty remarkable for a presidential candidate.  But anything goes this time.

After the debate, a persistent (pushy) MSNBC reporter (if that's what they're called) bulldozed her way through the crowd to interview Ted Cruz.  Whatever her question was, he answered with a stock bunch of right-wing tea party blather such as referring to mainstream democrats as "far left radicals."  No surprise there.

But what really caught my interest was the blond woman to Cruz's left.  She was, if possible even creepier than Ted.  Bleach blond hair, way-overdone black eye makeup and scowling face...  And it became apparent that she was Cruz's handler, or overseer, or protector. She was impatient, telling him to cut the interview, it was time to go.  If Cruz is creepy, this woman looked positively evil and reminded me of the women who watched over Damien, the anti-Christ character in the "Omen" movies.  Now I'm not Catholic, or religious in any way, although I can appreciate the metaphor of an "anti-Christ" in a political power position, intent on wreaking havoc upon the world.

Is this why Ted Cruz seems creepy?  Is he a bozo fronting for dark forces? Does his babysitter turn back into some demon-lizard behind closed doors?  I don't even think this kind of thing sounds too far-fetched in a world where a vice-president with someone else's heart and bad aim, and an inhuman supreme court justice go to a private Texas retreat —  where vampire-like blood lust is given an acceptable outlet —  to kill tiny birds,  Cruz even went hunting with that creepy Duck Dynasty guy.


  1. Rick Weddle March 3, 2016

    re: the metaphor deal…

    No, no extreme metaphor seems to quite span our present circumstances. The Bros. Grimm, for instance, compiled tales (for ‘kids’) using fictional characters to caution the listener of Real Life Hazards. In fact, all the ‘fictions’ we love so well about vampires, zombies, trolls, sci-fi and the works, are metaphoric warnings of clear and present dangers told in a ‘voice’ removed from reality far enough not to get the teller in trouble. That was then…

    Next time you’re chilled by a wild story about some ‘creature’ without its own life, with superHuman powers, and which never sees its own reflection and so on, think EXXON, and so on…I mean:

    With real, unliving, artificial ‘persons’ allowed to intervene, dominant in all phases of our lives, our politics, our economies, who needs any puny-ass zombies?

  2. Jim Updegraff March 4, 2016

    He is just another Bible thumper trying to impose his religiosity on the rest of us. Blondie is probably his confessor.

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