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A Clarification on the Death of Jeanne Huckins

In a recent story I wrote about Jeanne Huckins--a Fort Bragg woman who was found dead in early January and whose death was recently ruled a suicide--I quoted, and paraphrased, a Fort Bragg police sergeant, Phil Ward, who told me that the investigation into Huckins' death was closed and that her death hadn't at any point been considered suspicious.

In an interview today, he said he misspoke on the first point--that the investigation is in a "suspended mode." He said the department is awaiting the return of evidence from DOJ that could add something "substantial" to the case, and that they recently received "good information" from Huckins' friends, who've been skeptical of her death being called a suicide.

On the other point, Ward said Huckins' death isn't considered suspicious--though the police approach every death investigation, including this one, as a potential homicide.

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  1. Larry Landis March 29, 2019

    I am interested in more info. on the suspicious death of Jeanne Huckins? Can you help me?

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