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Willits, Weed & Craigslist…

The three Santa Barbara guys recently busted for unloading clones on Craigslist--and for maintaining a grow house in Willits--are in good company. Medical company, of course.

Type "marijuana" into Mendo Craigslist, and this gem of salesmanship appears:

Dear potential investor,

We would like to take a moment to share an opportunity to invest in a project with potential for a huge return. We have nearly completed part 1 of an instructional DVD series on how to cultivate their own medical marijuana. This video is expected to reach a targeted audience of 2.9 million U.S. viewers in an un-tapped market. Of these viewers we have estimated that a minimum of 870, 000 potential customers will buy this video. The video will sell for $24.20 each.

We are in the need of funds for post production / printing / and marketing. No investment minimum.

OK--so what are the videos like? Oaksterdam meets Bob Ross? Eddy Lepp meets Jazzercise? Not really. The promotional trailers, brought to you by GrowScene Productions, of Willits, would most likely not be approved by Mendo's medical cannabis brigade. This is more like pot porn. Think guns'n'chicks, only instead of bikini-clad bimbos wielding submachine guns, these ladies are just too hot for a little indoor horticulture.

Good luck, potential investor!


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