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Mendocino County Today: Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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D - Sanders: 53%; Clinton: 47%

R - Trump: 53%, Cruz: 37%; Kasich: 8%

TEXAS SENATOR TED CRUZ is dropping out of the Republican presidential race after suffering a humiliating defeat in the Indiana primary Tuesday. Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe told reporters Cruz was suspending his campaign, Politico and reporters traveling with the campaign reported, just hours after it was clear Cruz would suffer a drubbing at the polls. “God bless the Hoosier state,” Cruz said at the start of a long speech where he hailed American values. “We are not boastful or mean spirited. America is brave. We keep our word. And we believe in peace through strength,” Cruz said, in remarks that echoed both his bitter fight against Donald Trump and were aimed toward whatever his future in politics holds. It followed a resounding defeat in the Indiana primary. Trump got 53 percent to 37 percent for Cruz, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich trailing with just 8 percent of the vote. As the margin of Trump's victory looked increasingly decisive, the candidate's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski announced that Cruz should step aside “for the good of the party.”

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Hello Everyone,

It's been several months since the Broadband Alliance last met and we have a lot to share at our May Public Meeting this Friday, May 6th, 10:00 - 11:30am at the Community Foundation, 204 S. Oak St., Ukiah. The agenda for the meeting is attached. Join us remotely by calling: 641-715-3341 Access code: 108 1131#

We also have a special presentation on May 20th 10:00 - 11 am at the Community Foundation, by Computers for Classrooms, based in Chico, that offers low-cost high quality refurbished computers to low-income households, seniors aged 65 and older, non-profits, tribes, schools and libraries. (see announcement Flyer for May 20th presentation:

For information about the computers available and software installed see these: Computers available:

Software installed on shipped computers:

They will also be accepting E-waste for recycling after the presentation. If you know of any individuals or organizations that need to get rid of old equipment, please pass this information on to them also. If you plan to bring E-waste, please contact me so CFC knows what size of vehicle to bring to transport it all back to Chico. Here's a description of what they accept:

Electronic equipment acceptable for donation:

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SIREN is a big boy with an even bigger heart.


We think this 84 pound, 3 year old, neutered male definitely has some Shar Pei in him. This gentle giant loves to play fetch and get belly rubs! Given his size and his love for romping in the play yard, Siren needs a home with room for him to roam and stretch outside and inside. We think he’d be the perfect playmate for older kids but he will do well in any active, loving home. Siren prefers the company of people, but NOT other canines. Siren is not a dog park dog, and he needs to be the only dog in the house. If that is not a deal breaker for you, call or come by the shelter--707-467-6453, 298 Plant Road in Ukiah. Check out all the dogs and cats at our website:

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GREG KROUSE: "The Anderson Valley Grange has two events coming up: At 7 PM on May 6th, First Friday Film and Social Nite offers an interesting documentary on the plight of a motivated Latina, who moves from cooking for a push cart to Sushi Chef. The barriers of nationality and sex provide an interesting drama. The social aspect (6PM) did well with Pizza so we are offering that again but we are also doing Sushi, both for a nominal donation. You can always bring your own. BYOB or there will be juice, tea, and coffee. The following weekend, we celebrate Mom’s at our 2nd Sunday Pancake Breakfast on Sunday the 8th from 8:30 to 11 AM at the Grange. Flowers and Mimosas for Mom’s and their guests. The latter by donation."

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In a doubleheader with Geyserville, a team so, so, so impaired they probably belong in the emergency room, the Boonville 9 won the first game, 24-2. Geyserville scored two fluke runs that seemed more charity than earned:

Winning pitcher: Jared Johnston 3 innings, 0 hits allowed.

Cesar Soto: 5/5, 4 runs, 2 rbis

Jared Johnston: 4/6, 2 dbl, rbis

Jonas Lane: 4/5, rbis

Tony Pardini: 2/3, dbl, 4 rbis

JT Carlin: 2/4, 2 dbl, 3 rbis

Game 2: AV 20, Geyserville 0

Winning pitcher: Tony Pardini, 3 innings, 8k, 0 hits allowed.

Jared Johnston: 3/3, hr, 3 rbis

Cesar Soto: 3/4, dbl, 2 rbis

JT Carlin: 2/3, dbl, 3 rbis

Gerardo Torales: 2/3, 3 rbis

Isak Parra: 2/3, 3 rbis

The ravenous Panthers then headed far to the east to take on a Geyserville-like Covelo. Old timers will recall the glorious sports days when Covelo was a small school sports powerhouse, but that prowess faded when drugs and bad attitudes came to dominant the isolated Round Valley, and it's been downhill since the late 1960s for Covelo:

Game 1: AV 25, Round Valley 0

Winning Pitcher: Jared Johnston 3 innings, 0 hits allowed.

In relief: JT Carlin 2 innings, 0 hits allowed, the two Panthers teaming up for a no hitter.

Cesar Soto: 4/5, 2 dbl, 3 runs, 4 rbis

Tony Pardini: 4/6, 2 runs, 2 rbis

Jonas Lane: 3/5, 4 runs, 4 rbis

JT Carlin: 3/5, 3 runs, 2 rbis

Jared Johnston: 2/4, 3 runs, 3 rbis

Game 2: AV 10, Round Valley 0

Winning pitcher: Tony Pardini, 3 innings, 2 hits allowed, 0 walks, 5k

Cesar Soto: 2/2, 2 runs

JT Carlin: 2/3, dbl, 2 runs, 2 rbis

Jared Johnston: 2/3, rbis

Juan Reynoso: 2/3, 2 runs, 2 rbis

At the end of the week, Anderson Valley's collective batting average was .750. The Panthers, boasting a team of real athletes, are certain to get some real competition in the looming small school playoffs.

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(Photo by Susie de Castro)

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RANDY BURKE NOTES: “Close call for Cloverdale Woman.”

Reminds me of a story whereby two brother gringos want to start a bungee jumping school. So they head to Mexico and pick a bridge with a large tree canopy below. They hook the cord to the railing and one of the brothers takes the plunge all the way to the forest canopy below. Upon skyward return the other brother notices the jumper all beat up and bloody. Failing to catch the falling brother, the falling brother descends one more time in a downward, free fall fashion. Upon arrival back up at the bridge, this time the other brother is able to catch hold. The jumping brother looks at his rescuer and says “Hey bro, what’s a pinata?"

* * *


One. KraZYX Board Meeting

The room was filled with KZYX apologists.

Jeff Wright got himself arrested, I called for Stuart Campbell's resignation saying he was a liar and unfit for the position, and asked the board how to proceed in having him removed.

Tim Bray threw water on Jeff Wright, and got me too (next to the camera), so I GOT RIGHT IN Tim's FACE AND TOLD HIM HE WAS BEING AN ASSHOLE!!!

The wimp tried to make it Jeff Wright's fault, childish fucker.

Many people don't like me anymore, so sad...

Doug McKenty kissed ass like he always does, Marco brought up a good point, but diluted it with his talk on paying programmers.

Scott Peterson, brought up his good info on how the KZYX finances have years of "discrepancies".

As Stuart [Campbell] was leaving, I asked if he had the balls to resign, he said, "no way." I told him it was going to cost KZYX a lot of money through civil litigation then, because I was definitely going to get rid of him.

What a meeting!

Two. Went to the KZYX board meeting at Point Noyo this evening. Second board meeting in a row where the finance committee chair didn't show up. one attendee was taken away in handcuffs. I believe it was Jeff Wright ..

* * *

WE'VE WATCHED Mendocino TV's film of last night's KZYX board meeting. It wasn't as wild as the anon blurb makes it out to be, apart from Mr. Wright's incoherent complaints of a vast conspiracy to hide the truth about station operations.

KZYX'S new station manager, Lorraine Dechter, is a smart, capable person who has made it clear that the station's books are open to anyone who wants to look. She inherited a large deficit and years of ill will accumulated by her predecessors. The station's sad history is not her fault, and why Wright felt he had to disrupt the board meeting as he berated her and her trustees seems way out of line, and calling the police to eject him was the wright (sic) thing to do.

KZYX is in a deep fiscal hole, thanks to the prior management of the enterprise, but it's unlikely to re-build membership if the public continues to have the idea the whole show is basically a kind of rolling outpatient program.

DOUG McKENTY CALMLY assesses last night's KZYX meeting:

Though it seems KZYX may now have a chance to resurrect itself, last night did not leave me with much hope.

It is possible that the new board members could make a sensible change, but I thought that last year, and the year before that, and the year before that.

They still cannot seem to follow Roberts Rules. That was Jeff Wrights chief complaint, for which he got arrested. He was being extremely disruptive.

They claimed they have started up the system of committees again, but did not tell us who was on them.

They told us the station had $5k in the bank, and passed out a piece of paper showing they were well under budget for the year. But they didn't tell us it cost $40k a month to run the station with no money coming in for at least two.

Scott Peterson explained during the public comment section (which happened at the end of the meeting, after all the voting and such) that he had discovered serious anomalies on the form 990's. He also told them how to find the info for themselves.

I don't think they have any idea that if the CPB finds out, the station is probably done for. But hey, who takes all that legal mumbo jumbo seriously anyway? Scott is probably part of that "group" of "haters" out to destroy the station because that's how sickos get there kicks...

In other words, more of the same.

* * *

BOBBY KUNY, as his high school Senior Project, is creating a memorial in honor of veterans and active duty service members. It will consist of a redwood slab and brass engravings representing each branch of the armed services, and inscribed, "In honor of all veterans and active military personnel." The artifact will be placed for permanent display in the American Legion/Senior Center in Boonville following an unveiling ceremony on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th. Donations in care of or made out to Bobby Kuny may be sent to Box 400, Navarro. Information at:

* * *

CALTRANS said yesterday that they will install a temporary signal on Highway 253 up near the top of the ridge on May 9 so that some significant road repairs can be done, including a new retaining wall and repaving. One way traffic will be in effect 24/7 with up to ten minute delays. The signal is expected to continue to October with work wrapped up in November. For more info call Caltrans ubiquitous media rep: Phil Frisbie, 707/441-4678.

* * *

NOT TO GO all Big Think on you, but used to be that public lunacy got you sent to the time out room, the one with the outside lock on the door. Today, the asylum is open air, and lots of inmates have their own radio shows.

TINY CASE in point: I clicked on Public Radio Mendocino County this morning while I was tidying up my room to Marine Corps specs — bed tightly made with no Irish pennants visible; walls unadorned save for a single depressing poster of mankind strapped to a nuclear bomb as mankind gnaws at his bloody wrist to be free, and artistically-rendered Christian crosses. The whole of it cell-like and perfect for rest. Kinda crazy, I confess, but comfortable.

SO, the program was Dr. Richard Miller droning on with a guest chronophage about the kind of non-dilemmas faced by narcissists — 24 steps to full bliss ninny, 11 and a half steps to Jack Daniels, the kind of advice only people with endless time on their hands might possibly find useful. Or interesting.

THE CALLS were varieties of crackpot-ism, the kind of remarks that make you want to put your hiking boots on and kick the caller in the arse through the phone line. And kick yourself for turning the radio up to hear how nuts the comment might get. Mostly, not nuts enough to compel interest.

BUT ONE CALL was fascinating. The guy said he was 78 and that he'd just discovered he suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder and was now on a "ritalin-like" drug to help him focus.

I WAS SUSPICIOUS. The guy sounded a lot younger, and nobody I've heard of at age 78 would be put on speed to help them pay attention, although for all I know half the Boonville Senior Center is on prescription Tweek. Hell, I'm 76 and I can't imagine anyone even noticing whether I'm paying attention or not. Few people, in my experience, pay any attention whatsoever, a fact of life you can prove for yourself in any social situation by mumbling insults like, "Glad to see your wife still trying to keep up appearances." If the other person happens to be one of rare payers-of-attention and truculently snaps back, "What'd you just say?" Come right back with, "I said your wife looks wonderful."

SO I'M LISTENING to this radio geezer saying how Ritalin is helping him pay attention as I wonder if the caller is just having some fun, having us on, as the Brits would say. But I know that's impossible, that in Mendocino County only someone with a refined and spirited sense of fun would call in an irony-free program like Miller's claiming to be an old man on an ADD drug. I was amused, though. BTW, Miller's guest blandly remarked that non-medication might be better for the old boy's self-alleged condition but whatever. Yeah, that's right. Whatever.

* * *


May 15 8:00PM - 12:00 PM

Apple Hall Boonville

— Kathleen Cox, Philo

* * *


Continues to follow to economic activity, not “promotion.”

Sonoma County had $1.82 billion in traveler spending in 2015, up from $1.78 billion in 2014, resulting in a 2.3% increase.

* * *


A poll by a prominent business-backed group shows that one-third of San Francisco Bay Area residents say they’re considering leaving the congested, pricey region in the next few years.

The Mercury News reported Monday that of the 1,000 people polled by the Bay Area Council, 34 percent said they may move away, citing high housing costs and traffic as reasons.

 The survey also found that people who have lived in the region for five years or less are the most likely to want to leave.


* * *


To the Editor:

Stop the madness

Back in the day there was a great Simon and Garfunkel song “It’s all happening at the Zoo.” Today those of us living in this beautiful valley can say “It’s a total zoo at City Hall.” It is so very difficult to understand how one building can hold that many adults that can dream up so many zany ideas. The thought that any adult that lives in our valley might even possibly have a rational thought that we should consider hiring another consultant …this time to see if we need a upscale/high end hotel in downtown is beyond me. I have not found one person who knows of any family or guest coming here that would want to stay at such a hotel. Finally I found out how the “staff” could come up with such an idea. The city keeps sending “staff” off to these conferences…and we pay the bill for them to stay at such hotels. Stop this nonsense! Stop the cost of these conferences. Stop the crazy idea of hiring another consultant. You don’t have money for either.

Opening the UDJ of April 14, 2016 and one gets sick reading the story “A Drive Through Ukiah.” “Dreams?” Far from it. Headline should have read “Nightmares.” Anyone who has a clue to reality knows these people are totally out of touch. Stop the madness! The unwanted and totally unneeded Low Gap Roundabout idea needs to quickly go to the round file. The crime of our valley is this Downtown Streetscape Plan. The downtown merchants overall don’t want this. The people living here do not want this! It this is such a hot idea why not allow the people to vote for this. (Never going to happen…too much mud to go on staff’s face). Why extend the “Tramp Trail” when the valley has so many real needs. We need more MTA buses….with their windows blacked out so no one can see that there is no one onboard except the driver. City hall needs to be brought back to reality. A sign needs to be put on every desk “We spend real money not Monopoly money.” The “staff” is correct…we do need to hire a consultant… who will come and clean house at city hall! And just when you think you have seen it out Ukiah …it is not beyond these folks to head to the next meeting with a request to hire another consultant….this time the headlines in the UDJ will read: “High speed Solar Train possible from Hopland to Redwood Valley.” Yep…this will bring all the folks here to fill the downtown high end hotel. The train will service Hopland Passport and Taste of Redwood Valley….The high end hotel will be full! And “staff” will head off to another conference to bring back more zany ideas and business cards from more consultants. May we suggest someone stop bringing the brownies to city hall that are laced with samples of Mendocino Counties finest cash crop and let’s stop this madness.

Gil Sissons II, Ukiah

* * *

‘88,000 POUNDS OF TRASH…AND OVER 1,000 USED NEEDLES COLLECTED TODAY’ As Homeless Removed From Palco Marsh

Eureka Police Department reports that they removed over “88,000 pounds of trash and garbage and over 1,000 used needles” today as they forced the last of the campers in the Palco Marsh to leave.

The operation began in March after the Eureka City Council declared May 2 was the deadline for clearing the area.

Redheaded Blackbelt's reporter on the scene, Bobby Kroeker, reports that though not seamless, as a whole, today’s operation went smoothly. There was only one arrest and that person was not one of the homeless but, instead, a homeless advocate.


A few fires allegedly set by residents of the Marsh flared up consuming tents this morning. The smoke from the smoldering belongings gave an apocalyptic cast to the day.


People trailed out of the encampment with their belongings heaped on whatever wheeled conveyance they could find.

Numerous government agencies and non-profits showed up at the encampment prepared to assist in the transition. At times it seemed that the residents of the Marsh were outnumbered four to one by those there to help.

Nonetheless, leaving was stressful causing some residents to scream in rage and others to break down in tears.


Chief Andrew Mills of the Eureka Police Department tweeted that some of the homeless campers had left unpleasant traps for the officers assigned to the cleanup.

#nogooddeed booby trapped tents with urine ladened jars that fall on cops cleaning their mess. #Disgusting.
— Andrew Mills (@ChiefAndyMills) May 2, 2016

A press release from the Eureka Police Department further gives law enforcement’s perspective:

The City of Eureka began clean-up efforts at the Palco Marsh this morning. The planned police enforcement and property maintenance operation has been in the planning stage since March 18, 2016, when the City Council announced the May 2nd exit date for all illegal campers at the Palco Marsh.

The City of Eureka began planning by working with several shelter organizations, animal rescue groups, DHSS, MIST, and others to relocate the individuals living at the marsh into shelters. Eureka Police collaborated with other agencies to plan for today’s operation to ensure the safety of the people living in the marsh, city crews and officers. These extensive and thoughtful planning efforts helped to ensure a safe operation that took place today.

Eureka Police Department, along with all City departments, Humboldt Bay Fire, U. S. Coast Guard, City Ambulance and the County of Humboldt worked diligently to execute the operational plan.

City work crews estimated 88,000 pounds of trash and garbage and over 1,000 used needles were collected today. Campers leaving the area who could not take their belongings with them, were given 96 gallon totes to store their items for a period of 90 days. At this time 3 connex storage containers are full with additional boxes ordered for tomorrow’s operation. The City of Eureka will continue to ensure that property is stored and secured according to all applicable laws.

EPD and City Staff will be on the lookout for any obvious stolen property which may be in the marsh and that all recovered stolen property will be returned to its rightful owner.

1 person was arrested for refusing to leave the operational area. All persons entering this police operational area will be subject to arrest upon entry. Any illegal campers still remaining in the Palco Marsh area will be subject to arrest. All entrances to the area are being monitored and entry restricted.

Camping in any City park or greenbelt is prohibited. Anyone who notices camping in a City greenbelt or park should contact the Eureka Police Department. EPD and City staff will respond to calls for camping within the City of Eureka as time allows.


(Courtesy, Photos by Bobby Kroeker)

* * *

COMMENT REGARDING the recent Hemingway Movie from a newspaper in Florida, passed along to us by a loyal reader:

“My father Rene Villarreal worked for Papa Hemingway in Cuba for more than 20 years. In the new Hemingway film there were a lot of creative liberties taken with the story and perhaps “Based On An Almost True Story” or “There May Be Some Truth Here,” would be a better way to introduce it. Hemingway’s support group and friends in Cuba were ignored because “they” did not fit the story line. Hemingway’s long-time friends in Cuba were an intricate part of his every day life and activities on the island. The best part of the movie for me was being able to see the Finca, where I grew up and played with my brothers. It was also great to see the scenes of Hemingway on his boat Pilar in the bay of Havana. I have seen those images in my private family collection of Hemingway photographs as well as in numerous books and documentaries, but never in color film. — Raul Villarreal, Gainesville, Florida”

* * *

IN MAY 2014, Senator Elizabeth Warren talked about the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. “From what I hear, Wall Street, pharmaceuticals, telecom, big polluters and outsourcers are all salivating at the chance to rig the deal in the upcoming trade talks. So the question is: Why are the trade talks secret? You’ll love this answer. Boy, the things you learn on Capitol Hill. I actually have had supporters of the deal say to me, ‘They have to be secret, because if the American people knew what was actually in them, they would be opposed."

* * *

CATCH OF THE DAY, May 3, 2016

Collins, Cooper (2008), Davis
Collins, Cooper (2008), Davis

MARSHALL COLLINS III, Manchester. Addict driving a vehicle, suspended license.

BRETT COOPER, Willits. Kidnapping for robbery, rape, spousal rape, oral copulation, sodomy or sexual penetration, assault with a deadly weapon not a gun, discharge of firearm in inhabited dwelling, criminal threats, attempted murder.

CHARLES DAVIS*, Ukiah. Domestic battery, destruction of cellphone to prevent call for help, violation of protective order, probation revocation.

Edwards, Hargis, Kochie
Edwards, Hargis, Kochie

DEANDRE EDWARDS, Long Beach/Ukiah. DUI, county parole violation, controlled substance, resisting, suspended license.

MELANIE HARGIS, Willits. Pot cultivation, possession for sale, probation revocaiton.

ANTHONY KOCHIE*, Ukiah. Petty theft.

Larson, Sanders, Shellhart
Larson, Sanders, Shellhart


THOMAS SANDERS, Willits. Drunk in public, probation revocation. (Frequent flyer.)

DESIREE SHELLHART, Ukiah. Under influence.

Shi, Smith, Voris
Shi, Smith, Voris

WEI SHI, El Cerrito/Ukiah. Pot sales.

TERESA SMITH, Ukiah. Controlled substance, parapheranalia, probation revocation.

ANGIE VORIS, Willits. Failure to appear, probation revocation.


* * *


…Donald Trump’s selective service file reads as follows: Between 1964 and 1966, as American troop commitment in Vietnam escalated and the military draft began in earnest, Trump received three 2-S classifications — student deferments — for being enrolled at Fordham University and later at Wharton business school. In the ’60s, graduate school was an easy way to extend a student deferment until you turned 26, at which point you aged out of the draft.

Unsurprisingly, graduate schools became wildly popular destinations in the ’60s. One survey showed 90 percent of MBA applicants were motivated by fear of conscription. Trump’s reasons for pursuing a business degree were, like anyone’s, surely mixed, but the real story lies in Trump’s two medical exams.

In July 1968, Trump received a 1-A classification, signaling he was fit to serve on the basis of a physical he had taken roughly two years earlier. Then, in October 1968, Trump was examined again, and classified 1-Y. He was no longer protected by a grad student deferral, but it didn’t matter. He had been made exempt from military service due to an unspecified medical condition.

Not surprisingly, Trump has dissembled on the issue, claiming his high draft lottery number prevented a call-up. But Trump’s publicly available files show he received his 1-Y classification before the lottery went into effect, in 1969. When Trump’s biographer confronted him about the timeline, a curious exchange ensued. “As he talked, Trump slipped off his black loafer and pointed to his heel, where a little bulge pushed against his sock. ‘Heel spurs,’ he explained, ‘on both feet.’ ”

By his own account, Trump was a golden boy athlete through high school, “always the best player” on the field, one who excelled “not just in baseball, in every sport.” Yet somehow, thanks to a minor protuberance, he was declared unfit for military service...

Never one to settle for the garden-variety howler, Trump, who was shipped off to a posh military school as a teenager, has insisted, “I always felt I was in the military,” or “I always felt I was in the military in the true sense.”

What did Trump do, when confronted by the actual sacrifice of John McCain? He simply negated it, ex tempore, with bluster. Thus Trump completed the boomer triple play: He evaded service; he nonetheless arrogates to himself the language of military valor; and he treats those who actually served as chumps...

* * *


One reason we are in the mess we are in currently, beyond the fact that lefties remain more interested in electing Presidents than schoolboards, county commissioners and sheriffs, etc, is that Al Gore’s loss as the original Bring Back Bill option is blamed on Ralph Nader rather than Gore’s failure as a candidate who could not carry his home state. Hillary is not the dullard Al was, but as a matter of charisma, she is about as comfy a ballot box companion as say Bob Dole or Mike Dukakis. In the end, being elected president is as much about that kind of appeal as being elected class president. Hillary is nothing like a shoo in and the Democratic leadership might be behind a Sanders / Green option because they see the need for a scapegoat.

* * *


Thanks to "Catch of the Day" for introducing us to the delightful German word "backpfeifengesicht" (a face badly in need of a fist). In the course of looking that one up, I came across some other useful foreign terms...

Age-otori (Japanese): To look worse after a haircut.

Arigata-meiwaku (Japanese): An act someone does for you that you didn’t want to have them do and tried to avoid having them do, but they went ahead anyway, determined to do you a favor, and then things went wrong and caused you a lot of trouble, yet in the end social conventions required you to express gratitude.

Bakku-shan (Japanese): A beautiful long as she’s being viewed from behind.

Desenrascanço (Portuguese): “To disentangle” yourself out of a bad situation.

Forelsket (Norwegian): The euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love.

Guanxi (Mandarin): In traditional Chinese society, you would build up good guanxi by giving gifts to people, taking them to dinner, or doing them a favor, but you can also use up your gianxi by asking for a favor to be repaid.

Ilunga (Tshiluba, Congo): A person who is ready to forgive any abuse for the first time, to tolerate it a second time, but never a third time.

Gigil (Filipino): The urge to pinch or squeeze something that is unbearably cute.

L’esprit de l’escalier (French): Usually translated as “staircase wit,” is the act of thinking of a clever comeback when it is too late to deliver it.

Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan): A look between two people that suggests an unspoken, shared desire.

Manja (Malay): Gooey, childlike and coquettish behaviour by women designed to elicit sympathy or pampering by men.

Meraki (Greek): Doing something with soul, creativity, or love. It’s when you put something of yourself into what you’re doing.

Nunchi (Korean): The subtle art of listening and gauging another’s mood. In Western culture, nunchi could be described as the concept of emotional intelligence. Knowing what to say or do, or what not to say or do, in a given situation. A socially clumsy person can be described as "nunchi eoptta", meaning “absent of nunchi”.

Pena ajena (Mexican Spanish): The embarrassment you feel watching someone else’s humiliation.

Pochemuchka (Russian): A person who asks a lot of questions.

Sgiomlaireachd (Scottish Gaelic): When people interrupt you at meal time.

Shlimazl (Yiddish): Somebody who has nothing but bad luck.

Sgriob (Gaelic): The itchiness that overcomes the upper lip just before taking a sip of whisky.

Taarradhin (Arabic): implies a happy solution for everyone, a way of reconciling without anyone losing face.

Tatemae and Honne (Japanese): What you pretend to believe and what you actually believe, respectively.

Tingo (Pascuense, language of Easter Island): To borrow objects one by one from a neighbor’s house until there is nothing left.

Tocka (Russian): Great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. Ache of soul, a longing with nothing to long for.

Waldeinsamkeit (German): The feeling of being alone in the woods.

Yoko meshi (Japanese): literally "a meal eaten sideways," referring to the peculiar stress induced by speaking a foreign language.

* * *


(photo by Annie Kalantarian)

* * *


This Friday!

Enjoy free entry to Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens this Friday, May 6 in celebration of National Public Gardens Day. This is an annual celebration of the nation’s public gardens to raise awareness of their important role in promoting environmental stewardship, plant and water conservation, green spaces, and education in communities nationwide. In honor of National Public Gardens Day, we are offering visitors a 10% discount on the purchase of Gardens memberships and business memberships! Membership has great benefits


including access to almost 300 gardens nationwide, through the American Horticultural Society's Reciprocal Admissions Program. Open hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm. More information can be found at

Hope to see you there!

* * *

I’M WRITING to share some info with you about an upcoming celebration of wool! I work at Casari Ranch in Point Arena, CA and on May 21-22, we'll be having a free event for people who love fiber arts and the sheep who make it all possible. I'm not sure if it's too late for the Advertiser to share this local event, but if you feel inspired, I've attached a flyer with some info about this family-friendly, fun-filled event. We'd appreciate your help getting the world out and would love to see you there!

All the best,

Maggie B on behalf of Ariana and Casey Mazzucchi of Casari Ranch

Microsoft Word - 2016FestFlyer.docx

* * *


Keep Calm and Chant Navarna Mantram

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce

Craig Louis Stehr is chanting the Navarna mantram to the dark mother goddess Kali today, at Poets House in New York City's Battery Park, (while looking out the window at the rain swept Statue of Liberty). This tantric sadhana is being performed for the purpose of requesting divine intervention, for the effective ecodefense of the planet earth. I will be in Manhattan until May 9th. Feel free to contact me with your spiritually creative ideas. I'm mobile! What would you like to do?? Email:


  1. Jeff Costello May 4, 2016

    Foreign term: Treppenwitz (German) – the snappy retort you thought of after it was too late.

    • Bill Pilgrim May 4, 2016

      “l’esprit de lescalier” (staircase wit) : thinking of the perfect retort too late.

  2. John Sakowicz May 4, 2016

    Let’s remember this about KZYX Board member Stuart Campbell…

    As Interim GM and Executive Director, he did the following:
    1. he conspired to appoint the chair of the search committee for the station’s next GM and Executive Director,
    2. he appointed many of the search committee’s member, he required the search committee to copy him on all confidential email (including the resumes of other applicants),
    3. he pressured several search committee members to write him letters of recommendation, and,
    4 one day before the deadline for applying for the job, he, in fact, applied for the job after publicly stating at a Board meeting that he had no interest in the job.

    Stuart Campbell committed the most egregious breach of ethics I have seen in the over 20 years I have served on various boards and commissions. This is ironic, of course, because Campbell bills himself as a philosophy professor and so-called “professor of ethics”.

    One thing the public should know about Campbell.

    Remember Werner Erhard a.k.a Jack Rosenberg?

    Werner Erhard the con man?

    Werner Erhard the master manipulator?

    Werner Erhard the mass mind control specialist?

    Werner Erhard who plagiarized a hodge-podge of philosophical bits and pieces culled from pseudo- existential philosophy, motivational psychology, and other bullshit and called it EST?

    Werner Erhard who was also a philosophy professor and so-called “professor of ethics” at Sacramento City College.

    Werner Erhard who left EST in disgrace and vanished amid reports of tax fraud and allegations of incest?

    Werner Erhard who released many of his top executives at EST to become executives at Scientology?

    Scientology had collected filing cabinets worth of materials about Erhard and EST, and aggressively recruited executives and other members at EST.

    Well, Stuart Campbell worked for Werner Erhard. In fact, Campbell was himself a top executive at EST.

    Specifically, Stuart Cambell was Erhard’s “trainer of trainers”. He traveled the country, training the other con men and other ethical defectives who actually led the EST seminars.

    EST trainers were notorious. These insanely authoritarian trainers enforced numerous arbitrary “rules”, requiring applause after participants “shared” their most intimate secrets and vulnerabilities in front of the EST group. They deemphasized reason in favor of EST dogma. They degraded, insulted, and intimated participants.

    Yup. Stuart Campbell was Werner Erhard’s trainer of trainers. This interesting factoid emerged in December when Campbell interviewed before the KZYX Board for the job of GM and Executive Director. Thank God he wasn’t hired.

    The person who was hired as GM and Executive Director, Lorraine Dechter, should never turn her back on this guy. Campbell is back. He sits on KZYX’s Board of Directors again. And he wants her job.

    Campbell masquerades as some sort of silent, long-suffering Zen master, but he is, in fact, dangerous.

    Extremely dangerous.

    He lusts for power and control, just like in the old days at EST.

  3. Tim Bray May 4, 2016

    RE: KraZYX – That first unsigned blurb must be from Derek Hoyle. He and I used to get along well, so I was quite shocked when he began screaming in my face. Apparently I am just one of the many people who don’t like him any more… which is indeed sad, as he used to be a thoughtful guy who did a lot of work for the station, and we had some shared goals. Now he seems to have become another obstructionist, trying to prevent other people from getting anything done because he disagrees with the outcome of an election. Don’t we have too many of those already?

    • Derek Hoyle May 5, 2016

      Yes, Tim, it was written by me, and someone broke my trust by posting it here, but I stand by what I wrote.

      You and I were NEVER “friends”, you have repeatedly harangued me for years on the private KZYX programmers listserv, whenever I spoke out against clear wrongdoing by KZYX staff, management, or programmers.

      I’m an independent producer for Mendocino TV, and at the last Board meeting, you threw water on me, and my video recording gear, while you were actively harassing Jeff Wright, who was speaking out concerning wrongdoing by the Board.

      I jumped up and got in your face because you were acting like an aggressive ASSHOLE, and you threw water on me, whats so difficult to understand about that?

      And then, after I was right up in your FACE, you denied you had anything to do with it, repeatedly blaming Jeff Wright.

      Really Tim? Jeff Wright made you throw the water in your glass at him (and me), you’re telling me you don’t have any control over your own body?

      If that’s the case, Jeff Wright has more power than I ever imagined, but we both know that isn’t the case, don’t we Tim?

      You were just being the typical lock-step KZYX bully/defender, ready to act when anyone dares raise facts about KZYX wrongdoing.

      Now you can suffer the consequences for you callow actions, “friend”.

  4. james marmon May 4, 2016

    WARNING All Parents and children living in Mendocino County. Your leaders are in the process of turning all mental health and substance abuse programs over to Redwood Quality Management Company (RQMC) who is nothing more than a “Shell Company” for Redwood Community Services (RCS), a foster family and adoption agency. Do not seek services from this entity. DANGER DANGER DANGER.

  5. Derek Hoyle May 5, 2016

    Additionally Tim Bray, you accuse me of being obstructionist.

    What a laugh! The obstructionist’s here have been the past KZYX staff, management, and most of the current Board.

    You also accuse me of “trying to prevent other people from getting anything done” because I disagrees with the outcome of an election.

    Tim, who are these “other people” that I’m preventing from “getting anything done”?

    You can’t mean the MCPB Board, since I’ve done, nor said anything to prevent them from their continued arrogance and rule breaking, or what they refer to as Board business.

    You are just throwing mud at me, hoping it will stick.

    As far as the Board Election went, they elected a known lair to the Board, so of course I’m upset, anyone who cares about MCPB/KZYX would be upset to have someone so dishonest on their Board.

    Further, Stuart Campbell has attempted to prevent a KZYX member from speaking out at a Board meeting, to the point of telling that member that speaking out against the capricious removal of Safe Harbor, was “none of their concern”.

    I witnessed this event, even though Stuart Campbell didn’t see me there, as his back was turned.

    I also have a recording of him saying this.

    So of course, I’m upset that he was elected to the Board, because I feel he’s a lair and manipulator, and has no business being on any non-profit’s Board, ever.

    Sadly, after I spoke to the Board about it last Monday, I was ignored, not even the newly seated Board member approached me for some sort of clarification.

    Clearly, it’s business as usual at MCPB, but at least we have new GM and PD at KZYX, so there’s still hope for an inclusive and open KZYX after the current corrupt Board is removed.

    • Tim Bray May 5, 2016

      Derek – Thanks for clarifying our relationship. I guess my mistake was thinking we had been friends who sometimes disagreed. I’m sorry to find out you never felt that way.

      At the end, though, we do find some common ground: The new GM and PD hold great promise for KZYX. If the Board can find ways to support them, perhaps we will both be happy after all.

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