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Spaceship Earth Under Attack?

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  1. R. Weddle May 21, 2016

    re: spaceship metaphor…

    Actually ripping along through the same space where Man has never been before, at some tens of thousands of miles per hour, if you’re counting or not, thank you.

    Allowing artificial ‘beings’ like corporations to achieve sovereignty in our politics, our economies, our lives, when they’re clearly bereft of any sensibility whatever but Gain, is Asking For It like never before in the known universe.

    You might say we’ve been overpowered — are being overpowered — by our own secretly crafted gollums of Artificial Power; I DO say so. These synthetic beasts have not one brain cell to call their own, yet with the Best Brains Money Can Buy, they’ve done o.k. for themselves, and quickly.

    Metaphors hang about only when they actually signify something…like frankensteins, vampires, werewolves, zombies, those kinds of things.

    The deal about the contrails is too diverting. Say all those visible contrails were ‘Bad Things:’…Taken as a fraction of the NORMAL exhausts of air transport (civil, military, et al) these ‘deliberate’ sowings of the wind are less than a drop in the bucket. Have you seen an image lately of the DAILY flights of commercial airlines ONLY around the world?

    [Did you know jet fuels (JP1 and JP2) are almost identical to diesel fuels, with perfectly similar emissions characteristics? Yep. Did you know, further, that there are tried and true alternative bio-feedstocks that WOULD work nicely in existing refineries to produce co2-neutral fuels? Yep, again. This would be of significance to any diesel engine operators, diesel/electric transport like trains, ocean freight and passenger craft, etc.]

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